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“Inner Growth” centers around Thalna, the main character, who predominantly resided in the underworld. However, due to some circumstances, she is now compelled to venture into the realm of humans. The game gives prominence to decision making, and various versions of the game will have diverse outcomes based on the choices made by the player. The consequences of actions will be significant.


  • Date: 30/May/2023
  • Name: Inner Growth
  • Version: 1.7
  • Incest Content: Nope
  • Dev: Morally Purple
  • Mod: fattrapper
  • Walkthrough: Zoey
  • Android: incg
30/May/2023- First Upload v1.7
  • added around 230 renders
  • added new renders to the special/pinup/patron galleries
  • This update includes more naughty content because the next one will be much more story focused.


Futa MC game. I personally liked it because you can act like a male MC anyways and not get fucked by dudes, kind of like playing a female character in MMOs but with a dick. IRRC its on futa on female most of the time with occasional futa on futa.

Now it is not for everyone, here’s MC below for reference.
Example Pic, Pinup Thalna


VN mode, has navigation with choices sometimes.


Inner Growth + Bonus Images + Unlockable Hints Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux:

windows iconWindows/Linux(Compressed 90Q):

Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 90Q):

Walkthrough (v1.6)


Last Updated on May 30, 2023

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