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Neko Paradise is an adult game that offers players the chance to interact with numerous Neko Girls in a free-roaming environment. It boasts a unique animated character interface, as well as plenty of CG animations. With a Neko girl to suit every taste, players can choose which ones to pursue and which to avoid. Explore the island and its secrets – emerge in the cute and sexy world of Neko Paradise!

In the game, players take on the role of a young man who regularly went on fishing trips with his father. Unfortunately, a storm caused them to become separated, and he eventually washed up on a strange island. Following his rescue by a beautiful woman, he went on to marry her and have a daughter. However, due to the accident, he is now struggling to remember the chain of events that brought him to the island.


  • Date: 12/Jul/2024
  • Name: Neko Paradise
  • Version: v0.20b
  • Incest Content: Father-Daughter
  • Dev: Alorth
12/Jul/2024 – Updated to v0.20b

Major Bugfixes

– Changed the way Nina is introduced into the game and remake of the images/scenes.”)
– New minigame implementation.
– Character points system rework.
– Automatic player point redestribuition according to the changes upon load.
– CG/Artwork implementation as reward for reaching 100 points with each character.
– New character events, Mitty, Pudding, Thea, Hazel.
– Added Violet night sex interaction.
– Added Hazel pregnancy.
– Shark dlc compatibility fix for V2.

– Remake of various backgrounds.
– Rewrite of the game code.
– Minor performance improvements.
– Fixed wallpaper hitboxes being visible.
– Replacement of two wallpapers.(Bathroom and outside Bera’s home)
– Added one new wallpaper.
– Save file error fix when loading.
– Added option to change the player name on the laptop.
– Added the option to change the textbox transparency value in the preferences.
– Added a tooltip function, which can be deactivated in the preferences.

– Events for Choco and Daisy.
– Added Daisy Pregnancy.
– 9 new animations and over 70 new images.

– New location in the city, ‘Bakery’
– Events for 4 new characters, Theobroma, Pudding, Grace and Meeki
– New events for some other characters and expanded dialogs
– Added 3 new wallpapers.
– 16 new animations and over 300 new images.

24/May/2023 – First Upload, v0.16
  • Added a new minigame to make money at Bera’s home, it unlocks after progressing enough story with Bera.
  • Daisy’s shop includes items you can buy to make the new minigame easier and more profitable.
  • Added thighjob for Hazel
  • Added the first pregnant sex (Select the sex option on Violet’s interface while she’s pregnant and has a belly).
  • Ash now appears at mc’s home after progressing enough the characters story.
  • Added repeatable sex with Ash + threesome.(Selec the sex option on Ash’s interface while at mc’s home.)
  • Added bath option for Lily’s interface, unlocked after ‘first intercourse’.
  • Players can now go to Lily’s room after ‘first intercourse’ for a ‘nightvisit’. (Repeatable)
  • Added one more wallpaper to find in the game.
  • Violet and Lily can now have offspring.
  • Improved the spearfishing minigame, including 3 new species of fish.
  • 15 new animations and over 70 new images. (not including Ash’s alts”)
  • System upgrade from 7.3 to 7.5.
  • Optimizations for the Sandy and Salty DLC.


Unique game, quite slow on updates. 2500~ Pictures, 200+ Animations total over 3 years.


Sandbox, has grind.


*No dlc, just raw right now, unfortunately.

Neko Paradise v0.20b

windows iconWindows/Linux:


Last Updated on July 12, 2024

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Where’s update of this game admin? Neko Paradise [v0.20]


The administrator of this site, which I personally consider among the most serious, passionate and attentive to the quality of an eroge game, is waiting for the version 0.20 of the specific game, to be the FULL!

And not the usual, superficial and stupid half-update also called: “standard”, “free”, “regular” and all the “bullshit possible and imaginable that a twisted human mind can imagine for personal profit only. (aka cheating)

So, just wait for the FULL version, including the “extra” scenes and the DLC missing in the “standard” version.

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