Out Of Touch! [StoryAnon] [v2.91.1]

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Out of Touch is a tale of friendship, trauma, and healing. The story revolves around CJ, the MC, who reunites with his childhood friends during their last semesters of high school after years apart.

Well they didn’t know, ancient beings with mysterious motives lurk in the shadows, threatening to seize control of the group and their hidden abilities.

Thrown into a battle for survival, CJ and his friends must rekindle old friendships, form new connections, and navigate intense emotions (and hormones). As they confront unimaginable cosmic forces, each character embarks on a journey of self-discovery, questioning their very essence. However, their unwavering bonds of love prove to be their strongest weapon. With the help of an epic synthwave soundtrack and mind-bending psychedelic group sex, they discover the strength to face any foe.

But will they win, or will humanity be doomed to destruction and servitude? Join this group as they navigate the treacherous path of young adulthood, fighting to banish the darkness while balancing their own desires and emotions.


  • Date: 1/September/2023
  • Name: Out Of Touch!
  • Version: 2.91.1
  • Broad Tags: Humor, Story Rich, All Vanilla Sex, Fantasy
  • Dev: Story Anon
  • Android: Official


Really really good. Story focused, lots of humor and ridiculous stuff but has lots of serious stuff too. Story is longer than your average VN. (42 Chapters!)

Content: 33900+ Images Total for v2.91.1.


Visual Novel with Free Roam Segments. There is one fight scene tho with some combat mechanics. You can skip it.


Out Of Touch v2.91.1
Android Installation
  • Download all 5 apks.
  • Install Asset Packages (Doesn’t have to in order..1,2,3 etcs)
  • Open each of them and install.
Out Of Touch Android Asset Install

You can delete/uninstall the Asset Installers after the install above.

  • Install The Main apk and done.

For future updates, you just have to download latest Asset Installer and do the install like in the pic again. (For example, if you have the previous update, you just have to install [Out-of-touch-AndroidAssetPackage4_updated.apk].
Main apk might also be updated for bug fixes sometimes.


Last Updated on September 1, 2023

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random bystander

same dev of this game is making a new one called Tropicali, not much there yet, but one of the main girls is the mc’s half sister.

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