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In this game, the story began with the death of Brian’s mother a few years ago. Even though she was sick, his parents had kept it a secret from him. After her passing, Brian’s father turned to heavy drinking. One day, the police informed Brian that his father would be away for a while and suggested that he stay with a relative. Despite his efforts, Brian was unable to locate his father.
Fortunately, Phill, the principal at Brian’s high school, offered him a place to stay for a while. During his stay with Phill, Brian engaged in some unsavory activities, but things eventually took a turn for the better.
As the player, your primary objective is to uncover the reason behind Brian’s father’s imprisonment. Additionally, you must search for the secrets that each character is hiding. Some of these secrets are significant while others are not as important.


  • Date: 2020-07-30
  • Game Name: No More Secrets
  • Game Version: v0.11
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: RoyalCandy
  • Mod: Scrappy
  • Port: incg


No more secrets is relatively old, completed in 2020s, I did not play it as an incest game back then. The story is above average. Completed so no blueballs, their new game is kind of in blueballs stage last time i checked. I’ll update more on that later.


Pointless Free Roam, that is, it is really not sandbox, its VN mode with extra steps. You can get lost in the process if you don’t read. If you read the story, it will be smooth. Incest patch is very unusual here, you have to activate while playing.

Incest patch activation info

To trigger the event you
need to go to Jean’s room when Phill is not home and click on the key

Episode 1:

  • between 12:40 and 14:00

Episode 4:

  • 07:55 when she’s in the bathroom
  • 19:25 when she’s in the kitchen
  • 20:30 – 21:00 when she’s in the livingroom

Episode 5:

  • 18:10 – 20:10 while she’s in the bathroom


windows iconWindows/Linux + Walkthrough+Gallery:

Apk iconAndroid +Walkthrough+Gallery:


Last Updated on April 17, 2023

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Anonymous Fapper

Are these all for to turn on the incest patch cause the episode 4 and 5 stamps can be confusing?

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