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In Warlock and Boobs, the main character, Krowly has always had a burning desire to master the art of magic, embark on thrilling adventures to hunt down monster girls, and most importantly, satisfy his lust. Join Krowly on his journey to accomplish all of his wildest dreams!


  • Date: 13/Jul/2024
  • Name: Warlock And Boobs
  • Version: v0.502.0.1
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Son
  • Dev: Boobsgames
13/Jul/2024 – Updated to v0.502.0.1


It fixes two bugs where you get stuck in the table during the orgy, and when you start walking through walls after


Orgy event. Can be triggered when you watch Alice dance on table. You will need max lust, 50 gold, and the quest “Return on investment” should be finished. The orgy contains 4 scenes that Krowly can take part in, and a few smaller ones that are happening between NPCs. (Warning: If you choose to not fuck Alice she will be fucked by somebody else, so if you personally prefer to avoid it, it’s better to keep her occupied or to not trigger this event at all)
In the future I want the orgy event to randomly trigger with different “combinations” of NPCs having fun with each other, this is the first variant

New scenes:

  • Juliette blowjob. Can be triggered via flirt menu when Juliette is following you around
  • Alice buttfuck, during the new orgy event
  • Melissa is playing with Krowly. Talk to her at Thuesday day time.
  • Number of scenes during the orgy event

New pictures:

  • Juliette blowjob, 6 variants
  • Alice’s buttfuck, 2 variants
  • Melissa is playing with Krowly. 4 variants, made from existing illustrations
  • orgy scenes, 8 variants. Made from existing illustrations. I’m not listing all so it will be more of a surprise

Small things

  • missing pixel sprite outfit variants to cooking, alchemy, working in the field, chopping wood, working as a blacksmith


  • text fixes
14/Jun/2024 – Updated to v0.501

Maid outfit for Krowly and an option to work in the tavern.
If you try to buy a dinner from Carla during the day without having enough money, she will offer you to help in the tavern. If you agree she will give you the outfit and it will unlock the option to work there. There are 3 mini events while you working, more might be added later.
Alternatively, you can buy the maid outfit from Raina (after she received her lingerie package)
Some characters have reactions on Krowly wearing this new outfit

New scenes:

  • Jenna titfuck. Via flirt menu, requires 30+ relationship.
  • Raina buttfuck. Has a 30% chance to trigger when you’re helping Raina in the smithy, if she likes you
  • Spa Manager buttfuck. During the quest, or later, via flirt menu

New pictures:

  • Jenna titfuck, 2 variants
  • Raina buttfuck, 4 variants
  • Spa Manager buttfuck, 4 variants
  • Krowly in the maid outfit, 3 variants


  • parcel quest bug,
  • Jill barstool bug,
  • Krowly being stuck in the tearoom with Astra
  • some other fixes
19/May/2024 – Updated to v0.500.0.2

It fixes the issue with getting out of the new location, the triggering of the scene with elf femboy and battle nun, and the scene with Paladin being spitroasted additionally being triggered at night by mistake

It fixes some lighting issues


This update concludes the story line with the Great Paladin and the last story quest. Future updates will be focused on adding scenes, illustrations and fun stuff, but don’t expect new characters or big new locations. The hot springs episode with Astra and Alice will also be added in the future. I will continue to work on the game till at least the end of the year, slowly starting the work on the next project. Right now I’m not ready to talk about the future project in details, I’ll make a post when I’ll have something to say and show.

The finale of the last story quest quest. Continue from where you stopped in the previous update.
The game is playable after this quest is completed, it’s just a finale of the Great Paladin’s story line.
What changes in the game world after the final quest is completed. Check the spoilers file attached to the post
Mabel cumflation. Cumflation potion will now work on Mabel too. For her it will be 1 week, not 3 days, so we will be able to see her next time with still big belly.
Option to close the door in Krowly’s bedroom. It will prevent the night visits from Astra and morning scenes with Sam and Jill from triggering.

