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Your childhood sweetheart, whom you have waited for all these years, has finally returned, reigniting your hope of a possible future together. Then, a woman claiming to be your ‘future wife’ has appeared, warning you about an unknown ‘horror.’ Together, you will change your destiny by making choices that could lead to a brighter future – or perhaps not.

Along the way, you will encounter a colorful group of people whose lives you will impact as they in turn shape yours and hopefully not get your balls bashed in, trying to nail them all. Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster filled with sappy romantic slice-of-life crap that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear, might also make you cry.


  • Date: 20/Jul/2024
  • Name: My Time With You
  • Version: Book 2 Ch.25
  • Incest Content: Brother-Sister, Foster Mother-Son
  • Dev: EoloStudios
  • Unlock: MetalChicken?
  • Android: Official
20/Jul/2024 – Updated to Book 2 Ch.25

Book 2 Chapter 25 v0.25

  • Two hour-long update
  • Offscreen chapters integrated
  • Added a small scene in Chapter 21, that was initially planned; it’s part of the FMC-MC-Takato plotline.
  • Skip Button at the upper right-hand side of the screen to the unskippable scene near the end of the chapter
  • New look for the choices UI
  • Gallery for Offscreen and Chapter 25
  • Fixed gallery for chapter 24(I broke it accidentally)
  • Better Englando, SFX, and music altogether
  • Edited the end version and close screens (We had to)
7/Feb/2024 – Added Standalone OVA things

Hikari, Yukine, Kanehana, Akemi, and Iroha’s Offchapters

Public only post, no news here for paying supporters. It came to me that “OVA” stands for Original Video Animation, we do have video animations, but we really can’t classify the offchapters as such. I guess our brain defined the bonus/extra chapters as OVAs since that’s what they are usually called. So now I will call this “Offchapters” since it’s away from the by-chapter storytelling, or “Offscreen” since it’s events that happen… you know, off-screen.

Technical Update

432 renders, 34 animations – Yeah it’s a rather small update although I have stated that this is more like the extra content which we can’t accommodate in the main chapters for it breaks pacing and cohesion. This offchapter is currently separate and/or a stand-alone release, and you can see it by the file size. It will be integrated into the public version of Chapter 25 upon release. It feels so good to work with a smaller file size in the meantime. The main menu music may not match the main menu wallpaper due to the reasons above, I just wanted to let you guys hear the music for Book 4’s Main Menu, I had it since more than a year ago.

Chapter Update

It’s a little short, around 20-30 minutes for all of them. Apologies to FMC, PinkYumi, and Chitose fans, they will not have an Offchapter in Book 2. It’s too soon for them. These offchapters don’t have by-chapter locks on them and we assume that you have played the latest update since to implement those, you will be forced to replay the chapters they are connected with, so we took a pass on that. You may play the offchapters in any order, but here’s a suggested play order, it’s chronological: 1. Iroha 2. Hikari 3. Yukine 4. Kanehana 5. Akemi Choices don’t matter much, or at least it only influences the offchapter, it’s more on communicating with the cast. Your Italian might be tested a little.

Dev Comment/Rant/Plans

This below needs to be taken as if it’s still Dec. 12

I have fully left my job, got my holiday bonus, and then packed it. I moved back to my old room for now to lessen expenses and will be looking for options at least, but I don’t expect to have anything til at least March. I’ve already set up a roadmap for the first half of Book 3, so fingers crossed. Now it’s up to me to make Chapter 25 in record time(spoiler it is record time), without devaluating anything due to haste, of course. I’ve written most of it already, Chapter 25 is a culmination of the recent chapters, after all so I’ll be able to start with renders in less than a week. I think I have said all that I needed to, thank you! Happy Holidays!

16/December/2023 – Updated to Book2 Ch.24

Technical Update
-1055 Renders, 15 animations
-Removed the input name at the start of Book 2 to lessen the immersion break since I’m sure the “None None” name error won’t appear anymore, and if it does, we have the name changer feature.
-New choices and exit screen UI; still WIP.

Chapter Update
I have deeply mixed feelings about this chapter. On the one hand, I like it, on the other, I dread the time when the monkeys are all together in one scene. Still, the group scene in this chapter isn’t the most difficult to pull off.

