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Obscure Affairs is all about you – and nobody else! You’ve had some tough times lately, including a marriage that ended abruptly after just a few years. However, you’ve managed to pick yourself up and start anew. You’re hoping to reclaim some of the time you lost during those difficult years and so far, things seem to be going well. But only time will tellā€¦

Characters introduction

Most of the characters in Obscure Desires are fully customizable, including their relationship with you, name, age, and nicknames.

The Main Character, or MC, has been through a lot in recent years, but has finally managed to get a divorce. Left with almost nothing, he found a cheap rent with some students and moved in with them.

Leah has mostly finished college and is best friends with Eliza, who she met in their first year. They moved in together, but Leah has two sides that may or may not appeal to MC.

Eliza is very different from Leah, but they remain close friends and she is a mystery to MC, feeling like he meets someone new every day.

Diana and Alice are inseparable and moved to the area from the other side of the country. When they arrived at the train station they bumped into Leah, from there it’s another story.. Let’s just say they were housemates after just one week. As for them, they grew up together in the same block and once they were done with school, both of them went to the same college, hoping that, here people wouldn’t laugh at them because of their look and because they are inseparableā€¦


  • Date: 15/May/2023
  • Name: Obscure Affairs
  • Version: 3.40 Ultimate Edition
  • Incest Content: Father-Daughter
  • Dev: Sn00p
  • Mod: KoGa3
  • Android: Incg
25/July/2023 Updated to v1.37UE
15/May/2023- First Upload, v3.40UE


Around 2 years old, has moderate amounts of content (2500~ Renders 70~ Animations). The UI looks nice, so are the girls…


VN mode, no grind.


Version and Mod info

Dev has changed version names, last version was 3.40, it is now 1.37, like, current version would be 3.70 if it uses old name.

Visually Lossless is highly recommended instead of original here because original is not very optimal (~8GB for 3k pics). VLS version Uses png to webp with 100 settings, videos kept original)

KoGa3 said he’s stopping the mod, so no mods for now.

Obscure Affairs v1.37 Ultimate Edition

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Original):

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Visually Lossless UHQ):

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on July 26, 2023

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My god, the faces, they look like chipmunks. The writing was passable but ultra thin chins, the cheeks being constantly inwards. It’s like the girls are trying to perform a “duckface” at every moment. The foreheads also don’t match. It feels like their face is just malformed. Clearly, the idea was to make them look younger by making the faces smaller, in some lighting and hairstyles it can look less uncanny, but to me it’s a pass.

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