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Join Lisa, an ambitious college senior, as she sets out on her ultimate educational challenge: The Credit Hunt. In order to graduate, Lisa must rack up a substantial number of credits by taking on part-time jobs and immersing herself in various industries.

While her life with her boyfriend Danny may be calm and uneventful, Lisa yearns for something more exciting and fulfilling. With countless opportunities knocking at her door every day, she has the chance to completely transform her future.


  • Date: 6/July/2023
  • Name: Lisa
  • Version: 2.851a
  • Incest Content: Adopted Daughter-Mother, Fcousin-Mcousin
  • Dev: PlaeGrass
  • Android: the66
6/July/2023 – First Upload v2.851a

-P3 Interlude:

This is where Danny is yeeted or embraced. I made a mistake in the previous version so expect a little popup box during this event to correct that mistake. This will be removed in the next version as the error’s been fixed.

-P4 Kitchen

-P4 Elevator

-P4 Sofa

The P4 events are short and sweet, I think the party and it’s characters are already established enough so these events are simply paving the way into the next event which is..

-Gina’s Game:

2 primary routes (Danny Stays / Danny Leaves) – these begin similarly but transform quite quickly after 20 or so CGs. There are Cheating / Sharing variations in both, mostly in the Danny Stays version (this might change which is another reason to save on a new slot) but once you’ve played both Stays / Leaves you can assume you’ve seen most of the visual content.

At the end of GG P1 Lisa gets a dare to move elsewhere. This dare is shared between both routes but the way in which it unfolds is quite different so they’re both worth playing. This event is extended compared to the rest of GG and hopefully it’s exciting! There are still a lot of crossover CGs in this dare between the routes but I think it’s worth playing all of them.

-Exploration Events

After GG P1 you’re free to have a look around for a bit, there are currently three (to be four in the next patch) scenes to find here, they are all signposted with heart bubbles making them basically impossible to miss. One is for leaves, one for stays and one that’s shared between both. Each of these have their own variations but this is again mostly dialogue differences with the exception of one.


Female Protagonist game.

Content: ~9000 Images total for v2.851a


Sandbox free roam RPGM, expect some grind.


Lisa v2.851a

windows iconWindows(Original):

Mac Version IconMac(Original):

windows iconWindows(Compressed 80Q):

Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 80Q):

Android version needs to be >= 8.0


Last Updated on July 6, 2023

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