Love&Sex Second Base [Andrealphus] [v24.6.0a]

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Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating simulation game that allows you to step into the shoes of a geeky guy and live with two incredibly attractive girls while navigating through his daily life. The ultimate goal of the game is to find love and build a relationship with the girl of your dreams, but to do so, you must make wise choices, and enhance your stats to increase your chances of success.


  • Date: 2/Jul/2024
  • Name: Love&Sex: Second Base
  • Version: v24.6.0a
  • Incest Content : Foster( Brother-Sister)
  • Dev: Andrealphus
  • Mod: clvngs
  • Android: Official Incg
2/Jul/2024 – Updated to v24.6.0a – Fixed menu on android

– Audrey birthday date [2ev]
– Bree lexi pregnant showdown [1ev]
– Bree teaching chibi [1cb]
– Breemc add ryan ask out/propose activities
– Breemc add danny kiss/ask out/propose activities
– Breemc add missing slap layers
– Breemc danny birthday date [1ev][1cg]
– Breemc dwayne forced kiss/grap cheeks [2cg]
– Breemc halloween party core [4ev]
– Breemc kylie kiss [1cg]
– Breemc office job event [1ev]
– Breemc shawn/victor find out about pregnancy [2ev]
– Breemc university cycle and graduating
– Breemc’s pubes grow and can be shaved
– Buy a round now raise the day drink counter
– Character icon
– Danny high-resolution sprite
– Dwayne high-resolution sprite
– Harmony birthday date [3ev]
– Kat event 07 & 08 [2ev]
– Kat fuck date home [1ev]
– Kat restaurant vibrator play [1ev]
– Lavish birthday date [2ev]
– Lexi birthday sex [1ev]
– Lexi harmony showdown [1ev][1cg]
– Master high-resolution sprite
– More expressions for ryan [qol]
– Music variety
– New job teacher
– New outcome for “lexi calls mike” event
– New reona events [4ev]
– Ongoing event feedback [qol]
– Reona event 05 [1ev]
– Rooms navigation
– Sam doggy in sam kitchen [1ev]
– Sasha rimjob [1ev, 1cg]
– Sasha rimjob [1ev, 1cg]
– Scottie high resolution sprite
– Shawn high resolution sprite
– Stats in contact
– Tooltip insensitive item
– Tooltip inventory and shop
– Victor high resolution sprite + halloween outfit
– Android downloader failure due to hash mismatch on sounds.rpa
– Bitchy harem story tracker
– Breemc add office bg in bj cg
– Breemc naked jack during convention
– Breemc tattooparlor
– Correct background for sasha rimjob
– Crash on reona fuck date
– Crash on reona_fuck_date_male
– Danny mall event (for real this time)
– Event_do
– Ingame updater issue
– Issue with breemc random job events
– Issue with cassidy staying the night
– Issue with harmony sex date cg
– Issue with not operator on stat
– Issue with pregnant navel piercings
– Kylie assault cg
– Less date score required for birthday sex
– Lexi zoom during her start event
– Mike dick showing when using phone
– Mikemc being naked at the gym
– Misuse of npc.sexperience
– Naked dwayne breemc
– Petite harem park/pub events
– Presplash
– Prevent amy teaser events to happen if she has no interest in player
– Reona naked at university
– Reona study_help
– Replace bree/mike by
– Restaurant outfits for hanna and harmony
– Samantha will properly consider her status when introducing the player to emma
– Spelling mistakes
– Taking a bath in first floor bathroom with girls in second floor
– Wrong zoom during pet head
– Zoom on samantha when giving gift
– Add itchio game properties

– Conditions update on reona study help
– Dwayne sprite not showing
– Music stacktrace during waterpark date
– Revert camila in hospital delay
– Tehemai feedbacks

10/Jun/2024 – Updated to v24.5.1a


  • New item bear bell
  • New location inside lexi’s trailer [1bg]
  • New location reading room [1bg]
  • Dictionary changed size crash
  • Disable ng+ for everyone
  • Main menu on android
  • Npc showing in inventory screen
  • Quick menu & game menu
2/May/2024 – Updated to v24.4.0

New features:

