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In Five of A Kind, you play as a young computer and video game enthusiast, you reside with your stressed-out mother, Meredith, and self-centered sister, Brooke, feeling thoroughly frustrated.

Your aim is to unravel the baffling vanishing of the elusive Dr. Joystick, alongside your two buddies – the ever-scheming Scott, who dreams of being a ladies’ man, and the hyperactive savant, Nicole. Yet, you discover that the mundane scenarios in your household are far more fulfilling.

Five of a Kind, is developed using Unity with Adventure Creator and is currently only available on PC and MacOS. It features an 1980’s aesthetic and original artwork and animations, and all the “dad jokes” you can stomach.


  • Date: 11/Jan/2024
  • Name: Five of A Kind
  • Version: v0.3.7.1
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Dev: JorogrArt
11/Jan/2024 – Updated to v0.3.7.1


  • The emphasis for this update will be on sexy time content and improving some tech aspects of the game. There is not any meaningful STORY progress in this update.
  • The center pieces of this update will two new Spank Bank scenes: one for Meredith and one for Charlotte.
  • If you click on the link and it asks you for a key, copy & paste the link in a new browser window.
  • The reason this version is instead of 0.3.7 is that a couple of bugs were found during early access that were fixed.

Major New Content

  • New Meredith Spank Bank scene (Breast Play + Handjob).
  • New Aunt Charlotte Bonus sex scene. (Vaginal Sex + Impregnation)

Minor Content

  • MC will now be able to put on and take off the fake mustache (right now, this is only useful for a newly added easter egg, but will be important later)
  • Aunt Irene’s closeup has been redrawn in higher def with outfit support, blinking, and idle animation.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Added an “Instant Speech” toggle to the Options menu. Instant Speech defaults to Off. Turning it on ignore all post speech delays and causes character speech to display instantly instead of scrolling.
  • Added an “Xray (Internal View) toggle to the Options menu.
  • If Meredith is trying on lingerie in her bedroom, you can now enter. If you have the Practice Girlfriend perk unlocked, she will offer you the same menu of options as before the tit job scene. Otherwise, she will admonish you and send you out of her room.
  • You will no longer have to run down Meredith’s dialogue tree to ask about the foreclosure notice or to tell her you have the funds. If you meet the requirements, those events will fire upon loading her closeup.

Legal Stuff

  • When starting the game, you will be prompted to confirm you are 18+.

Existing Content Improvement

  • Improved sound effects (both kinetic and ambient) during Brooke’s Bonus Scene.
  • Brooke’s ponytail is now animated using Chain CCD Kinematics during the Bonus Scene.
  • Added visible leakage after the zoom out from the xray cam during Brooke’s Bonus Scene.
  • Toned down the camera shake during MC’s “finale” during most scenes.

Technical Improvements

  • For certain Spank Bank scenes, the cum that appears on the girl will now be synced to MC’s ropes landing on her instead of appearing randomly.
  • Meredith will flinch (quickly shut her eyes) for the first few ropes of MC’s “finale” in new and existing facial scenes.
  • Added some smarts to Aunt Charlotte’s closeup character rig so that whatever “outfit” you’ve selected will be remembered across scenes. In other words, if you’ve used the Magic Wand so she always shows up naked or in the maid outfit, that’s what she’ll be wearing in certain scenes, such as the Sexorcism scene.
  • Reworked the programming to Meredith’s and MC’s regular sprites to use layers and Sorting Groups. This was prioritized to a) support the “fake mustache” mechanic for MC, but also optimize Meredith’s sprite rig so that outfits can be applied and changed in code. It should result in faster load times for scenes where Meredith can show up as well as reduced file size.
  • Authentic 80’s Bush toggle will now default to ON.