New scenes:

  • Mabel’s sex scene. Talk to her when she is in the Jenna’s barn with 200+ lust
  • Leaf’s blowjob. Via flirt menu.
  • Leaf sucks Matthew. Tuesday night. No illustration for now.
  • A couple more small scenes in the spoilers

New pictures:

  • Mabel’s scene plus inflation variants. 11 variants total
  • Leaf sucks. 3 variants
  • Evil warlock. 2 variants
  • Bonus sketches. 2 variants (can be found during the quest)
15/April/2024 – Updated to v0.441.0.1

Second part of the next quest. It will trigger in a week after previous part of this quest, with another visit from Kestia. (If you were played after finishing previous part it should count to the week already, the counter was already in game). The game will let you know when you will reach the current end of the quest. The final part is currently planned for the next month.
If you’re having troubles, check the SPOILERS file attached to the post
New Enemy/miniboss. Can be met during the new part of the quest.

New scenes:

  • Jaina’s titfuck. Can be triggered via flirt menu during the topless friday if Jaina titfucked Krowly (in this update). Time to return the favor.
  • Sister Elizabeth’s nipplefuck. Alternative option to the scene where Krowly sucks her boobs. Nipplefuck spell required

New pictures:

  • Kestia got new character illustration. Her old one was just a color swap of the Orc Girl’s illustration so I decided she needs a more unique one.
  • Golden Golem illustration
  • Jaina’s titfuck. 2 variants
  • Sister Elizabeth nipplefuck. 16 variants
  • Jaina’s cum on boobs character illustration variants. Don’t know how to count them

Updated scenes:

  • New illustrations for Kestia’s sex scene. 2 variants. If you forgot how to trigger it – help her in the orcs’ camp while having enough lust


  • apparently quite a few people got a weird bug where the quest “Nun’s work” skips one stage and gets stuck. I haven’t found the source of the problem yet, but I added a script that detects if this specific problem is happening, resets the quest and informs the player. Hope it won’t create more problems then it’s fixing
13/Mar/2024 – Updated to v0.440.0.1

First part of the next quest. Triggers after you completed the quest “At Service”, and go out of your house (not at night). This will be a final story quest, it will take a few more months to be completely added

Conda’s cumflation. Bigger belly variants added to all her illustrations. Drink “big load” potion and trigger new scene with her

New scenes:

  • Vaginal scene with Great Paladin. Is unlocked during the first part of the new quest
  • Vaginal scene with Conda. Is unlocked during the first part of the new quest or later in the goblin village. You will need a heavy goblin armor to repeat the scene
  • Deep-throat with an orc girl. Defeat her in battle and choose new option
  • Mushra fucks Krowly. No illustrations for now. Triggers when you lose drink contest to her

Updated scenes:

  • Eric’s titfuck scene got a variant without Astra. Can be triggered during the hunt
  • Jill’s barstool buttfuck got a cumflation option (I forgot to add it last time)

New pictures:

  • Vaginal scene with Great Paladin. 4 variants
  • Vaginal scene with Conda. 8 variants total
  • Conda cumflated variants. 3 variants
  • Deep-throat with an orc girl. 2 variants
  • Eric’s titfuck. +12 variants without Astra


  • An old bug that sometimes were making Krowly freeze and stop responding to any buttons, apart from the mouse. It was happening if you click with the mouse right where invisible enemy, that is waiting for respawn, is. I had go over every respawning enemy in the game, but I think it shouldn’t be happening anymore
12/Feb/2024 – Updated to v0.432

From Public Patreon Post Here.

Warlock and boobs v0.432

Version 0.432with RTP

Download here: https://boobsgames.itch.io/warlock-and-boobs

Guides are attached to the post.

The saves from the previous version will work.

What is new:

Gardening update.

Golden idol – you can plant a golden idol in your garden to increase it’s fertility.  It doubles the speed the plants grow, and gives 1/3 chance to get extra “ingredients for sale” for each idol

Fertilizers. You can add a fertilizer to a hole before planting a seed.  It’s one time use to make the slot fertile. Every fertile slot with a plant will give a chance to get extra ingredients for sale.

Sacred seed. A sacred seed that you can get the from the flower girl during the hunt with Eric can be planted in the garden. It grows into a sacred flower that can sometimes be visited be a various types of flower girls (new multi-breasted type is included in the update). The flower girls can spawn at the morning, with 1/5 chance.