  • [MikeMC] Camila post date standing sex [1CG]
  • [MikeMC] Electronic harem last event [1EV, 3CG]
  • [MikeMC] Reona, Kat and Amy pregnacy talk [3EV]
  • [MikeMC] Reona, Kat and Amy wedding dresses
  • [MikeMC] Amy event 8, 9 and 10 [3EV]
  • [MikeMC] Music for the home harem and F.A.F.O.W girls
  • [MikeMC] Sex inserts in Audrey, Ayesha, Bree, Camila, Cassidy, Emma, Hanna, Harmony, Kleio, Kylie, Lavish and Lexi scenes
  • [BreeMC] Ayesha gym meeting
  • [BreeMC] Better morality options
  • [BreeMC] Artificial insemination [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Mike reverse cowgirl [1CG]
  • [BreeMC] Cuddle scenes with Angela, Ayesha, Lexi and Sasha [4CG]
  • [BreeMC] Danny event 2 and 4 [2EV, 1CG]
  • [BreeMC] Dwayne event 3 [1EV, 1CG]
  • [BreeMC] Dwayne job offer [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Dwayne limo window [1CG]
  • [BreeMC] Dwayne propose [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Jack doggy [1CG, 1EV ]
  • [BreeMC] Mike job offer [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Mike masturbating enhancement
  • [BreeMC] Mike postdate reverse cowgirl [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Jack vip doggy [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Shawn hottub sex [1EV, 1CG]
  • [BreeMC] Victor hottub sex [1EV, 1CG]
  • [BothMC] First floor bathroom [1BG, 1EV]
  • [BothMC] Taxi bg [1BG]
  • [BothMC] Better ui for the command menu
4/April/2024 – Updated to v24.3.0a

Electronic harem events 4 & 5 [2EV, 3CG]
Goth harem hot coffee 2 [3CG, 1EV]
5 new Kat story events [5EV]
9 new Kat hot coffee scenes [9EV, 5CG]
Angela birthday sex [1EV]
Hot coffee inserts in Aletta, Alexis and Hanna scenes
Improved hot coffee scenes for Sasha & Shiori
[BreeMC] 1 new Scottie hot coffee scene [1EV, 1CG]

Note from incg: Its my port this time because there is no android version leaked and there is a cheat mod now. I’ll likely keep doing ports for this game for consistency like Litteman Remake.

7/Mar/2024 – Updated to v24.2.0, Added Cheat Mod

[MikeMC] Lexi birthday date [1EV]
[MikeMC] Minami, Morgan, Palla and Samantha hot coffee scenes improved
[MikeMC] Update Samantha selfie [1CG]
[MikeMC] Kat events 1 to 4 [4EV]
[MikeMC] Kat meets Jack [1EV]
[MikeMC] Bree reverse cowgirl [1EV, 1CG]
[MikeMC] Goth harem (Amy/Violaine) [1EV, 3CG]
[MikeMC] Gaming harem (Bree/Kat) [2EV]
[MikeMC] Amusement Park [1BG, 1DA, 5AC]
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona photobooth [3CG]
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona hottub sex [3CG]
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona cuddles [3CG]
[BreeMC] All guys cuddles [9CG]

2/Feb/2024 – Updated to v24.1.0

New features:

[MikeMC] Added Hanna’s armpits hair to all her scenes
[MikeMC] Aletta, Alexis, Anna, Audrey, Ayesha, Bree, Camila, Cassidy, Emma, Hanna, Harmony, Kleio, Kylie, Lavish, Lexi hot coffee scenes improved
[MikeMC] Amy, Ayesha, Camila, Kylie birthday dates [6EV, 2CG]
[MikeMC] Amy blowjob [1CG, 2EV]
[MikeMC] Amy forest date [1EV]
[MikeMC] Amy halloween party at home [1EV]
[MikeMC] Amy kink events 1 to 5 [6EV, 1BG]
[MikeMC] Ayesha cowgirl [1EV][1CG]
[MikeMC] Camila, Cherie story scenes improved
[MikeMC] Criminal harem restaurant date [2CG][2EV]
[MikeMC] add amy, kat, reona tattoo parlor scene [3CG]
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona chatting artworks [3CG]
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona arcade gaming [3CG]
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona hottub [3CG]
[MikeMC] playing guitar for Amy, Kat, Reona [3CG]
[MikeMC] Electronic harem 03 [1EV]
[MikeMC] intro improved
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona restaurant meal [3CG]
[MikeMC] Amy, Kat, Reona watching movies [3CG]
[BreeMC] add guys tattoo parlor scene
[BreeMC] add missing layers in the dance scene
[BreeMC] abort pregnancy [1EV]
[BreeMC] can have two jobs
[BreeMC] Jack missionary scene [1CG][1EV]
[BreeMC] scottie cowgirl [1CG, 2EV]
[BreeMC] scottie doggy [1CG, 2EV]
[BreeMC] scottie hot coffee in the pub [1CG][1EV]
[BreeMC] Updated victor sprite

