Family at Home Remake [SLAR Games] [Ep. 3 Part 1]

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This remake has visual improvements and changes in the story and characters, but the principle remains the same; You are a boy named Alonso (Name can be changed) who, along with his mother (Rebeca) and sister (Samantha), visit his aunt’s house. After spending some time in that house, he realizes that his family has strange behaviors and decides to investigate what is happening.​


  • Date: 21/Jun/2024
  • Name: Family At Home Remake
  • Version: Ep. 3 Part 1
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: SLAR Games
  • Android: Official
21/Jun/2024 – Updated to Ep. 3 Part 1
15/April/2024 – Updated to Ep. 2 Part 3

· 997 new renders were added.
· Added 58 new animations.
· New event with Victoria (A)
· New event with Maya (C)
· New event with Samantha (S)
· Two new events Rebecca (M)
· New event with Carmen
· The full episode 2 includes 3479 renders

8/Mar/2024 – Updated to Ep. 2 Part 2

· 1,169 new renders were added.
· Added 64 new animations.
· New event with Victoria (Aunt)
· New event with Samantha (Sister)
· New event with Rebeca (Mom)
· New event with Ana
· New event with Maya (Cousin) and Bell
· New event with Farah (Cousin)
· New corrections to the English version of Episode II part 1

24/August/2023 – First Upload Ep.2 Part 1


Another SLAR games’s VN, this one is a remake of Family At Home.

Content: 3200+ Images, ~34 Animations Total for Ep.2 Part 1.


Straightforward Visual Novel.


Family At Home Remake Ep. 3 Part 1

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

*Original is already compressed, no compression from me.


Last Updated on June 21, 2024

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