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Harem Hotel [Runey] [v0.18 Beta 3]

Description Harem Hotel is a game where you have inherited a hotel from your grandfather located on a foreign continent. Things may appear normal at first glance, but problems are likely lurking underneath. Your objective is to cultivate relationships with 18 beautiful and fleshed out characters, improve your hotel, and enhance your skills. The game […]

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Ravager Game Banner

Ravager [4minutewarning] [v5.1.9] PC/Android

Description We are all familiar with the classic tale: A hero rises from humble beginnings, defeats the tyrannical dragon, and establishes a new era of peace and prosperity. However, in Ravager, the roles are reversed. You take on the role of a young dragon, determined to reclaim your rightful place. To achieve this, you must

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renryuu: ascension game banner

Renryuu: Ascension [Naughty Netherpunch]

Description Renryuu: Ascension depicts the journey of Ryen, a hybrid of dragon and human. Following a series of unforeseen events, Ryen ascends as the ruler of his realm and assumes his responsibilities as the monarch in the castle. Alongside fulfilling his duties, Ryen ventures out of the country to tackle numerous issues and challenges that

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Fetish Locator Game Banner

Fetish Locator [ViNovella] [Week 3 v3.4.8]

Description Fetish Locator is a Visual Novella with a focus on storytelling. The trend on campus currently involves using Fetish Locator, an app that allows students to earn points by completing challenges and uploading pictures with other attractive students. Our protagonist is determined to earn enough points to attend an exclusive party, where he hopes

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