2/Jan/2024 – Updated to v23.12.0



  • Alexis birthday date [1ev]
  • Alexis ntr event 05 bis [1ev]
  • Alternate proposal to kylie while in jail
  • Amy / kat / reona kiss [3cg]
  • Amy base texts
  • Amy sprite
  • Ayesha aquarium date [1ev]
  • Ayesha emma meeting in the coffeshop [1ev]
  • Ayesha forest date [1ev]
  • Ayesha wresling show enhancement [qol]
  • Beach icecream naked seller
  • Beach icecream with amy/kat/reona
  • Beach sandcastle dlc fafow
  • Beach sun cream cg – dlc characters
  • Beach volleyball dlc fafow
  • Breemc angela event 05 [1ev]
  • Breemc ayesha event 04 [1ev]
  • Breemc ayesha’s wrestling show [2ev]
  • Breemc cunnilingus on lexi [1cg]
  • Breemc dwayne kiss
  • Breemc meet danny [1ev]
  • Breemc meet dwayne [1ev]
  • Breemc meet dwayne in the street [1ev]
  • Breemc mike celebrates his promotion [1ev]
  • Breemc mike finds out pregnancy [1ev]
  • Breemc pregnant congratulations [1ev]
  • Drink dlc fafow
  • Friendly harem ending[ ev]
  • In game achievements
  • Kat base texts
  • Kat sprite
  • Lexi smoking pot event intro during home date [1ev]
  • Minami birthday date [1ev]
  • Pat/grope/finger actions for amy/kat/reona
  • Pimping lexi with master [1ev]
  • Playing water dlc fafow
  • Reona sprite
  • Repeatable bj scene with bree, sam, sasha afterwork [1ev]
  • Swimming race dlc fafow
  • Add aletta’s requirement in shiori’s tracker
  • Add current sexperience in mc profile when ng+
  • Aletta asks mc to work overtime when ceo
  • Aletta story tracker for “have a date in the restaurant” event
  • Amy teaser size
  • Ayesha story tracker issue when meeting her in the street
  • Breemc dwayne kiss haircut
  • Calling someone in at home
  • Choose which date to cancel when multiple dates are planned with the same npc
  • Disable booty call palla when she’s hidden
  • Disable playing guitar for breemc
  • Emma missing sexperience checks
  • Ensure sasha is not hidden during kleio’s studio event
  • Friendly harem achievements
  • Kleio nipples piercings
  • Kylie do_event crash
  • Kylie investigation
  • Lavish bj position
  • Meet people audrey/ayesha
  • Mike bauer and sex overdose achievements
  • Missing impregnate/anal flags
  • Move call mom/dad/bruce into the call smartphone screen
  • Move cheat button bottom right of the phone
  • Multiple fixes on office harem
  • Naked npc during jack videogames event
  • Outfit issue during harmony bree sasha encounter
  • Pimping lexi story tracker
  • Sam talk about being together
  • Samantha’s story tracker
  • Sasha doesn’t return after boobjob
  • Sasha returning from surgery
  • Sasha/scottie events
  • Strip club issue
  • Wrong npc during birthday gifts check
28/November/2023 – Updated to v23.10.0c


– AttributeError: ‘Room’ object has no attribute ‘conditioned_bg’
– Breemc peeping bath Sasha/Mike layer issue
– Sasha returning from surgery


