Roundscape Adorevia [Kaliyo] [v6.7]


Roundscape Adorevia kicks off with five different starting options, whichever you prefer. Eventually, you find yourself in a cozy little town, embarking on a thrilling quest to thwart an evil entity. You have the freedom to choose your gender, and each gender unlocks special exclusive scenes. Adorevia, the world you’ll explore, may be dangerous, but it’s also brimming with exciting adventures for those bold enough to seek them. Wander through enchanting forests, marvel at the grand dwarven city-states, and join forces to halt a dreadful threat that could harm countless innocent lives. Along your journey, you’ll encounter fellow valiant souls who may not only accompany you on epic quests but also share intimate moments.


  • Date: 4/April/2024
  • Name: Roundscape Adorevia
  • Version: v6.7
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Mother-Daughter, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Kaliyo
4/April/2024 – Updated to v6.7

New Content:

– Reworked the Museum of Xas
– Added a new NPC to the Museum of Xas with their own Questline
– Added three new lewd scenes to the Museum of Xas for both PC genders
– Added new Vendors with new Items to Xas
– Reworked the Xas City Hall
– Zedi, the Succubus, will now appear in Act 2 if you made a deal with her vack at Warlock Tower.
Features a new lewd scene for both PC genders.
– Added several new encounters across Adoveria based on story decisions you made during Xas

– Fixed several character sprites remaining when they should be done.
– Fixed first Calanthe Quest no triggering
– Fixed Paladin Quest ay Qakshire when planting seeds (Hopefully)
– Fixed several map transitions and missing audio fade out calls
– Fixed several typos

2/Feb/2024 – Updated to v6.6
27/October/2023 – Updated to v6.4


  • Added a new Tavern Owner to Summeredge: Ginger, featuring her own quest and scene.
  • Introduced an alternative Romance Path for Seren and Male PCs, including a new scene.
  • Added a new, temporary companion: Telia, a mature mercenary who you can hire accompanying you until Slinsk.
  • Added a new scene featuring Camilla and Clawyn.
  • Added a scene for Male PCs with Telia during Act 3.
  • Added new Act 3 dialogue to Carys.
  • Players can now leave in between fights at the Whitemoon Abyss.
  • Reworked Autosave: The game now autosaves upon map transfer and only on the very first save slot.
  • Added a fail-safe to Emek’s Rest Ending. Everyone should now be able to see the new ending and scenes.
  • Fixed the Questlog entry for “Castle Whitemoon”. It can now be completed just by entering your room.
  • Corrected the position in the Club Summerheat Anna Scene.
  • Fixed the “Perfection” Trait.
  • Balanced the Plug of Power.
  • Fixed Ul position of Crystal Cores.
  • Added a few new scenes to Gallery
  • Fixed several typos.

Bugfixes, Quest log, Gallery stuff, but we also enhanced the trait screen.

25/July/2023 – Updated to v6.2

Gallery and questlog is the main focus of 6.3 which Kal claims should be out before the end of the month

Bugfixes & Changes

  • Level Ups now grant 2 Total HP and 1 Total MP to the whole team (non retroactive for old saves)
  • Increased Base HP and MP of Act 2 and Act 3 Companions
  • Increased Base HP and MP of Temporary Companions
  • Added additional dialogue to Wizard Origin intro ending
  • Added Knowledge Orb, Sphere and Glyph to the game
  • Added additional guiding dialogue for the Brothel
  • Added Auto-Save for Map Transfers
  • Added missing Camilla Ending Slides for the Evil Ending
  • Perk Point Increase Notification Changed
  • Fixed Defender Glyph ATK Debuff
  • Increased Power of buyable Weapons at Oakshire
  • Power Glyph now Grants 1 ATK and 10 Max Health
  • Arcane Eye Potion removed after Wizard Origin Intro
  • CG Art moving out of screen during Ghost Waifu Scene
  • Perk Point total now updates when spent
  • Increased Clawny’s Hit Chance
  • Buffed Hit Orb and Sphere+
  • Added Lock picks to several shops
  • Several Enemies now drop lock picks
  • Fixed Mayla Ending Path Stuck Loop
  • Fixed plenty of typos
  • Fixed Yakotin and Tilan Fast Travel Crystals
  • Fixed Pugilist Skills being in the wrong group
  • Fixed Black Screen after Orc Chat at Club Summerheat
  • Fixed Meredith’s Spirit Charge
  • Fixed Abyss Background Graphic
  • Fixed Nature Spirit Gender Paths
  • Decreased Enemy Amount in final Abyss Fight
  • Added Additional Variable Fail Checks
  • Leaving the Abyss with Cheats enabled re-adds skip combat
  • Rebalanced final Templar Origin intro fight
  • Rebalanced Dual Wielding. No longer grants full ATK increase.
  • CG Art moving out of the screen during Clawyn, Meredith and Female PC Threesome
  • Added additional fail saves in case the text labels disappear
  • CG Art moving out of the screen during Rulwe, Meredith and Female PC Threesome
  • Fixed Wrong Faceart and Missing Face Art during Natalia and Female PC Scene
  • Fixed wrong text symbols during Merishya Scene
  • Fixed Brothel Radiant Quest
  • Fixed Stuck Picture during Athame Seal Scene
  • CG Art moving out of the screen during Meredith and Carys Castle Sea Scene
  • Fixed messed up dialogue during blood temple boss dialogue
  • Fixed Second Warlock Sprite when defeating him
  • Fixed Wrong Timing for Tesa Grasslands Quest Notification
  • CG Art moving out of screen during Succubus Golden Dildo Scene
  • Fixed Questlog not completing: Returnal, The Butler and the Slut, Castle Whitemoon
  • Fixed Double Nadesha Sprites
  • Fixed Vesunna Sprite Spawn Location on way back
  • Fixed Urn and Speed Buff Item in Gallery
  • Fixed Wrong Zoom Levels on various maps
  • CG Art moving out of screen during Zent and Female PC Wall Scene
  • Fixed missing xyless sprite during Mar Encounter
  • Fixed Camilla Affection Raise Bug in Elven Village
  • CG Art moving out of screen during Minotaur scene
  • Fixed Letter not being interactable in Church Headquarters
  • Fixed YElvenprincess03.png missing error
  • Fixed potential freeze during Meredith and Galhart Threesome
  • Fixed Wrong Zoom Levels during Roderick’s Quest
  • Fixed Blue Tint stuck after Roderick’s Quest
  • Fixed wrong sprite position during Rilke Cutscene
  • Fixed missing rain and tint when leaving secret slinsk cave
  • Fixed wrong zoom level during Novos Dwarf Quest
  • Fixed Rosie and Female PC CG Art Zoom Level
  • Fixed Overlay being stuck after Zent and Female PC Scene
  • Fixed Dead Sprite in Emek’s Rest War hall
  • CG Art moving out of screen during emek rest Minotaur scene

