Drawn into Visual Novels in 2015s with Katawa Shoujou & Kara no Shoujo . Wasn’t an incest fan until after playing summertime saga, four elements trainer and big brother in 2017s. Has played like 1000+ of them and some hundreds of non-incest games.

Lilly is still the best girl
Lilly is still the best girl.

Upload priority

I tend to prioritize games with fleshed out content, as of now, most games posted here has more or less moderate amount of content or completed. Highly likely that I’m keeping it that way. Currently, I’ve got around 100 200+ games that I will maintain, it’s about 20% complete, meaning, I should be able to maintain around 500 1000 games for incest. 300~ of them, I liked, the other 200~ of them, kind of meh. YMMV.


Another added thing. Originally, my intention was to share the good games. It has evolved to doing the android ports, and now compression as well. My compressions prioritize quality, >=90% Q most of the time with sometimes squeezing down to 80% to fit into apk package 2GB Limit. Personally I can’t tell the difference unless its lower than 80%, though it varies by person and some people can tell if its under 95% but most people don’t with 95%. That’s for PC, on mobile, 80% will look just like original.

Android Ports

That was not actually planned, but ya, I do ports now. As much as I like to shill for Joiplay, most seem to prefer apks. Do email me or just comment if you got any errors with my ports, I always test, but I can’t 100% be sure.

Android Ports Features and Info
Ports from April 7 onwards
  • They have a save location at INCG_Saves/[game name] folder
  • You can put mod files into it and the mods should load
  • On newer ports, there is INCG Menu where you can change additional settings ( May not be present in some games)
  • Gesture controls ( Right-Skip, Left-Back, Up-Menu etcs, “C” left-down-right : Console)


Not a fan, at least in visual novels. However, I do not have a deep seated hatred to it like some people does :P. That said, I do not play most NTR games so they will be minority of the games here. My tags are mostly about the incest relations, but I know that NTR is kind of a deal breaker so I will always tell if a game has it or not, along with a few other more non-vanilla tags such as bestiality.

File hosts

File hosts will always be reputable, free ones with unlimited speed or near unlimited speeds where you do not need to register to download. I now have 4 mirrors instead of 3 but might revert back to 3 or even add one more mirror depending on things because each mirror costs time and money.

  • PixelDrain – I think, is the best both for uploaders and downloaders.
  • GoFile- It is great for downloads, but sucks ass for uploaders, at least in my region. I get 2000kbps max for uploading….
    And the files expire in 10 days no download…
  • Mega – No longer here.
  • Workupload- No resume support, Size is limited to 2GB. But seems to be fast and many people seem to like it.
  • AnonFiles – Speeds seem inconsistent, but allows large files. dead
  • Files.dp.ua – Speed looked good for me, allows large files, keep for about 30 days.
  • Qiwi – It is a new host, fast speeds, doesn’t expire and allows large files. I think it almost sounds too good to be true, but best to take advantage while it is still up.

Tips on downloading….

Gofile and Pixeldrain can be used at the same time for a download if you use things like FDM or JDownloader. For example, you can pause a gofile download and resume it with a pixeldrain,anon link and so on or use all of them with multi-threaded downloads.

My current internet is 100mbps, used to be 300mbps.

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