– Alexis ntr events triggering unexpectedly
– Amy teaser size
– Avoid bree/sasha to come back from the dead
– Sasha bj mouth
– Strip club issue
– Video games with jack require home harem


– Dlcs pub cgs update
– Hanna annoyed blush crash
– Small typos


– Added pickup line (suggested by thepostalgamer)
– Aletta date birthday [2ev]
– Alexis ntr event 04 [1ev]
– Alexis repeatable movie event
– Alexis restaurant ntr scene [1ev]
– Anna date birthday [2ev]
– Blackmail dwayne [1ev]
– Breemc ayesha hottub event [1ev]
– Breemc ayesha kiss
– Breemc danny hot tub event
– Breemc dwayne hot tub event
– Breemc jack hot tub event
– Breemc lexi hot tub event [1ev]
– Breemc sasha alternate event 05 [1 ev]
– Breemc sasha hottub event [1ev]
– Breemc scottie event 06 [1ev]
– Breemc scottie kiss
– Cassidy birthday date
– Chibis for arcade claw machine
– College ending [1ev]
– Even more achievements
– Fashion ending [1ev]
– Hanna / harmony / lexi lapdance
– Hanna birthday date [2ev]
– Heart attack and hypnosis arrest [2cg]
– Home harem enhancement 3 [qol]
– Kylie’s murder trial [3ev, 2cg]
– New achievement – solitude & sorrow
– New achievements
– Palla birthday date [2ev]
– Playing videogames with jack [1ev]
– Repeatable alexis beach event
– Repeatable events for camila [2ev]
– Ryan taking the bus [1cg]
– Sasha handjob [1cg]
– Shiori birthday date [2ev]
– Sleepy shiori [1cg, 1ev]
– Add missing outfits for shiori fall
– Add missing outside cum during ayesha missionary
– Allow birthday dates to trigger after an afternoon date
– Blur unseen images in gallery
– Bree outfit during tournament
– Bree’s condom reaction in sasha’s bedroom
– Breemc bath cg with mike
– Breemc jack
– Can’t breakup with cassidy
– Cannot pickle ‘odict_keys’ (lol)
– Cassidy_hold_meeting story tracker issue
– Crash when trying to do reminderappointment
– Disable booty call with camila while in hospital
– Emma groping hands overclip
– Gifts increase lp after 50+ lp
– Halloween sex event pass time
– Hottub swimsuit
– Introduction when meeting emma, and being able to trigger introduction while on
revenge route
– Issue when talking about alexis’s behavior
– Kleio call back about car repair
– Kylie trial conditions
– Kylie trial sound missing
– Lexi sasha nightclub event triggered during another date
– Licking layer minami/sasha
– Look around button
– Mc in kitchen meal cg
– Mixed event in random ponstar job event for breemc
– Naked layers for sasha bass training & sasha unpacking
– Nudist beach layers
– Pimping lexi to jack will update correctly
– Room crash attribute error scene
– Sam event d02 trigger conditions
– Sam preg achievement / slap intro
– Sasha missionary
– Sasha mixed event breemc/mikemc
– Shiori hottub swimsuit
– Soft lock on minami siscon story
– Spelling mistakes
– Typo in pimping lexi story tracker
– Typo in shiori office sleep event
– When introduced to emma you won’t be called samantha’s boyfriend if on revenge route

5/Ocotober/2023 – Updated to v23.9.0e

– When introduced to Emma you won’t be called Samantha’s boyfriend if on revenge route

– Aletta cassidy fight
– Breemc gifts dialogues
– Breemc/sasha kiss
– Crash before sam’s wedding
– Hang with kleio at the mall
– Hottub pregnancy/sexy swimsuit issues
– Lexi bj story tracker
– Meet kylie at the university story tracker
– Naked layers for watch tv
– Sam’s revenge path
– Sam’s revenge tracker
– Sasha haircut in home harem foursome
– Tracking cassidy’s meeting

Love & Sex 23.09 September Monthly Update
Hi guys !
Here is 23.09 the September monthly update, it’s a bit smaller than the previous one as we focused on bug fixing! Next month will see the arrival of our first DLC girls (hopefully) keep your eyes open for the poll