This potentially has bugs, please report if you will encounter some.

New scenes:

  • Barstool buttfuck with Jill. Stare at her ass during the rain, while being naked yourself. Requires 50+ relationship points.
  • Titfuck with Astra and Erica. Happens at Monday morning in Fina’s mansion if the relationship between Eric and Astra are 15+ (if you see them dance or see how Astra gives Eric a blowjob, it adds to their relationship score. it’s already on 10+ if you have seen their blowjob scene). Requires 30+ relationship with Eric and 30+ relationship with Astra to join.

Updated scenes:

  • Multi-breasted variant of the flowerjob scene was added

New pictures:

  • Jill barstool buttfuck. 16 variants
  • Erica titfuck. 8 variants (+ some more variants with lips etc, about 32 in total result I think)
  • Eric’s character illustration variant with with semen on boobs, 2 variants
  • 3-boobed flowergirl, +variants for her animated scene


  • Derek/Taisha scene fix once again.
  • Bathing goblin fix
  • Learning ice spell fix
  • Meril blowjob trigger fix
  • Learning thunder spell fix

Hotfix v0.431.0.2 is up. It fixes scene with Jill only triggering at morning, missing Eric’s scene’s variants, and Eric’s titfuck scene not triggering if you sleep in the bed right before that, and fixes the lab event that unlocks Meril’s blowjob. Also added a cheat the change relationship between Eric and Astra




Warlock and Boobs Ref 0.353 – rev 1.pdf

18/Jan/2024 – Updated to v0.431.0.1

This update is focused on new scenes.
Shaved pussy. Variants with shaved pussy added to all illustration, including Fina, Astra, Carla, Agnieszhka, Jaina,scenes with Goblins, except goblins’ character and battle illustrations. You can set it on or off in the settings.

New scenes:

  • Great Paladin titfuck. Accessible via flirt menu after completing “At service” quest
  • Slime girl titfuck. An alternative scene with big slime girl after you defeat her (she is in the slime cave in the woods area)
  • Alice on table. Anal scene with Alice, after you watch her dancing on table. Requires 50+ relationship
  • A scene with Tiasha, Derek and Taisha’s goblin friend. Tuesday night at Derek’s house, requires 50+ relationship with Taisha. Gay scenes should be ON in the settings to see this scene
  • Bathing goblin – under waterfall near Derek’s house at Tuesday evening.

Updated scenes:

  • Krowly under busty bandit. Illustrations added.
  • Fina and Sister Elizabeth – added strapon variant that is shown if gay scenes are disabled in the settings

New pictures:

  • Great Paladin titfuck, 4 variants
  • Great Paladin topless, 4 variants
  • Krowly under busty bandit. 4 variants
  • Alice on table. 4 variants. Made from existing illustrations
  • Slime titfuck, 2 variants
  • Bathing goblin
  • Shaved pussy variants of the illustrations. 108 variants I think, it’s hard to count them

Small things:

  • Great Paladin is now shown in the dialogues as Maria Lombart after the first titfuck from her
  • Taisha is visited by her friend at Tuesday. At morning they are in Taisha’s house, at noon Taisha is visiting goblin village, at evening her friend is bathing under waterfall, and at night check Derek’s house (scene mentioned above)


  • Eric’s transformation cheats should be working right now, I hope
  • Jill cumflation anal fix
16/December/2023 – Updated to v0.430.0.1

This update is focused on the new quest.
New quest. Talk to Great Paladin after completing “Field research” quest to start it. Please, make a separate save file in case of possible bugs.

The quest “At service” is also can be completed now.

New outfit. Bandit outfit can be obtained during the new quest. When Krowly wears it the bandits interact differently (check out male and female bandits). Doesn’t affect the bandits you meet during the hunt events with Eric. After the quest you can also visit the bandit leader in the bandit stronghold while wearing bandit outfit.

