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In Milf Lab (Magical Family: Laboratory), the MC desires to establish a team of super heroines that he can control using his laboratory and enhancement drugs. However, he struggles to find willing participants to undergo the enhancements, and even if he succeeds, he worries about their obedience. Despite this, he is determined to achieve his goals and uses his wealth and influence to pursue them.

This is a Harem game,
and you can Netori Other people.
For example, their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters…
In the future will be added: Pregnancy, Blow job, Foot job , Anal sex ,Etc…
There will never be: NTR, Sharing.​


  • Date: 16/September/2023
  • Name: Milf Lab or Magical Family: Laboratory
  • Version: 0.35
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Aunt-Nephew
  • Android: Incg
16/September/2023 – Updated to v0.35
  • New UI
  • New Character Screen
  • ~200 New Images
  • ~8 Animations
Updated to v0.31
  • ~300 New Images
  • ~24 New Animations
  • Added a new character (Old Town area).
  • We have decided to reset the scene where Elizabeth and MC play on the sofa in v0.31. Due to excessive focus on animation production, the weight of the storyline was reduced. This issue is significant for us and has even impacted the game’s quality. Therefore, we have chosen to reset the two animation scenes involving Elizabeth from v0.3.
  • Moving forward, we will release a minor update every Sunday, which will include a small amount of new content (about 30%) and the reset animation scenes.
  • An ‘Journey Notes’ feature has been added (accessible in the bedroom), which will help players understand what they can do next.
  • Fixed bugs in the map.
  • Optimized the backpack; now you can click on items in the backpack to view them.
  • Optimized the content for Charlotte’s return on Sundays.

Regarding next Sunday’s update:

  • Continuing the reset of Elizabeth’s animation scenes.
  • Continuing the story of the new character.
  • Enhancing interactions in the protagonist’s room and with other female characters (Monday to Sunday).
  • ETC.
10/May/2023 – First Upload, v0.25, to avoid confusion, added sloppy edit on banner image.
  • Map system framework: The game now includes a map system, which will be fully fleshed out with future content updates.
  • Time system: The game now includes a time system with seven days in a week, each day divided into morning, afternoon, evening, and late night.
  • Player-initiated voting: We have implemented a voting system where players can initiate polls on future content updates.
  • Name change feature: Players can now change their in-game names.
  • Visual improvements: We have made minor adjustments to the appearance of the main character Elizabeth.
  • Continuation of the story: The game’s storyline will continue to progress.


Another new promising game. Don’t expect a lot of content.

Content: 1300+ Images, ~44 Animations Total for v0.35.


Sandbox mode with some point and click elements.


Magical Family: Laboratory v0.35 + Incest Patch

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Original):

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):

*game will show wrong version, it is still v0.35.


Last Updated on September 16, 2023

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First of all i love your work man keep it up!

I would like to recommend two games, Superpowered and Foot on the mountain, this two are already completed a few years ago but i just love the design of the females on those games.

(Btw this games are very, very, VERY grindy, so keep that in mind if u wanna port them here)


Thanks man, keep the good work!


foot on the mountain never found out how to beat the first game it was a grind fest wished there was a proper walkthrough lol


Yeah lol i know that is too much grindy, like hell grind lol but man the main female’s desing makes my life happy lmao


Hey guys am an android player and I can’t talk to Elisabeth anymore I touch the discussion logo and it’s not working anymore and I stay in a loop . Please reply me ASAP.


Magical family el port para android es imposible jugarlo ya que ésta lleno de errores y si se intenta ignorar los errores se cierra el juego

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