  • [BothMC] Call a NPC in any room at home
  • [BothMC] New gift plushie
  • [MikeMC] Alternate Sasha BJ event [1EV]
  • [MikeMC] Jealous harem ending [1EV]
  • [MikeMC] Kleio call me master [1EV]
  • [MikeMC] Lavish meeting BJ [1EV]
  • [MikeMC] Lexi/Ryan pimping events [3EV]
  • [MikeMC] Sam alternate beach hot coffee [1EV]
  • [MikeMC] Sam doggy in her livingroom [1EV]
  • [MikeMC] Sam sneaking in [1EV]
  • [MikeMC] Sasha pool foreplay [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Doggy scene with Mike [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Missionary with Mike [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Angela’s hottub event & sex [2EV, 2 CG]
  • [BreeMC] Mike’s hottub event [1EV, 1CG]
  • [BreeMC] Scottie’s hottub event [1EV, 1CG]
31/August/2023 – Updated to v23.8.0

Here is 23.08 the August monthly update, it’s packed full with content including some great new pregnancy related features for BreeMC ^^


  • 34 phone wallpapers added to the supporter pack
  • [BreeMC] 5 new outfits for Bree
  • [BreeMC] hot tub artworks [2+CG]
  • Wrestling ending for the taming harem [1CG, 1EV]
  • Amy kiss & sex teasers [2EV, 2CG]
  • [BreeMC] Bree mc pregnancy handling part 2
  • Camila helping with the office investigation [2EV]
  • Concert solos during the band story [4CG]
  • Naked bathroom with Bree [1EV]
  • Home harem events improvements
  • Minami couch fun [1EV]
  • Minami’s masturbation [1EV, 1CG]
  • Palla restaurant bj [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Pregnancy test [1EV, 1CB]
  • Sam’s baby ryan [2EV]
  • Samantha additional post date BJ [1EV]
  • Samantha wedding BJ [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] new scottie events [4EV, 2CG]
5/August/2023 – Updated to v23.7.0c

v23.7.0c: Fix: – Gallery crash on kwargs

v23.7.0b: Fix: – Bree minami sasha blowjob layers – Bree titfuck mouth layers – Chatting cg layers – Gallery picker issue – Lavish piercings on chatting cg – Missing button for gallery – Sexperience achievement

Love & Sex 23.07 July Monthly Update
Hi guys
Here is 23.07 the July monthly update, to be honest you already got most of that content during the month through smaller updates. We did a lot of bug fix this month and the gallery took a lot of our dev time but here you are ^^
And the new features are :

  • Gallery (Need NG+, very alpha right now)
  • Sasha boobjob visual update [1CG]
  • Hanna stand [1EV, 1CG]
  • Criminal Harem Alley Blowjob [1EV,1CG]
  • Sporty Harem Proposal + Ending [2EV,1CG]
  • Alexis ntr bj high school reunion [1CG]
  • Camila hospital artwork [1CG]
  • Bree boobjob visual update [1CG]
  • Bree spoon visual update [1CG]
  • Just a little push [1EV]
  • Play guitar activity [4CG]
11/July/2023 – Updated to v23.6.0.a


  • Add cancel option in date/time selection
  • Adjustments on events trigger one after another + layers issues
  • Aletta fuck office choices
  • Avoid sam sleeping in minami’s bedroom if minami not in the home harem
  • Band harem threesome repeat
  • Bree scene in sasha bedroom conditions
  • Hanna stripclub outfits
  • Home harem lesbian repetition + sam schedule
  • Lexi loss of lp in standing scene
  • Minami pat head
  • Remove option wearing sexy/slutty dress when not available on sprite
  • Remove unwanted multidick superpower
  • Update 23.6.0a crash


