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The Last Sovereign is an adult fantasy RPG that immerses you in a captivating tale of a world divided between lust and purity. As you step into this intricate conflict, you have the power to shape history with your own unique path! Well, maybe. See, doing the typical heroic deeds only leads to certain death, and the evil overlords’ master plans often make absolutely no sense. The Last Sovereign defies the norms of adult games, while playfully incorporating familiar tropes to offer an exciting and alluring gaming experience.


8/Jul/2024 – Updated to v0.74.7

Whew, here we finally are. I’ve been living and breathing this content for the past month, and tons of players have given it a shot, but this is a lot of fresh story anyone playing for the first time! During the development I have added more content, refined balance significantly, and tweaked all manner of things. Hopefully it will be a fun conclusion for everyone. ^-^

As I’ve said elsewhere, this update fulfills many of the promises I’ve made over the course of TLS. The remaining plot threads will be wrapped up in the optional dungeon, epilogue, and postgame. This isn’t the end, not by any means, but we’ve definitely reached one of the last big milestones.

– Following Megail’s quest, investigate near Iris to create a new potential piece of equipment.
– Investing in the Erosian smith now grants access to new equipment (at the Erosian temple), a new investment (at Fuck Palace), and new orc equipment (during Balia’s quest).
– Five new pieces of unique equipment related to the above.
– Yet more bugfixing and polishing.

– Balance tweaks to Vhala’s quest, including two extra points.
– The base portrait system now includes transformed Robin, both of Sabitha’s forms, and mourning Zelica.
– Hopefully final keyboard/controller scripts from Rachnera.
– Additional bugfixing and polishing.

– Additional conversations have been added to Vhala’s quest.
– Vhala’s quest now grants additional influence for saves with lower ProN returns, as a mercy mechanic.
– Vhala’s quest now grants more RP and other variables.
– Balia’s quest now causes the training orcs in the base to upgrade, with four new training fights.
– Solely in the Divergent Church scenario, Bertricia has a Shining Sword to give the player.
– Solely in the New Religion scenario, Yelarel will give a Shining Sword during Sarai’s quest.
– Upgraded keyboard/controller scripts thanks to Rachnera. The intro text and text describing key presses have been changed to account for this.
– Updated Elleani/Yarra scene thanks to Annikath.
– Additional bugfixing and polishing.

8/Mar/2024 – Updated to v0.73.0

– Vhala has a “harem” quest, starting in the base hallway after the Incubus War.
– Stineford has been entirely overhauled! This is one of the biggest visual updates I’ve done to the game and I’m just crossing my fingers that I didn’t screw something up during the upgrade.
– If Sarai was sexually restricted in your game, you can now get her to join the harem via her personal quest (if you already finished it, there’s an alternate event in her tower). This is functionally the same, but involves some new conversations and dialogue variants.
– Nalili’s quest now grants an additional reward, which can be found in her room even if you’ve already completed the quest. This is necessary for…
– A short quest that will grant a final battle item, if you’ve gathered all four major ingredients.
– Fuani now appears in the Renthnor Wilds guild, offering tips about all incomplete harem quests.
– Yarra’s upgraded sex room now has two alternate configurations, for those who complained about the original tiles.
– Additional details around the base dependent on country scores, now covering Darghelon, Gheldaron, Zirantia, Erosia, and Rodak.
– Depending on the Entity Cohesion variable, you can see a scene resting under the tree at the Nostalgic Home.
– The final Shining Sword bonus is now available. I intend to add one more in the last optional dungeon for flex, however.
– During the Orilise segment of the elven forests sequence, the timer running out should now cause game over. This needs more testing.
– Did you know that the majority of cases refer to “Miners’ Junction” but in 29 locations I accidentally wrote “Miner’s Junction”? Well, not anymore!
– Bug where you could see Wendis transformed early fixed.
– Thanks to Rachnera, TLS has advanced keyboard remapping options in the System menu.
– There are now control tutorials when starting a new game.
– What may be the final investments of the game, pending any final balance tweaks.
– The placeholder in the teleportation room has finally been replaced with Riala, who will check preparedness and lead to the final battle (next time).
– One new sex scene.
– New illustrated scenes: Elleani Relief, Megail x Iris Anal, Janine Wedding Night
– Assorted bugfixing and polishing.

