16 Years Later! [Wetdreamwalker][Ep13 Patched]

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16 Years Later! is a simple game. You come home to your three daughters after 16 years in prison. They have grown up. You soon discover you feel more for the daughters than normal paternal love. Be kind or be strict. It’s all up to you how you approach it….


  • Date: 7/Jun/2024
  • Name: 16 Years Later!
  • Version: Episode 13
  • Incest Content: Father-Daughter
  • Dev: Wetdreamwalker
  • Patch: TheSidewinder
  • Android: Incg
7/Jun/2024 – Updated to Ep13
8/March/2024 – Updated to Ep12
18/Jan/2024 – Updated to Ep11 Extras

Missed scenes from the “Rude route” for episode 11 have been completed.
The extra version includes 132 new images and 18 new animations.
This version includes the “Read mods”.

2/Jan/2024 – Updated to Ep11
29/August/2023 – Updated to Ep10.1


  • ~300 Images
  • ~33 Animations
  • French and Italian Translation
23/March/2023 – First Upload Ep9.3 Extra


There is enough content, story is simple and okay.

Content: 4000+ Images, ~57 Animations Total for Ep11 Extras.


2 Modes, VN mode and Read. VN mode has more choices. No grind.


The Patch works only on Game Mode!

16 Years Later! Ep 13+ Incest&Walkthrough Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on June 7, 2024

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Does anyone know whats going on with this game or is it abandoned or did the dev just move on to another game or??????


Episode 10 was released a few months ago so it’s isn’t abandoned


16 Years Later! [Ongoing] – Version: Ep10.1OUT


As i can see on the patreon of this dev he seems to be sick or somthing because the least post from him is from 6 august.


Episode 10 was released back in April, shouldn’t this be updated soon?


Hi, thanks for updating it but at least for Android the game does not seem to “”I patched as the daughters are referred to as stepdaughters and the father is reffered to as the stepfather. Could you please look into this? Thanks.


Thanks for the update, but I don’t think this was properly patched. There’s a lot of “step” in the dialogue if you catch my meaning. Hope it’s properly fixed for newcomers 😀


Oh? Which mod/patch are you using because when I went to f95zone to retrieve one alongside the built in walkthrough mod the file worked fine on VN mode for me. 🤔


Pretty sure I used the official walkthrough mod that was listed on f95, just used it to replace your current file




irrelevant: such a sharp pain what happened ? the site cannot be reached


Says I just finished episode 8 but have 9.3 version. Is it possible to download episode 10 version and still have saves? Thank you for your help


On PC. Do I need to download the whole thing again or is it just a patch? Thank you for your help, new to all this.


not sure if the patch from 9.x to 10.x is available because the update is are litle bit older, if you lucky and incg has still the patch available he can maybe upload it if not you need to download the new whole thing again.


a new update dropped…. when will we see it here?


This isn’t working with old saves, tried starting again and it’s now all stepcist. Is the patch missing?


Hmmm… quick question, age changer in this game or no? If yes where can I find the patch?


Is this a translation error for the English version or something? How does the Barbara storyline even work? MC left the orphanage and lost touch with Barbara’s mom, implying the only logical explanation for her to have the possibility of being his daughter would meant she is his oldest daughter, yet she is stated as the youngest. If she is the youngest that would imply the MC got back in touch with Barbara’s mom after MC’s wife was impregnated with Chole, but it was also stated her mom failed to get back in touch with MC after knowing he was married and had three kids. How is MC even considering her words after she give him those info?


Установил на планшете,пошла загрузка а потом просто вылетает!Что может быть проблемой?


The android version finishes at Chapter 12 for some reason

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