This is probably the most I’ve worked on a chapter script-wise. I kept reading it over and over, but only now, as I woke up and started posting this, did I realize there is one small scene to be added; it’s really small and will only add a little, so this chapter is still good to go. Edit: I have added it now, as mentioned above.

There are a few choices to make in this chapter that will affect future scenes. The walkthrough is attached below.

Dev comments

Where do I begin? Excited to proceed forward, I have everything ready after all.

I have completed the story to tell, the only question that I keep asking is: how do I tell it?

Then I tell myself, it’s an ongoing story, I’ll figure it out. As long as I follow my continuity rule, that nothing published/released storywise will ever be revised, I hate when that crap gets pulled; from anyone. It shows the lack of integrity and dedication in the writing, IMO. Making up as I go along is not my style, that’s why even at multiple requests from various people I have not entertained the idea of supporters having any hold on the reins to the plot at all, except for the minor details with little-to-no plot relevance. So please stop asking and wait for Book 4, I’ll be happy to collaborate with people and take suggestions then.

Anyway, Chapter 25 will be a breeze, aside from a scene or two that will be quite difficult to pull off.

22/November/2023 – Updated to Book 2 Ch.23

23/August/2023 – Updated to Book 2 Ch.22, Added my compressions.

Book 2: Chapter 22

A few changes between this and the previous version:

  • Added gallery.
  • Added a screen at the end with Miho to redirect users to our pages.
  • Added Manic_umbra to the wall of fame. Thank you.
  • A few edits here and there on the dialogue

That’s about it, there’s not much to address in this post towards the exclusive supporters since I just did that a couple of days ago.

About this chapter: I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I hate working with skirts. The rest of the summary of what is in the chapter can be viewed below in the Chapter Update Section.

Technical Updates

  • Added a rename feature on the settings menu, this is mostly added for users whose in-game name in MTWY gets turned into none.
  • Removed the Franklin Gothic Font from the fonts used in MTWY and added the Din Font.
  • Added a new Akemi main menu slide as per poll suggestion.

Chapter Update

Around 1560 Renders and 31 animations
5k+ lines of cod

Book 2: Chapter 21

  • Chapter 21 Storyline

Edited several scenes:

  • Ch14, Transition from Kanehana’s pool scene to Yukine’s night office scene.
  • Ch16, How Iroha and Hikari met, after MC and Kanehana’s talk at the beach during sunset
  • Ch17, The car trip back home, small scene.
  • Ch19, Akiro telling MC how he wooed Kyouko during their fishing time
  • Ch20, Akemi tells MC how their father taught them how to swim.

Book 1 – Rerendered

  • 95% of book 1 was re-rendered, new visuals, with only Chapter 11 halfway touched (removed clippings, horrible shadings, unbalanced textures).
  • Changed the transition effects, the fade and dissolve transition effects between renders were extremely inconsistent.
  • Rewrote Miho’s intro a little, since Post-Ch9 fans won’t get the first few lines.
  • Rewrote dialogues; no changes to the story; but I did close a plothole. It’s *not* even slightly important to the essence of the story, but it’s annoying once you notice it.
  • Adjusted UIs
  • Adjusted the code so the “Can’t play Book 2” doesn’t happen anymore


My Time With You has some of the best Illusion(koitaku) models, the story is funny, sort of a harem rom-com, above average for sure.


VN mode, No grind. Walkthrough is in pdf. Delete unlocker.rpy in game folder before running to remove.

Dev Notes and Android things

Dev: DO NOT LOAD SAVE FILES FROM BOOK 1! You don’t need to load anything just clear book 1 and press start on book 2.

If you can’t get saves working in book2: Save it when it says the last line “what now” in book 1, Then go to your File manager >device storage> android> data> com.adroid.mtwy > files > select the whole ‘saves’ folder and copy/move it to any other folder, after that uninstall book 1 , then install book 2, after installation go to file manager copy the ‘saves’ files and go to the same – device storage> android> data> com.adroid.mtwy > files and paste it there, then try start the game directly.


My Time With You
Book 2 Ch25 + Incest Patch

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):

Official Walkthrough(pdf Ch24):

Offscreen Chapters + Patch

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):

Book 1 + Incest Patch + Gallery Unlock

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Original):

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):

Apk iconAndroid(Fixed):


Last Updated on July 20, 2024

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