July 2023

The Headmaster Game Banner

The Headmaster [Altos and Herdone] [v0.14.3 Public]

Description In the near future, a crisis has occurred on a small island nation. The number of graduating students has dramatically declined, leaving university spots empty. The government, faced with the possibility of widespread unemployment and economic disaster, must implement urgent measures. All students aged eighteen and over, who failed or were expelled from school, […]

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Daily Lives of My Countryside Game Banner

Daily Lives of My Countryside [Milda Sento] [v0.2.8]

Information Reminder: In-game you can use the Phone to know characters’ available events/scenes.The Phone is in the Key Item or Press “P” on your keyboard Overview Daily Lives of My Countryside goes with aunts,cousins, there’s a mother, not much content with her yet. It has been around for a while and is good. No blueballs,

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Complex Society Game banner

Complex Society [AbrokenA Productions] [v1.00.1b]

Description Complex Society is the story of a young guy who constantly harbored emotions for his landlady and roommate, yet valiantly resisted them. Recognizing these sentiments as abnormal and objectionable, he sought out the company of other girls in hopes of diverting his attention. He even considered pursuing a career in the renowned e-sport fighting

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Hero’s Harem Guild [Komisari] [v0.1.2.3b Patched]

Description In Hero’s Harem Guild, you start off as a destitute individual who gains fame in the community for surviving a deadly demon assault. You will be responsible for leading a Guild comprised of attractive adventurers who are eager to work, train, and battle on your behalf. In order to unlock fully animated and uncensored

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Obscure Affairs Game Banner

Obscure Affairs [sn00p] [v3.40 Ultimate Edition]

Description Obscure Affairs is all about you – and nobody else! You’ve had some tough times lately, including a marriage that ended abruptly after just a few years. However, you’ve managed to pick yourself up and start anew. You’re hoping to reclaim some of the time you lost during those difficult years and so far,

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Summertime Saga [Kompas Productions] [v20.0.16 Pre-Tech]

*Not a recent update, I just had to change and improve lots of things on post. Description Summertime Saga is set in a quaint suburban town. A fresh-faced young man embarks on his college journey, only to be blindsided by the untimely demise of his father. The perplexing circumstances shrouding his father’s death merely mark

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Seducing The Devil Game Banner

Seducing The Devil [DeafPerv] [v0.12a Patched]

Description In “Seducing the Devil,” a young 22-year-old Englishman finds himself three years deep into a virtual relationship with Ella, a captivating American woman. Determined to take their connection to the next level, he embarks on an adventurous journey to meet her in person and win the acceptance of her family. However, his decision to

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