Unity/Unreal porn games on Android

If you prefer to play porn games on mobile like me and are unable to play Unity/Unreal/Other games that work on PC but no easy android port or emulator, this might be helpful to you.This will, however not work unless you have a PC/Laptop that can run the game in the first place since the method is just simply streaming your games from PC to the Android.

The streaming method works very well with Porn Games cause they are not usually response intensive like heavy AAA action games etcs, I was able to stream just fine with a non-5ghz router. But it might not be optimal for Action Based Porn games, The write up is intended for playing VN style games that has no android emulator or port.

What you need:

  • Windows PC with working wifi/network connected (Linux works too, but I haven’t tried it so please figure it out yourself :P)
  • Obviously, an android device, preferably connected to the same wifi/network

Moonlight is an open-source streaming software and has worked great for me using PC and Android connected to the same router, with or without internet. I won’t write step-by-step guide since there is already an official install guide on here.

Add and use mstsc.exe and now you can stream your pc, launch your game through either touch controls or on pc. VNs work well with touch controls!

Example use: Playing The Spellbook using moonlight on phone.

ScreenShot on Android
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