Joiplay: Renpy and RPGM Emulator for Android

*This is less needed since I started doing renpy android ports, but joiplay is still a great option if you want to play RPGMaker games without ports, Renpy games uncompressed, have more customization etc…

One of the benefits of Joiplay over traditional APKs is that you don’t waste space. APKs are already compressed compared to full fledged PC versions BUT we always have compressed PC versions, which most of the time results in much smaller size than usual APK files. Moreover, if you want to play games that are over 10GiB , Joiplay can handle that too, it works both ways~.

Below is a short summery of the installation process

To get started, we need:

  • Joiplay Core app
  • Joiplay plugin for Renpy if our game is in Renpy
  • Joiplay plugin for RPGM for RPGM games
  • An app to unzip, ZArchiver works great for unzipping the game

*It is now recommended to download directly from patreon page of Joiplay, playstore versions are heavily outdated.

The interface is simple enough, we just add the exe file of the unzipped folder and there, we can launch the added game.

Joiplay choose
Make sure you have the plugins installed.
Joiplay Addition

Up here is a typical renpy game folder, just add the exe like that and we good. I like that game by the way! (rip joy, abandoned)

Again, use the patreon versions from their Patreon page. The latest builds are there.

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