Gunpowder Cocktail [ByteHog Prime] [v0.5.0]

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In the game Gunpowder Cocktail, the player assumes the role of a young man who comes from an underprivileged family and who has been deserted by his father. When he stumbles upon a bag containing $500,000, the temptation to take it is immense. However, there are doubts about whether his life will truly be improved by obtaining the money.


  • Date: 29/May/2023
  • Name: Gunpowder Cocktail
  • Version: 0.5.0
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: ByteHog Prime
  • Android: Incg
29/May/2023- First Upload, v0.5.0
  • 401 Renders.
  • 9 Animations.
  • 3 New Locations.
  • Clothing Sim. [W.I.P]


This game has NTR. It is technically 100% avoidable, but you can’t turn it off from the start or anything (NTR choices are always present, you can turn hints on or off) and you lose content. Blueballs Alert!

Mid level on Content, Counting both NTR and Non-NTR Total ( 3000+ Images, 25 Animations).


Sandbox, expect some grind.

*Need to do extra steps for incest mode.


Click on the note in your room > Go to the PC > Open the Console app > Type in What it is note > Close console and Open the Changer > Set the relations



Last Updated on May 30, 2023

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I’m playing on android and can only use the first six saveslots (the first page) because I can’t turn off having to name the saves. I’m a save spammer so this kind of makes the game unplayable for me

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