  • Add harmony sexy date [1ev]
  • Add harmony to poledance scene [1ev]
  • Add spoilers tooltip for story steps batch 1 (experimental)
  • Aletta alternate events [5 ev]
  • Aletta repeatable restaurant cunnilingus
  • Aletta restaurant blowjob [1ev]
  • Allow afternoon dates on week days
  • Audrey playing board game scene [1ev]
  • Bree doggy in sasha’s room [1ev]
  • Bree penalty when she looses at zbox [1ev]
  • Bree postdate rough doggy
  • Bree postdate spoon
  • Breemc and mike titjob/spoon [2 ev]
  • Breemc mike masturbate in livingroom [1ev]
  • Breemc random job events
  • Cassidy office reverse cowgirl [1ev]
  • Chatting with girls [4cg]
  • Check home harem repeatable scenes
  • Check repeatable harem events (gaming/jealous/office)
  • Check repeatable harem events (pixie/sporty/taming)
  • Criminal ending [2 ev][1 cg]
  • Dance sexy date outfit
  • Enhanced tracker hints
  • Foreplay palla spank [1ev]
  • Grope action visual update
  • Hanna empty gym blowjob [1ev]
  • Harmony special dance in stripclub [1ac]
  • Harmony stripclub events [2ev]
  • Heart attack [1ev]
  • Hypnosis skill, book & activity [1ac, 2ev]
  • Kylie classroom blowjob [1ev]
  • Lexi alternate standing hot coffee [1ev]
  • Lexi events enhancement 1 [qol]
  • Lexi pool bj during home date [1ev]
  • Lexi sasha threesome bedroom [1ev]
  • Minami events enhancement 1 [qol]
  • Mindless expression
  • Morgan cunnilingus nightclub [1ev]
  • Morgan events enhancement 1 [qol]
  • Pet head and grope activity for every girls
  • Samantha events enhancement 1 [qol]
  • Shiori alternate missionary scene [1ev]
  • Shiori falls in bedroom
  • Small bitchy harem ending [1ev]
  • Story steps spoilers batch2
  • Studio bj with kleio [1ev]
  • Taming harem ending [2ev] [1cg]
  • Toggle pregnancy pop-up
  • Topless command (office/work)
  • Ventilate weekend events
  • Watch tv on date [4cg]
  • Add aletta restaurant date story steps
  • Add missing mindless expressions
  • Added handling of breaking up with someone that is collared
  • Asking all characters about hypnosis
  • Ayesha’s first home date handling
  • Bear attack
  • Being able to ask for an afternoon date during the evening of the afternoon
  • Bitchy date triggering too soon
  • Bree doggy hair pulling
  • Breemc adjust mike’s schedule to be at the mall a little earlier on fridays
  • Breemc mike tracker
  • Breemc missing mike in photobooth + rename files
  • Breemc replace bree by
  • Bug causing no money loss/kp increase on piercings
  • Bug with non-transferable skills being transferable, and clearing cached…
  • Cassidy office sex loop
  • Clean up on glitched kleio and anna date
  • Conditions for some of kylie’s story tracker entries
  • Conditions for some slave lexi story tracker entries
  • Crash update during 23.5.0c
  • Decimal display
  • Default schedules issue
  • Easier kleio calls
  • Errors made by lyn because he does not think enough before pushing
  • Handling of sasha’s master dialogue
  • Harmony pregnant poledance + bree mindless exp d
  • Home harem cg issues
  • Home harem sixsome haircut change
  • Issue with triggering alexis’ high school reunion
  • Kleio anna studio threesome
  • Lexi causing crashes during christmas party on demo game version
  • Lexi sasha threesome
  • Made mikemc meeting people story tracker more responsive
  • Manage already given gifts
  • Minami christmas party
  • Minami fivesome eyes issue
  • Misleading hanna story tracker
  • Misplaced bree arcade
  • Missed harmony event 06 slutty
  • Missing big dick cg from bree/minami/sasha bj
  • Missing coffeeshop background while chatting
  • Missing pregnant layers form harmony stripper
  • Needs loss chunk on end of date
  • Needs loss chunk on end of date
  • Nested reset of date active girl
  • Odict crash
  • Options menu
  • Poledance show issue
  • Popping done crash
  • Prevent selection of afternoon date from later in the day
  • Shiori analsex flag usage + typos
  • Shiori buttplug in doggy position
  • Skill traceback on ng+
  • Small layers adjustments.
  • Story tracker reset steps
  • Topless kiss
  • Tracker hints conditions
  • Tracker hints crash
  • Typo on update
  • Updating anna/kleio’s sexperience trackers during their threesome
  • Visual hints issues
  • Watch tv issue when dlc breemc is not present
  • overlapping with rpa
  • Count update
  • Filter seasonal events
  • Remove old pickers
5/June/2023 – Updated to v23.5.0

