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Tony has a significant debt with the Mafia, but his imprisonment means that his son, the main character, Ryan , is now responsible for paying it off. Ryan must navigate his relationships with his mother and two sisters in the absence of his father. However, the absence of his father also raises concerns about Ryan developing an Oedipal complex. Additionally, Ryan must ensure that he makes weekly payments to the Mafia, as failing to do so could result in them resorting to other means to collect the debt.


  • Date: 18/April/2024
  • Name: A Family Venture
  • Version: v0.09_V1 Alpha
  • Tags: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew, Fcousin-Mcousin,
  • Dev: WillTylor
  • Mod: ShaddyModda
  • Android: Incg
18/April/2024 – Updated to v0.09_V1 Alpha

Main event: Date with Jacky (Caretaker) continued after last updates shopping and dinner event. There are three separate branches through this event. This is the event we’ve all been waiting for! Jacky stars in this event.
Yard Event: After unlocking the new yard area from last update, this event is accessible by going into the yard on Sunday mornings. This event is actually a series of events that builds with your progress and is completable after the election. This event involves Mandy and Lauren
Club Event: This event is only on the NTR route. It’s the final part of a series of events that was partially played out in the last update. The event involves Jacky and Sidney
Random Morning Event: This event is a loyalty event for those paying Jacky’s Mafia debt every week. It will appear randomly on a Sunday after the club pool event.
Face Cards: Three new cards. One you will receive as an achievement, and two you can find in the AFV world after certain events are complete. Happy hunting!
Notes for the Alpha: The main event has two branches that are NTR, and these branches can have partial access to the other. Since this would give the NTR players more content, I balanced it out by adding an extra scene and animations to the Loyalty event. So if you’re playing loyalty route, make sure you go on the date again after the main event because the extra scene that is available the second time around has my favorite animation from the entire update.
I think we got all of the main bugs in our Alpha testing, but there are always more found in the beta so don’t forget to report errors on the Discord. Specifically on the #bug-report channel. If you don’t have access to the discord, feel free to message me here.
The Android is coming. Cybeon said he might be able to find time this weekend to put it together, but more likely he won’t have time until Tuesday.
And finally, thank you all so much for supporting the game! your support and patronage very very much appreciated! Thank you, thank you thank you!!
And finally, you’ll find the links to the alpha build below. I hope you enjoy it!

27/May/2023- Updated to v0.08v3b
  • New Area’s
    • The houses backyard will be available to visit once Mandy and Cami have moved in. It’s a bit messy back there and could use some cleaning up. Currently there are only a few fully fleshed out events in the yard but you’ll be able to see the girls hanging out there throughout the day. They all seem busy now, but who knows what will happen in the future.
  • New events
    • Visit the club on a Monday to see how the cliff hanger from the last update played out.
    • Visit Jacky Sunday early morning to ask her out on a date. -Visit Mandy in the Lounge Saturday Afternoon to watch some TV and avoid doing your chores.
  • Loyalties Events
    • After the cliffhanger is resolved, visit Jacky and Sidney in the yard Monday evenings to see how they’re getting along.
    • The dates with Jacky have been really going well. Would she be willing to go farther after paying Joey on Saturday evening?
  • NTR Events
    • After the cliffhanger is resolved, there’s no reason to visit the club on Monday nights anymore… Right?
    • Lauren’s been calling Matt on weekend afternoons. Maybe it’s a good idea to check on her later that night.
  • Facecards
    • Search around the AFV world to find 3 new facecards.
2/April/2023 – v0.08h

” To trigger the Halloween content you have to have finished the election and then go to sleep on Sunday night. Alternatively, you can access the Halloween content in the “Main Menu Gallery” after you’ve slept in the bed for at least one night. “


Feels like an old traditional game like milfy city, big brother etcs. There is Avoidable NTR. Content is okayish, semi-blueballs, that is, not all main characters are fuckable, yet..


Sandbox, grindy by nature. But it got built-in cheats and a good mod.


A Family Venture v0.09_V1 Alpha + Incest

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windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on April 17, 2024

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No começo tem bugs na troca dos nomes do personagem


Hey so i have a question. Theres an option where you can enable loyalty route or ntr route. The question is kinda dumb but i just want to make sure. If i press it,in order to omitt all ntr,should it appear as in: a red loyalty text,or a green ntr text? What is confusing me is,if the ntr text is green,that means pressing it will enable it. Or it means its already enabled? Thanks


Red=Loyalty route Green=NTR route

Therefore, a red loyalty text means you will avoid NTR and a green NTR text means the NTR is enabled


Does MC fuck the mother?

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