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The Wants of Summer is an interactive story where a young man visits his hometown, Goldream city, with the intention of experiencing the summer season to the fullest. However, he soon discovers that his reality is not what it seems, and only by delving deeper into his investigation does he uncover the truth. All the while, he is going to have some fun.


  • Date: 31/May/2024
  • Name: The Wants of Summer
  • Version: 0.21 Patreon
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Dev: GoldenGob
  • Android: incg
31/May/2024 – Updated to v0.21 Patreon


  • – New character: Ruby
  • – Changed sprites for Brenda, Kate, Lindsey, Triss, Jane, Keisha
  • – Changed Location Visuals
  • – Changed UI visuals
  • – Changed Coding
  • – 8 new scenes
  • – Lindsey Story continuation
  • – Brenda Story continuation
  • – Revamped MANY old scenes
  • – Revamped Jane Bath scene
  • – Revamped Liz MC room scenes
  • – Revamped Kate living room scenes
  • – Revamped Brenda bath and living room scenes
  • – New music
11/Jan/2024 – Updated to v0.20 Patreon and Free


  • New scenes added on older content
  • Revamped graphics for 6 scenes including intro
  • Revamped appearance of characters
  • Changed coding
  • Changed UI
  • Christmas Events
  • New commission included
4/December/2023 – Updated to v0.19 Patreon
  • Kate Halloween event
  • 4 new animated scenes, with new camera angle system
  • Sound overhaul
  • Change GUI and other visual elements
  • Fixed some bugs unique to halloween
  • Updated cheats to unlock full gallery
1/September/2023 – Updated to v0.18 Public
  • 250 new CGs
  • 8 new animated sequences
  • Continued main story
  • New Liz scenes
  • Redone earlier CGs
1/July/2023- Updated to v0.17
  • 300 new CG
  • 6 new Maddie scenes with 3 animations
  • 5 Kate scenes with 2 animations
  • New triss scenes
  • Redone Jane scenes
  • Code reworks
  • Dialogue changes
9/May/2023 – First Upload, v0.156F
  • Redone scenes; Liz park scene, Kate bath scene, Keisha intro Gym scene, Jane flat intro scene
  • Redone videos for those scenes
  • New intro
  • New commission scene included
  • Changes to dialogue


Run of the mill incest game. Has enough content to play.

Content: ~4300 images, ~88 Animations total for v0.18 Public.


Sandbox, has grind. It has built-in in-game questlog thingy and relationship tab.


*did not compress, cause it will make it look horrible.

The Wants Of Summer v0.21 Patreon

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

The Wants Of Summer v0.20 Free

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

You can’t use Public saves on Patreon Version and vice versa.

Patreon version has a bit more content – of course, on the same version.


Last Updated on May 31, 2024

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I’ve been following this site for a while.

I would just like to expose its qualities:


You are great, and I say this with heartfelt respect and admiration.

Keep it up, and never let yourself be corrupted by the mediocrity of the world.


What happened to Such a Sharp Pain’s page?


Sorry for pushing this further but does that mean you won’t be posting updates on it ever again?


Try on [removed]

Sorry for the double post.


Explain yourself better,

Do you censor sites outside of this and don’t you censor sites that you personally recommend?

Furthermore, as I assume, the site that you recommend needs registration, therefore the data, fictitious or otherwise, of all users are registered, even if anonymously, but always registered.

In case the site or sites were seized for some reason, the users would have some headaches to think about.

The site recommended by me is a site like this, it doesn’t need to register.

And until proven otherwise, I don’t think it does any censorship.

But then, censor what?

Isn’t all the bullshit happening around the world enough?


At this point I don’t even know what to tell you.

However, I can try to step outside of typical human mental patterns for a moment;

– once upon a time, a long time ago, in a distant world, something called twinning.

This was a good thing, because it brought together those who cared about sharing content.

Therefore it didn’t matter who shared the content.

What is certain about that time and place is the collaboration between content and communication, which otherwise would have been lost.

Today, however, we are witnessing the reversal of these factors, which therefore lead to;

– isolation
– mistrust

It’s like “such a sharp pain” that you want it to be that way.

Now, for a moment, I invite you all to reflect on a question:

– Do you perhaps believe that if a site like lewdcorner or f95zone were to be completely shut down one day;

– could blogs like this (which are important) be another guiding light for all the content that would be lost?

Here, I believe this is the fundamental concept to reflect on.

Obviously mine is just a reflection and the thoughts of those who see humanity increasingly closed in on itself.

Therefore also in the creativity and quality with which games are developed, which are increasingly less appreciated and appreciable.

All in favor of the misery of the contents.

“Censorship” is just a way like any other to justify this closure and this mistrust, and therefore an increasingly acute pain. (recent years have demonstrated this to you on several occasions)

Obviously, some of you, who really care about open minds, freedom of thought, sharing contents (which are nothing other than the thoughts of those free minds and in a shared form) will never be fooled by all the bullshit semantics and all the mental castles invented to enslave the masses.

As I believe you are among those few who still somehow manage to preserve at least part of the quality of those contents.

And I thank you personally for this.

ps: speaking of “such a sharp pain”, it is at version 0.9.20B

I would love to see it displayed in this blog.

Thanks for reading me


I highly doubt SSP will come back here anytime soon. That’s unfortunate, because I think it’s one of the best incest games, but we must accept INCG’s decision and move on.

Having said that, I liked your post and I agree with you that censorship is “such a sharp pain”


There is a saying:

– You just have to want to believe it

On an island, at the edge of a torrent, and with pleasure, version 0.9.41R has just been presented

A big thanks to those heroes and brothers of the web.

Last edited 6 months ago by Anon

New Version out


Public apk only workupload on


How to do deepbond in Android. No arrow is popping

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