New scenes:

  • Busty bandit leader blowjob. Unlocked during new quest, later is repeatable in the bandit stronghold if Krowly wears bandit outfit
  • Iss buttfuck. Unlocked during new quest, later is repeatable via flirt menu

Updated scenes:

  • Jenna and Juliette, illustration added

New pictures:

  • Jenna and Juliette
  • Busty bandit leader blowjob, 3 variants total
  • Iss buttfuck, 3 variants total
  • Krowly in bandit outfit, 6 variants

Small things:

  • Option to dance with Jaina at evening. If Krowly already sucked Jaina’s dick and has 200+ lust it can trigger blowjob scene behind the bar without Rose (if it’s not raining).

Hotfix v0.430.0.1 is up. It fixes the dialogue with Great Paladin that prevented you from starting the quest “Field research”

22/November/2023 – Updated to v0.422.0.1

If the pictures don’t show here anymore, go to the Patreon. Title link. Its an open post there.

Jill cumflation. Cumflation was added for Jill. Drink big load potion and fuck her in the ass. As for other characters the affect stays on for 3 days or forever if the cheat is enabled. Big belly variants were added to all her scenes and illustrations.

Rose’s huge boobs event. 20% chance that it will trigger when you come in the tavern at Thursday morning (if you already seen her titfuck scene once). Rose gets huge boobs and the effect stays on for 3 days. Huge boobs variants were added to all her illustrations and scenes

That is really hard to find anything for screenshots that is suitable for public post in this update xD

New scenes:

  • Sister Elizabeth buttfuck scene. Can me triggered after her breastsucking scene if relationship are 50+ and Krowly have enough lust.
  • Jaina doggystyle buttfuck. Added option to fuck her in the ass after the rimjob scene in the spa. The scene is based on a scenario by Idler.
  • Sam’s handjob. When you join Samantha in the spa if your lust is 200 or higher she will decide to have some fun underwater. No illustrations currently, apart from the aftermath effect
  • Fina fucks Sister Elizabeth. When you help Sister Elizabeth to repair the church there is a chance that you will see Fina visiting her. Now you have an option to peek through the window and enjoy the show

New pictures:

  • Sister Elizabeth buttfuck, 10 variants total
  • Jill cumflation variants. 25 variants
  • Rose huge boobs. 44 variants
  • Jaina doggystyle buttfuck. 2 variants of existing illustration added
  • Fina fucks sister Elizabeth. 3 variants


  • text fixes by Steen

Hotfix 0.422.0.1
Fixes some graphical issues with Jill, Rose, and limits Sam’s handjob scene only to the day when Jenna is in the spa

17/October/2023 – Updated to v0.421

This update is mostly focused on the scenes

New scenes:

  • Jaina buttfuck scene. Triggers when you wake her up via handjob if your relationship with her 50 or higher
  • Diana sucking Krowly. Can be triggered in the Great Paladins camp when she is near campfire. Bring wine
  • Sam’s kitchen scene. Talk to her when she is cooking at the morning. Requires 50+ relationship. Includes anal and asseating variants
  • Scene with Eric on the table. Can be triggered if you dance with Juliette during the topless Friday and your lust is 200 or higher. The quests “save topless Friday” and “Field research” should be completed. Uses existing illustrations.

Updated Scenes:

  • Snake girl blowjob – added variants for the four-boobed magic snake girl
  • Diana sucking Conlan’s dick. Added illustrations and some more text.

New pictures:

  • Jaina buttfuck scene. 2 variants
  • four-boobed magic snake girl blowjob – 4 variants added
  • Diana blowjob, 2 variants
  • Sam’s kitchen scene. 16 variants
  • Fina’s grandma’s portrait
  • sketch with succubus

Small things:

  • Missing location was added – the church basement. It’s mentioned during one of the quests, but wasn’t accessible by the player before
  • A portrait of Fina’s grandma is added to the mansion. Including fap option
  • the amount of hunger you gain during meditation is lowered.
  • The cheat that disables hunger gain during time change and meditation is added to the cheat room. Needs to be tested


  • a number of small old bugs
  • text fixes by FutaOnMale
13/September/2023 – Updated to v0.420.0.2

New quest. Talk to Great Paladin using “chat” option after the quest “Nun’s work” is complete. You don’t need to finish the quest “Wonders of nipplefucking” to start this quest, but it’s need to finish it to complete the new quest. Some of the new scenes can be seen during the quest, so I recommend starting checking out the update from the quest

wlb changelog new quest

New scenes:

