June 2023

Buried Desires Game Banner

Buried Desires [Betisis] [v0.5 Patched]

Description In Buried Desires, the MC had left teaching after experiencing a traumatic incident at his previous school. However, he was offered a position at the most prestigious school in the country. Your decisions will determine how successful you are in adapting to this new environment and the outcomes you face. Info Overview Another Father-Daughter

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Oh daddy game banner

Oh Daddy [Nightaku] [v0.9]

Description During your summer vacation at the mountain house, you will need to make some important decisions. Accommodating a high-achieving student entails catering to their desires and accepting their wishes. However, it’s important to exercise caution as the mountains are home to some mysterious locations, and it’s possible to get lost. Information Overview Not bad,

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A Moment Of Bliss [Lockheart] [v5.0.1 Final]

Description Following a week-long vacation with a young lady named Petal, you return home upon the request of your significant other Rose. Even though you and Rose have been apart for a year, you have mutually agreed to give your relationship another chance. Information Overview A direct sequel of A Petal Among Thorns . Both

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My MILF Stepmom Game Banner

My MILF Stepmom [DuaWolf Studio] [Final]

Description You’re about to graduate from college, but you’re still a virgin. Your stepmom, who’s awesome and caring, offers to help you cross that milestone. Meanwhile, your gym instructor and academic advisor are both incredibly hot and flirt with you quite provocatively. The gameplay combines visual novels with business simulations. Info Gameplay Not Sandbox, has

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53x Homecoming [Agent 53X] [v0.2.7.1]

Description Agent 53x is a visual novel that immerses you in the role of a male protagonist who has been away at a prestigious boarding school for eight years. During your graduation, your father appears to take you home. However, tragedy strikes when you are involved in a car accident that claims your father’s life.

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