Known Issues

  • Sometimes an empty avatar/face window pops up during descriptive dialogues
  • Missing Gallery Scenes
  • Missing Quest Log Entries


  • Combat Crashing after unlocking the speedster perk
  • Wrong Gender Scene triggering during Paladin/Nature Spirit Scene
  • Camilla missing skills
  • Added bunch of new skills to companions and classes
  • Artifact being shield slot
  • Issue where the PC had the wrong gender during the Origin
  • Teleport to wrong location when leaving Perk Menu
  • Made origin enemies a bit weaker
  • fixed gallery teleportation event


  • Issue where the PC had the wrong gender during the Origin
  • Teleport to wrong location when leaving Perk Menu
  • Made origin enemies a bit weaker
  • fixed gallery teleportation event

New Companion: Camilla
Recruit Camilla, the mature druid, at the very start of Act II of Roundscape Adorevia.
We’ve spent a lot of time creating many fun scenes for her, custom encounters and dialogues across Adorevia and of course her own personal companion quests.

New Origin: Wizard
Start your journey as a young mage at a wizard academy. Featuring several new, fun characters and lots of new scenes as you progress through this new and magic storyline.

New Area: The Grasslands
Visit and explore the eternal grasslands. Help the wild folk of Tesa to solve a conspiracy and become friends with many exotic new characters: Centaurs, Minotaurs and Goblins. Features several new erotic scenes for both genders.

New Storyline: The Golden Tower
At the start of Act 3 you will be invited to the Golden Tower, where the sun elves reside. Help them solve a magical mystery and gain entrance to one of the most exclusive locations of Adorevia. Features several new erotic scenes for both genders.

New Ending: Outlander
You’re a fan of Emek’s Rest and Minotaurs? We’ve got a whole new route and ending for you. Let everything behind you: War, Politics, Gods and find peace beyond the sea, in the wild lands. Features new erotic scenes for both genders.

New Ending: Ascension
Help Mayla in her quest to regain her powers. There are souls that are waiting for you to be absorbed. Will you join her on this journey? Features several new erotic scenes for both genders.

More Features and Additions

  • Resolution upgrade
    (From 900 x 600 to 1600 x 900)
  • Combat Rework
  • New World Quests
  • New Origin Quests
  • New Companion Quests
  • Many new CG Scenes
  • Dozens of new Items
  • Main/Sub Class Feature for the Player Character
  • New Classes
  • Reworked Character Creation
  • Perk Tree Expanded
  • Each Origin start with a unique Class
  • Reworked Art for older scenes
  • UI Reworks
  • And more…
24/March/2023 – First upload v5.8


Roundscape plays like a proper rpg game, and it has has so many fetishes, like too many to list, all optional of course. You can play as a Female or Male character, and Choose your Origin like Farmer,Theif,Knight,Noble etcs, both Genders and Origins have all their own scenes. The game is set in a dnd-like universe. Story is good enough. Lots of gameplay time( 30+ hours). For Incest Part, the Mother Depends on your origin, the sister is constant.


It has like 10 classes, you can recruit like 10+ unique combat companions who are fuckable in your party through the game. For compatibility, there is no APK version and I don’t know how to port RPGMaker games….yet. I played it with Joiplay just fine.


Roundscape Adorevia v6.7 + Saves

windows iconWindows/Joiplay logoJoiplay:

windows iconWindows/Joiplay logoJoiplay(Compressed 85Q):


Saves info

By onyxmoose

Save Slot 2 to 13.

The saves start out with a Cheater’s Gem. Which can be accessed from the player’s item menu and used on the player.
To increase player speed, and allow the player to skip combat from the player’s special menu during combat rounds.
Also added gold, valor gems, affection gems, morality gems, and one Reality Gem.
The Reality Gem allows you to rename your character once. To suit your naming preference.

Gallery Unlocked Saves : In Save Slot 20 for femPC and Save Slot 21 for malePC.


Last Updated on April 4, 2024

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There’s futa shit in there, at least tag that so we don’t stumble on this crap.
Game itself, is boring as well. No proper direction on what to do, sex scenes are made of two renders, that’s it. Not worth the trouble and time to see just that.

Women are cows with massive tits, bordering on being fat as well for large part. Gross and disgusting.


The room to get the paladin class always black screens for me


I was hoping to see android there ;-; life is sad


Wellll, joiplay it is 🤣


Would there be a ported android version?


Can you put the save files in gofiles link because pixel drain link is not working.

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