  • Fourboobed elf vaginal/anal scene. Can be unlocked during new quest, and later triggered by talking with her
  • Double titfuck with Astra and Alice. Talk to them in Fina’s mansion at Thursday morning if there is no rain. You need 30+ with Astra and the vaginal scene with Alice should be triggered at least once to trigger this titfuck scene
  • Fairyjob scene. Old scene with fairies got new illustrations, and the old illustrations got new more matching text part. So it’s new scene, but I switched the illustrations between new and old one, so they will match better. Loose to fairies to check out new illustrations and win to see new text for the titfuck scene.
  • A scene with battle nun and an orc at Saturday night near the monastery. Without an illustration for now.
wlb changelog

Updated Scenes:

  • Scene were Eric is fapping got an illustration
  • Scene with Pregnant Snake girl got variant without Eric.

New pictures:

  • Fourboobed elf scene. 8 variants
  • Double titfuck scene with Astra and Alice. 2 variants
  • Fairyjob scene. 2 variants
  • Eric’s fapping illustrations. Made from existing ones. A lot of variants.

Updated pictures:

  • Conda’s butt illustration
wlb changelog astra

Hotfix v0.420.0.1 is up. It should fix the issue with Astra/Alice titfuck scene not triggering. You will need to trigger Alice’s vaginal scene first (the game wasn’t remembering that you already seen this scene)

Hotfix v0.420.0.2 is up. It fixes the quest “Field Research” skipping the second trip if you talk to Juliette at Friday or in russian version. If you already have quest bugged I have added a cheat in the cheat room to reset the quest. It will let you to talk to Great Paladin again and start the quest from the beginning.

12/August/2023 – Updated to v0.413

This update is focused mostly on the new and updated scenes, new illustrations.
Battle animation speed setting added in the settings menu. Will help you to speed up the battles.

New scenes:

  • Jill’s facial. Can be triggered via flirt menu
  • Krowly spa group fun. Can be triggered when male villagers are in the spa (Wednesday day time). Has 50 chance that there will be no dancer, and Krowly can fill in. You can save before entering the spa if you want to reroll the chance
  • Nipplefuck with golem nun. Accessible via flirt menu if the golem has nipples upgrade
  • Sandra titfuck. Can be randomly triggered when you talk to her during tea party
  • Goblin Shaman rides Krowly. Added text and variants of the goblin rider illustrations.

Updated Scenes:

  • Jimm fucks succubus. Added repainted illustrations, added option to fap.
  • Goblin girl rides Krowly. Added illustrations, made into a separate scene.
  • Statue in the church fapping. Added illustrations

New pictures:

  • Jill’s facial. 2 variants
  • Krowly spa group fun. 4 variants
  • Golem nun nipplefuck. 12 variants
  • Dirt cave battle background
  • Sandra titfuck. 2 variants
  • Sandra. Messy variants of character illustration. 2 variants
  • Goblin rider. 8 variants, including shaman
  • Statue in the church. 2 variants

Updated pictures:

  • Jimm fucks succubus. 8 variants. Repainted, plus added 2 extra variants

Small things:

  • nipplefuck added to the sex statistics
12/July/2023- Updated to v0.412.0.1

New scenes:

  • Astra visits spa. Talk to her at Saturday morning. Need 30+ relationship with her, and the spa quest should be finished.
  • Blowtitfuck scene with Mother Sabrina. Unlocked during the quest, after that accessible via flirt menu. Requires 30+ relationship points
  • Great Paladin appreciation scene. Unlocked after the new quest, later accessible via flirt menu

Updated Scenes:

  • Agnieszka and Jason, added illustration, Including inflation variant

New pictures:

  • Agnieszka and Jason, +3 variants
  • Astra and elves, +3 variants
  • Mother Sabrina blowtitfuck, +2 variants
  • Great Paladin bukakke, 3 variants total
  • Great Paladin appreciation, 7 variants total


  • some text fixes by futaonmale
  • fixes of some bugs
12/June/2023 – Updated to v0.411.0.2

New dungeon (Random Generated Dungeon 3). During the hunt with Eric. It has 9 rooms, but the rooms that you will see are chosen randomly, and it has different layout every time you visit, Some rooms will have blocked doors, some will have chests, some – different types of enemies. At the end you might trigger new scene with Sister Elizabeth. The dungeon can be pretty short or more complex depending on the random numbers when you enter it. It also can be empty or full of loot or full of enemies. Has a hidden secret.