23.05 May monthly update.

  • Bitchy harem endings [1CG, 5EV]
  • Home harem girls couch fun [1CG, 1EV]
  • Sam flat doggy sex [1EV]
  • Friendly harem sex [3CG, 1EV]
  • Playing board games [4CG]
  • Home date eating snacks [4CG]
  • Sam repeatable cowgirl & reverse cowgirl [2EV]
  • Improved Samantha cheating reactions
  • Birthday intro on dates
  • Emma & Hanna improved events
  • New band harem proposal options
  • Iron stomach reduces hunger drain by 20%
  • 3 new job chibis
  • [BreeMC] Jack deathless harpies event [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Mike new story events [5EV]
  • [BreeMC] gifts from NPCs
  • [BreeMC] 14 new job chibis + random job events

Thanks a lot to our artist & dev team especially MidnightDatura, Lent1, Paradoxal D, Apoc, BlissFullDarkness, Domestos and Firesparq.

23.4.0f – May Weekly Update 2
  • Special date intro on birthday
  • [BreeMC] 5 new job chibis
  • Friendly harem threesome [3CG]
  • Iron stomach reduces hunger drain by 20%
23.4.0f – May Weekly Update 1
  • Playing board game art [4CG]
  • [BreeMC] 5 new chibis
  • [BreeMC] New Mike events [10EV]
  • [BreeMC] birthday/valentine/christmas gift from NPCs
  • Sasha events enhanced reactions part 2 [qol]


  • Breemc feedbacks
  • Nude beach dialogues + outfit
  • Revert fix on minami’s hand
  • Sasha kiss outfit
19/April/2023 -First Upload, v23.3.0a
Features Weekly Update 2:
  • Bree enhanced events part 2
  • BreeMC pregnancy
  • One time dates introduction with Ayesha. [4EV]
  • Samantha beach hot coffee [1EV]
  • Samantha booty calls MC [1EV]
  • Updated BreeMC inventory


Link to wiki here.


Plays like a game, lots of mechanics. I kinda just cheated through it. It is not really an incest game. But there is a foster sister so it kind of…counts.


There is a whole wiki about it. Totally sandbox. Cheats are built in.


Love&Sex Second Base v24.6.0a + Cheats

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:


Last Updated on July 2, 2024

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Good game but (v23.6.0) is out already can u update from (v23.5.0)

Last edited 1 year ago by Jjskill

what! The android one’s would be gallery mod also I’m desperate😰


A very long toy.. VERY long) It seems I played it for 2 months, and then replayed it again a couple more times) This is a masterpiece and I advise everyone, 5 stars!


Whats the difference between the official and incg for android?


Please update v28.9 is out.


Android compressed please


Android is rar files, how to play it?

Mr. Plain

Hello there, it was a fun game and nice ported though, but can you update it to the newest version (24.3.0) which was release yesterday, thank you


In version 24.3.0a main menu it shows that the version is 24.2.0

G Reg

Can you please upload the the latest version(24.4.0b) with the crash and bug fixes?


I’m stucked at the loading screen can anyone tell me how to fix it pls??

Last edited 1 month ago by Mikey

I can’t find the save button


Need update please >∆<


Plz update to latest version


Hello, can you upload the older version of the android port (24.4.0)? The new version doesn’t work properly. I am unable to summon in-game menu so there’s no way to load a previous save unless you reload the game itself.


Heh,I can’t even the save game menu


Bro how can we aces amy


Update please •∆•


Did something happen to the dlc characters (reona, amy and kat) all their storyline disappeared, i couldn’t summon them through the mod and the saves with them unlocked can’t be saved

Last edited 8 days ago by Dysy

Is it a compressed version cuss it’s not even 1gb


Why I’m stuck in loading screen

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