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The Manor tells the story of a young man with a boring life who suddenly changes when he discovers the truth about his parents. He is quickly sent to a family he doesn’t know and will make more discoveries about his past and his new relatives, involving a lot of lewd situations of course…


  • Date: 13/Mar/2024
  • Name: The Manor
  • Version: v0.3.0
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Grandmother-Son, Aunt-Nephew, FCousin-Mcousin
  • Dev: 0ptimus
  • Android: incg
13/Mar/2024 – First Upload, v0.3.0

Thanks to No sesame salt is mushroom for recommendation!


Relatively new (about 1 year old) but has quite a lot of content. It doesn’t use common Daz3D or Illusion Models, which can be a plus or minus depending on your taste.

No blueballs at all~

Content: 11000~ Images Total (Including animation frames)


It has a simple, a bit repetitive grind. There is a way to ease it without cheating.

Just turn-on all skipping except unseen text in options while you are grinding and your grind will be a lot faster and you won’t lose any content.


The Manor v0.3.0

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Original):

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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The animations are pretty good. I think this game uses VAM3D(Virt-A-Mate) for its graphics? It def doesn’t look like your typical Daz3d/HS1/2 models.


Yes, it’s the graphics engine used for this game and I personally like the character design.

Much better than the archaic Daz3D and the assets of Illusion Software (Unity3D).

This engine has enormous potential in terms of photo-realism and animation in general, but there is one thing that I just can’t stand, especially for those users who call themselves “developers”;

– the fact that many of them always justifies their initial limited technical inability, in the development of any VN or any game, does not exempt them from their responsibility towards the community and towards the art of knowing how to create and develop any game .


– with the term; Animation, also includes the animation of the Orgasm scenes. (cumshot and creampie for example)

Not just those 3-4 repetitive and cyclical frames of the “kamasutra” positions.

This is an aspect that the new generations have not yet fully understood.

The monetary aspect;

– it is useless to continually open accounts on Patreon and similar, to convince users to pay, perhaps by deluding them with some HD screenshots and some animated gifs, or even the worst possible form of blackmail:

– if you pay me, I continue to develop.

In purely aesthetic terms, it equates to;

– if you pay me, you are “more special”

Which is absolutely not true, but which demonstrates the enormous ignorance and arrogance of those who should create a game solely and exclusively based on their own imagination and passion.

And imagination and passion have no cost.

They are not work.

It would be better then, to ask mum and dad for their weekly wages.

Or find a serious and well-paid job, rather than begging (even with the game of psychological blackmail) for money and deceiving people, just for your own ideological whims. (wrong, as always)

Let’s take the developer of this game for example;

– uses the psychological stratagem of the gallery, which is not present in the “public” game, while it is present in the “private” public.

What else is it, if not a base, childish and stupid justification for raising money?

So, some fraternal advice from this user to all the new generations and to those approaching the world of game development in general (the type or genre of game doesn’t matter);

It is not with these low social level means that you will earn money and make yourself “important” in the eyes of those who follow you.

But in the context of your ability to develop and create something beautiful.

Then and only then, will the gifts come.

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