Every dungeon you haven’t seen yet has a higher chance to appear, but they do it more in order, so if you keep getting a specific old dungeon, the loading save and trying again may not help. It’s better to get all the dungeons in your dungeons menu, and then game will try to show you the new dungeon you haven’t visited yet (still a chance, but much higher one)

New scenes:

  • Brother Volt buttfuck. Can be triggered when he is praying (Monday and Sunday morning), after you saw him using Golem’s mouth and after you heard a conversation about his butt from Diana (Friday and Thursday morning). Both needs to be triggered in this update (the game won’t remember if you have done it before)
  • Sister Elizabeth’s and huge dick. Can be triggered during the new dungeon.
  • Bathing Juliette. Saturday evening, near Eric’s house.

Updated Scenes:

  • Multiboobed Lamia titfuck scene. Illustrations added and the scene reworked. Mostly a new scene at this point

New pictures:

  • Brother Volt’s butt. 4 variants
  • Sister Elizabeth and huge dick. 4 variants
  • Bathing Juliette
  • Multiboobed Lamia titfuck scene. 8 variants.


  • pregnant lamia scene added to RGD1
  • Big mouse fix. I went trough all the scenes in game and added a fix that will hopefully prevent the bug when if you impatiently clicking mouse during the scene, Krowly starts to move around and while changing sprite. If you will experience a bug where your mouse isn’t working after a scene, press “W” two times to fix it, and report this scene to me.

Hotfix 0.411.0.1: It fixes Volt’s new scene not triggering. You will need to watch him fucking Golem Nun again
Hotfix 0.411.0.2: It fixes the last room in the dungeon, adds cumflated image for Juliette’s scene, and hopefully fixes the spa bug (I hope it was fixed this time)


Hotfix v0.410.0.2: it fixes the issue with rain summoning and the glitch the the spa

Overall 0.405 Changes

New scenes:

  • Carla’s twerking scene. Invite Carla for a dance during topless Friday. If you have 50 relationship with her and 200 lust, it might lead to an afterparty
  • Brother Volt is using Golem Nun’s mouth. At Friday night, at his tent. No illustrations for now.
  • Futa elf is dancing for Jason, Derek and Sebastian in the spa at Wednesday day time

Updated Scenes:

  • Fina fapping. Illustrations added

New pictures:

  • Carla twerking, 12 variants total
  • Futa elf dancing. A temporary version, will be replaced later
  • Fina fapping. 6 variants

Small things:

  • Pixel animations for alchemy table.
  • Busty, naked, lingerie and goblin outfit variants for the pixel animations when Krowly is working on the field, cooking, or helping Kestia
  • you can ask Mabel for sparring again, after you defeated her first time. I also added a pixel animation of her feeding defeated Krowly, and Krowly sucking her boob


  • Fina’s oral scene isn’t accessible at any lvl of relationship anymore, sorry
  • all lust attack were working wrong on Krowly. Now it’s fixed
  • there was a bug where player was able to accidentally delete hidden items that allow Golem Nuns upgrades to work. I added a fix for that, it should also restore these items if you already lost them (you can’t see them normally)
  • a lot of smaller fixes


Has Gay, Futa content. Can be turned off at the start. No Blueballs.


Used to be grindy, I think it is toned down now. Full save and Walkthrough given. Joiplay Compatible on Android.


Warlock and Boobs v0.502.0.1

windows iconWindows/Joiplay logoJoiplay(Compressed):

Walkthroughs [EN(v0.500)/RU(v0.500)] + Full Save(v0.501):

Walkthrough [EN(v0.420)/RU(v0.411)] + Full Save(v0.421):


Last Updated on July 13, 2024

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