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House Chores is a visual novel that follows the story of a young man who faces unexpected challenges during his summer break. He develops new feelings towards someone close to him, but things become more complicated when two unexpected guests arrive. The summer becomes even messier and uncertain. Will he be able to make the most of his vacation or will he end up with nothing when school starts again?


  • Date: 4/April/2024
  • Name: House Chores
  • Version: v0.17.2 Beta
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Dev: Siren’s Domain
4/April/2024 – Updated to v0.17.2 Beta

== Beta 0.17.2 Changelog ==
-Small bug fixes with 0.17.1 content

== Beta 0.17.1 Changelog ==
-Added option to change location of Julie and Linda at night after completing their duo story
-Every night, their location is randomized but can be changed
-When they’re separate, Julie will have an option to meet up with Linda

-Added new dialogue for Pool Makeout scene during repeat

-Other small bug fixes

0.17 Changelog
New On-Screen Scenes:
Julie Chair Sex (Regular & Yoga)

New Full Scenes:
Julie & Linda Threesome

== Beta 0.17 ==
The final part of the Julie & Linda’s threesome saga has finally reached a conclusion!

To begin the new update, you’ll need to have progressed far enough along through both Julie & Linda’s storylines. After the
pool makeout scene from the previous update, the new content picks up directly after! Talking to both Julie & Linda will be
the key to progress further along.

Additionally, a new invite activity is unlocked after completing Julie’s base story. When you’re in your room, click on
the tissue box to invite her in for some private time!

I hope you enjoy this new update! Thank you for playing and supporting House Chores!

== Additional Changes ==
-Added more save slots
-Few previous typo/bug fixes with older scenes

19/October/2023 – Updated to v0.15.1 Beta

v0.15.1 Beta
Fixed bug where you could access new Linda on-screen scenes slightly earlier than intended

New Scenes:
Linda Bath Sex
Linda Chair Sex (+Kissing Variation)
Linda Bed Sex (Ride/Mating Press Variations)

v0.15 Beta
The ‘close-call’ updates continue now featuring Linda as she tries to hide her romantic relationship with the main character
from the house!

However, Julie just so happens to always be nearby. Surely she’s not catching on, right?!

The new content in this update continues directly off of Linda’s storyline. After completing the recent events in her casual
outfit, you will need to make sure she’s dressed back in her regular outfit and continue talking to her! The new events
should continue automatically.

Additionally, after reaching a certain point in the new story events, Linda will become increasingly horny and new activities
will unlock. These new activities feature a few different variations so be sure to experiment and see just how far your
endurance can last!

1/August/2023- Updated to v0.14.2 Beta
  • Added zoom feature to Linda Kitchen Sex scene as well as additional dialogue/audio
  • Fixed bug where Admire Ass event wasn’t working in Kitchen (all is right in the world again!)

v0.14.1 Beta

  • Fixed bug where one of Emily’s cutscenes would incorrectly replay every time you entered the location

v0.14 Beta

Beta 0.14 continues Emily’s storyline with some very sneaky behavior!

After completing the events of her main storyline, talking to her will continue into the new Beta 0.14 events. If you’re
not sure where to continue, be sure to listen to the dialogue carefully and when traveling across the house, you might
run into some surprises

This update is the first update leading to future ‘group’ activities so stay tuned for more sneaky events. With everyone
becoming increasingly more bold, someone’s bound to get caught soon!

== On-Screen Scene Zoom ==
A new feature to on-screen scenes is being tested in this update as well with the new Emily Laundry scene.

The ability to zoom in and out of on-screen scenes adds a little more immersion and visual ‘clarity’ to those special moments.
In the next few updates, I plan to go back and update most/all of the other on-screen scenes to have this same functionality.


New Scenes:

  • Emily Laundry Stuck
  • Emily Couch Sneaky Sex
4/May/2023 – First Upload, v0.13Beta
  • New Costume:
    • Emily Bunny Outfit
  • New Scenes:
    • Emily Bunny Sex
  • New Room:
    • Emily’s Room (Spring Theme)
  • New Content:
    • Spring has arrived in House Chores with Beta 0.13!
    • Emily’s feeling the spring fever and needs your help to make that magic come alive! When a magic egg appears on her bed one day, that’s only the start of a strange and mysterious set of events. What could be causing this seasonal shift?
    • The spring event consists of finding 3 hidden easter eggs around the house! Keep your eyes peeled because some of them might blend in a little bit.
    • Perhaps some mysteries can only be explained by magic!
    • In order to access the new event, you need to complete Emily’s story by witnessing her first ‘home run’ scene. From there, during the Morning/Day/Evening time slots, you’ll find an automatic event in the Hallway to begin the new event.

Completed games from same dev: Town of Passion, Zombie’s Retreat .


One of the two ongoing games of siren’s domain, the other is Zombie’s Retreat 2 : Grid Locked. This game is pretty similar to their other games.


RPGMaker, expect some grind.


House Chores v0.17.2 Beta


Last Updated on April 4, 2024

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