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Straitened Times is a game about a young guy living together with a small family of a Mother, Father and two Sisters. One day his happy life was over when Father was arrested for financial thievery and your family has to start once over from the bottom. And the bottom is 2 rooms in a shady motel – the only place they could afford. Now our protagonist has become the man of the house and it’s only for you to decide what kind of life he’ll be living from now on. Minding that now he has to share a room or a bed with one of the women.​


  • Date: 23/May/2024
  • Name: Straitened Times
  • Version: v0.50.0
  • Tags: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: HRelease
  • Mod: Suchguy
  • Android: incg
23/May/2024 – Updated to v0.50.0

New content for Anna Gardner, Lawyer, Judge, Neighbour Mom, and Photographer and something for Jill Gardner, Ava Jensen, Mia Sim, Principal, and others Add: new hearing event Change: Kate’s morning shower event reworked

18/April/2024 – Updated to v0.49.1
4/April/2024 – Updated to v0.48.1
26/Feb/2024 – Updated to v0.47
2/Feb/2024 – Updated to v0.46.1
21/December/2023 – Updated to 0.45.1

v0.45.1 bug fix
Fix: add missing classroom image
Fix: Lisa car wrong image name
Update: Kate schedule

New content for Lisa, Jill and Anna Gardner, Kate Jensen, and Motel Manager
and something for Lily and Sophia Gardner, Ava Jensen, Lawyer, Secretary, Photographer, and others
Fix: Kate photoshoot error
Fix: Alexa boyfriend path events condition

Add: 15 base (3 total) animations
Update: 5 animations
Add: 100+ images
Update: 5 images

v0.44.1 bug fix
Fix: Kate photosession “df” error

New content for Lisa, Mary and Alexa Gardner, and Neighbor Mom
and something for Jill and Sophia Gardner, Kate Jensen, Principal, and others
Add: 5 base (17 total) animations
Add: 100+ images

– Sam(photographer) condom sex scene.
– Andrea(bankmanager) model scene.(with Sam)
– Barbara(judge) bareback sex scene.
– Mia & Lily(young sister) club scene.
– Ava(maternal grandmother)health cycle scene.
– The MC old house(rooms) scene.
– Anna(smom) & Kate(aunt) bathroom scene.(lick boobs, shower together)
– Lauren bed scene.(Not a sexual scene)
– Added video to Lisa(mom) car BJ scene.

25/August/2023 – Updated to v0.41.1

v0.41.1 bug fix:

  • Fix: Ava talk about personal life
  • Fix: PEteach new event
  • Fix: Kate key error
  • Fix: dialogue screen
  • Fix: OwnerChanged error
  • Update: 2 animations
  • Update: 5 images


  • New content for Anna, Lily, Mary, and Alexa Gardner, Detective, and Motel Manager
    and something for Lisa and Sophia Gardner, Ava Jensen, PE Teacher, and others
  • Energy rebalance
  • Fix: screens tranfer animations repeat
  • Fix: gallery screen
  • Fix: Maid bath error
  • Fix: xs_add error at XShop
  • Fix: Roulette rotation
  • Add: 4 base (13 total) animations
  • Update: 1 animation
  • Add: 80+ images
  • Update: 15 images
16/July/2023 – Updated to v0.40
  • New content for Lisa Gardner, Kate Jensen, Judge, and Bank Manager and something for Alexa Gardner, Ava Jensen, PE Teacher, Neighbor Cheerleader and others
  • Fix: Lit Teacher arrange personal therapy dialogue
  • Fix: Lisa and Kate contest double end error
  • Fix: Lawyer events conditions
  • Fix: Anna invite to room loop
  • Add: 4 base (13 total) animations
  • Update: 1 animation
  • Add: 70+ images
  • Update: 11 images
16/June/2023 – Updated to v0.39
  • v0.39
    • New character – Ava Roberts
    • New content for Anna and Mary Gardner, Neighbor Mom, and Detective
    • and something for Lisa, Jill and Alexa Gardner, Kate Jensen, and others
    • new location (no direct access)
    • Fix: cheerleader dilogue
    • Add: 3 base (9 total) animations
    • Add: 90+ images
  • v0.38.2 bug fix:
    • Update: Kate Jensen first dinner softlock
  • v0.38.1 bug fix:
    • Update: 3 animations


Content: 3500+ Images, ~286 Animations total for v0.41.1.


Super sandbox, has lots of in-game mechanics. I think it is convoluted and I have no idea how it even works. But my android port has console enabled if you want to try and cheat with consoles. It is C [ Left-Down-Right] Gesture.

*on pc, open cheats by key “k”


Straitened Times v0.50.0 + Incest Patch + Cheats Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on May 23, 2024

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This seems like a challenging project to port. So thanks for trying.
Android version bit flunky. QM is squeezed together in the mid of the lower screen and C gesture not working


Works like a charm. Thanks


Is there a walkthrough cause oof this game if confusing….buts its good….also no idea if true but herd there is an update to the game….anyone know if true?


At this point im waiting till its done barely anything gets added

Tarang Sharma

Will there be an update for v0.42 for android.


Please update to version 0.42 for android.


The writing makes this difficult to play, at least early on. Would be better if the dev had help with the translations. Also, even though the mods are supposed to be included, it continues to reference Commune and Mother Superior. When combined with the writing/poor translation, it’s somewhat hard to follow.

Tarang Sharma

Thanks 🙏

Sandbox Enjoyer

Thanks for porting this! By the way, is it possible to adjust the timing for animations with multiple angles? Instead of instantly switching back and forth, could a delay of 3-5 seconds be added?


This please


Is there any way to unlock gallery without grinding?

Sandbox Enjoyer

There isn’t, even If someone gave you a save with 100% completion the gallery will still be empty because you have to play it to unlock


Gallery sucks big time anyway: it’s just a shitload of images and animations in no logical order

Sandbox Enjoyer

Please, if possible, consider my suggestion of adding a 3-5 second delay to animations with multiple angles. I’ve played this game on a computer, and the animations don’t instantly switch back and forth. The only reason I stopped playing this on my computer was because of a recent update that made the animations laggy, at least for me.

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