Father-Daughter Focused

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Corrupted Love [RIC0H][v0.8.7a]

Description The plot of Corrupted Love centers around the life events of the protagonist.Having taken a risk with a cryptocurrency investment, the MC’s financial worries are now a thing of the past.With newfound wealth, the individual indulges in all the material possessions they had ever desired.Throughout their younger years, the MC had a tendency to

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Daddy Daughter Love Game Banner

Daddy Daughter Love [BabysWithRabys] [v0.054]

Description In daddy daughter love, you play as a 40-year-old photographer, who has three girls visiting him for the summer. You have to decide if you want to follow your heart or let your desires control you. Information Overview Not a lot of content here yet. Uses somewhat similar styles as Single Again. Content: ~1100

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A Petal Among Thorns Game Banner

A Petal Among Thorns [v6.0.1-RE] [Lockheart]

Description “A Petal Among Thorns,” explores the possibility of engaging in a forbidden relationship without suffering from the negative consequences typically associated with such taboo behavior. The story centers around a middle-aged man who takes a winter retreat with his daughter, Petal, following a disappointing comedy tour. During their vacation, the man begins to experience

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