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In The Two Sides Of Love, you take on the role of a retired boxer who has lost everything and everyone close to him due to allegations of drug addiction and alcoholism. When your ex-wife goes missing, your daughters return to your life. To regain their love, you must unravel the mystery behind your ex-wife’s disappearance and unearth the identity of a mysterious individual.


  • Date: 2/June/2023
  • Name: The Two Sides Of Love
  • Version: 0.3
  • Incest Content: Father-Daughter
  • Dev: Night Games
  • Mod: DarkAssassin
  • Android: Incg
2/June/2023- First Upload, v0.3
  • 1150 renders
  • 70 animations
  • 7400 lines of code


Game came back to life after 1~ Year. Has enough content to play.

Total 3000~ Images, 120~ Animations for v0.3.


VN Mode. No grind.


*Gallery and Replays are officially bugged for now. Will update with bug fix when it comes.

The Two Sides Of Love + Walkthrough Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux:

Apk iconAndroid(Fixed):

*Android hotfix, for those who is stuck in scene loops, activate label jump in inc menu>misc and type in whatever in quick menu labeljump to trigger an error, and then ignore it and you will get out of the loop.
Current version(fixed) tho it is a band-aid… does not have this error.


Last Updated on June 3, 2023

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Admin, will there be an update to this game?
Please I would be happy if you answer.

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