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“Long Story Short” follows the story of a guy who isn’t particularly good with girls and prefers spending time on his computer over pursuing real-life relationships. However, this all changes when his best friend Joe undergoes a significant transformation and encourages him to step out of his comfort zone. Along the way, the protagonist meets a variety of girls, including Joe’s girlfriend Vanessa and her timid friend Ann. The player must decide whether to pursue a relationship with Ann, corrupt her, or even try to steal Vanessa away from Joe.


  • Date: 10/May/2023
  • Name: Long Story Short
  • Version: v0.8.3a (Renpy)
  • Incest Content: Brother-Sister
  • Dev: TTrickGames
  • Port: getoutofmylab
10/May/2023 – First Upload, v0.8.3a

Version 0.8.3a build 27 – 2023-05-07

This is an alpha build! Returning players should keep their old saves. New players should make saves when prompted at the beginning of 0.8.3 content.

  • Added: v0.8.3 story content
    • Emily morning kitchen
    • Ann morning call
    • Vanessa morning conversation
    • Ann date (Ann Love corruption and no corruption)
    • Emily and Ann movie night
    • Vanessa naughty SMS (disagreed with her that she’s perfect)
    • Joe and MC morning chat (Joe friend)
    • Emily ex arrives (NTR, only if invited)
    • Alex house
    • Vanessa and MC at park
    • MC chat with Mysterious Girl about Ann & Alex conversation
    • MC and Vanessa meet grandpa and his granddaughter at the coffee shop (Vanessa path)
    • MC and Vanesssa take Angela and her BF to the beach (Vanessa path, find dirt on customer)
    • Second date with Jenny
    • MC/Joe/Vanessa threesome
    • Emily night masturbation
    • V8 Vanessa/MC night
    • Emily and Ex sex (NTR, only if invited)
    • Ann webcam at dorm
  • Added: New Jenny SMS image from day 7 (v0.6)
  • Added: Image gallery
  • Added: 8 new replay scenes
  • Added: Built-in gallery unlocker


Old game (4years~) but irrc went on hiatus for a bit in between. Has enough content to start playing. Game has optional NTR/Sharing/Swinging content.


VN mode, no grind. Android and other functions like built-in gallery unlock made by the Renpy porter getoutofmylab.



Last Updated on May 10, 2023

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Even the short version of the story was bad…. very bad. In fact, I played a fair amount of these games, I think this one was the worst as for how the story goes and choices you don’t want to make because…… wtf??? but have to make to continue. So I didn’t get passed 10 minutes and I really tried.

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