Bug Fixes

  • Meredith’s schedule now properly updates when loading a save game from the Upstairs Bathroom or Upstairs Hallway. This led to some weirdness where opening Meredith’s bedroom door behaved as if she was in a different location than she was actually in. Using Meredith’s bedroom door logic will give more specific messages depending on where she is and what she’s doing. It will no longer give a “You hear faint snoring” message if she’s trying on lingerie or masturbating.
  • Removed orphaned “Hotspot” next to Irene’s wine glass that did nothing.
  • Meredith’s bonus scene unlock icon will be available if the conditions are met regardless of whether Aunt Charlotte is also on the couch or not.
22/August/2023 – Updated to v0.3.6.1
  • Advancement of Charlotte’s story, although not finishing it. This amounts to two new quests (Northern Hospitality & Games People Play) and continuing the existing Fish and Visitors quest.
  • Upgraded Aunt Charlotte’s portrait rig to support multiple outfits and give a proper idle animation (with jiggle physics)
  • The Strip Poker game on MC’s computer will now be playable. This is a partially a piece of old timey, low rez flair, but will have a plot point later in the story.
  • Closeups are now available for sitting at the Dining Table and inspecting the Kitchen Counter (To Do List)
Gameplay Improvements
  • Spank Bank UI scrolling will scroll to separate pages, not just shift the scenes by a couple of spaces (to avoid confusion).
  • Unlocked Spank Bank (gallery) scene thumbnails (polaroids) will have printed text underneath them telling you what they are (e.g., “Mom Kissing Scene”, “Sis Computer Dream”, “Irene Blowjob”, etc.)
  • Spank Bank Bonus scenes thumbnails (polaroids) will have a blue “Bonus” ribbon, making them stand out from regular scenes.
  • Launching Bonus scenes from the Spank Bank will give a brief text explaining how bonus scenes work.
  • Moved Reset button to the left side of the UI to prevent accidentally clicking it.
  • Launching either of Brooke’s dreams or the Meredith 3D scene from the Spank Bank will prompt you to continue so as to not force you to watch the entire thing if you clicked on them by accident.
  • Meredith will have improved vocalisations (SFX/foley) in a few scenes (Haircutting Scene, Shower Scene, Tit Job Scene, Kissing Scene, & Bonus Sex Scene)
  • Updated the Dining Room background to add rear mattes and more detail.
  • The Magic Wand (debug/cheat tool) will now be found as a hidden hotspot on the inventory menu itself instead of the hidden hotspot in MC’s bedroom.
Bug Fixes
  • MC’s bedroom door will no longer animate to open. It will have two states: open and closed just like the front door.
  • Reduce the volume of Scott’s theme and Diner Theme so it’s not so loud compared to other music.
  • Remove Cum action from Meredith & Brooke sleeping poses where the action is only there to scold the player.
  • Version label in title screen will no longer be hidden when showing the Spank Bank and Credits menus.
  • Meredith will no longer say “It’s not Christmas” when you hand her the christmas lights and carrying the gem.
  • Nicole War Dialer dialogue option won’t be available after you start the War Dialer.
  • Using Meredith’s panties will now make you wait a day before doing it again…
  • It will no longer be possible to take a crap while Meredith is showering.
  • Flushing the toilet while Meredith is showering will give a Sierra-style death.
  • Changed all references of VectorMan and Ms. VectorMan to Movie Tie-In: The Game and Super Panty Raid, respectively (I had no idea VectorMan was a real property. Oops!)
  • Jorogr Avatar (the middle age guy in Pro Tips) eye color has been corrected to green (was brown before).
12/May/2023 – First Upload, v0.3.5.1


  • This update primarily includes bug fixes to v0.3.5, along with a few gameplay improvements I was working on. Among the bug fixes are two longstanding game-breaking, and difficult-to-reproduce bugs that could put the game in an unwinnable state.

Gameplay Improvements

  • The Contacts page in the Quest Journal will now have “tabs” for each character so you can jump to the character you want to work on without having to click next or previous multiple times to scroll through the characters.
  • The game will now keep track of the highest level of Dirty Talk you’ve unlocked through gameplay and use it when playing Spank Bank scenes from the main menu (for scenes that actually have Dirty Talk implemented).
  • Resetting the Spank Bank also will reset Highest Dirty Talk Level Unlocked setting to None.
  • Using the Title Screen Cheat Hotspot 5x will set Highest Dirty Talk Level Unlocked to Max (currently Level 2).
  • Meredith’s Fan Service time slot in the Afternoon (Sleeping, Trying on Lingerie, or Using Vibrator) will now predictably cycle through the available options instead of being randomized each day.


Old and ongoing game, lots of content, unique and no blueballs.


Plays like a real game(i.e Point and Click Style Roaming RPG) so expect some grind. If you want to play on mobile, you are going to have to do steamdeck/moonlight thing with a working pc unfortunately.

Gallery Unlock

Press tip of the D in Game Menu Screen.



Five of A Kind v0.3.7.1

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x64 ver

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Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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