17/December/2023 – Updated to v0.72.2

– New Orcent assets thanks to Lamsey and Annikath.
– Even MORE Orcent variant dialogue.
– Clarified that Megail’s quest also resets research.
– Duplicate equipment bug fixed.
– Assorted bugfixing and polishing.

– All 26 events in the Orcent dungeon now have different dialogue for all six forms. You better appreciate this flavor text, because it was so much copy-pasting. T-T
– New visual assets for Orcent’s dungeon thanks to Lamsey.
– There’s a free healing point in Orcent’s dungeon as well.
– New NPCs/dialogue added responding to quest completion.
– Various balance tweaks throughout, notably a significant buff to Mana Shock.
– Assorted bugfixing and polishing.

– New harem quest beginning in Ari-Yhilina: Merchant District.
– New harem quest beginning in Ari-Yhilina: Order of Thaumaturgy.
– New Orcent quest beginning in the Bloody Spire.
– Two new unique items can be created at the Nostalgic Home, if certain requirements are met.
– UI fixes from the previous new script.
– One new sex scene.
– Three new illustrated scenes: Special Surprise, Aka + Yarra, Megail + Qum

Another update with more harem quests! The .1 version also added a backlog for if you missed dialogue, so please enjoy that. The roadmap is getting much closer to complete.

– New harem quest beginning in the base main hall (after the Incubus War).
– New harem quest beginning in Sarai’s Headquarters.
– The Mother’s Guard quest is now accessible even if Theltiar is destroyed.
– Grynyth added to Uyae and Janine’s harem quests (no mechanic impact).
– Also added to Yarra’s harem quest (minimal combat impact).
– Also added to Altina’s harem quest (dialogue and mechanical changes, but no ultimate balance change).
-Five new illustrated scenes: Crypt Handjob, Healing Dreams, Meeting Iris, Sending a Message, Trin 100 (missionary)

Another update! Some questing, some dungeons, and tons and tons of conversations. Also a whole bunch of continuity edits, quality of life stuff, and other general tinkering. There is no particular reason it should take longer than the usual week except that I am very tired right now. Sleeeep. -_-

16/September/2023 – Updated to v0.69.2
  • New harem quest beginning in Theltiar.
  • New plot quest beginning in a location revealed within this update.
  • New harem quest beginning in base courtyard (contingent on the above plot quest).
  • Penultimate harem member, the last before the secret optional member.
  • Fully 12 (!) new sex scenes, two of them affection scenes.
  • New illustrated scenes: Aka + Varia, Altina From Behind, Restoring Riala, Yarra + Qum + Nalili, and all 15 (!) of Lilith’s Chaos scenes

Supossedly there was more content added in v.0.69.1 but no idea what it is most likely added more pictures for scenes but no clue, and no info on v0.69.2 except for ” This one had two weeks of refinements, so everyone should have a good experience unless I bungled a bugfix at the end. With this, we wrap up a major loose end and a couple harem quests, bringing the quest much closer to the end. “

8/July/2023 – First Upload, v0.68.2

0.68.2 [7/07/23]

  • Fixes

0.68.0 [6/09/23]

  • New harem quest beginning in the Renthnor Wilds.
  • New harem quest beginning in Orgasmic Palace 4F (after Philon quest line).
  • New Wilds building unlocked.
  • Additional interaction/consequence added to Succession Crisis (Blademasters Guild).
  • Further cleanup and minor bugfixing from the Succession Crisis.
  • Six new sex scenes.
  • Three new illustrated scenes: Ginasta First Time, Hilstara Missionary, Robin First Time


TLS is awesome if you like RPGs. It has great writing/story, though incest is not a main theme. If you read, game will take 45-50+ hours total to most recent update. My playthrough lasted 100+ hours but I’m slow and talked to like every npc available, get lost, etcs. Game is quite detailed.


Full combat, questlog, inventory, equipment, maps, resource management systems, there is a lot to grind if you don’t cheat, but it isn’t pointless repetitive grind.

Look on Wiki for

For Joiplay, get it from it’s patreon page (not paywalled) and see my post on it if you are not sure.


The Last Sovreign v0.74.7

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Last Updated on July 8, 2024

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