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In Cockham, you take on the role of a young, muscle-bound, horse-hung superhero dedicated to combating sexual crimes in the pervert-infested city. The question is, will you wield your extraordinary abilities to apprehend notorious super-villains or succumb to the lure of evil and become a Super-Villain yourself?…


  • Date: 7/Mar/2024
  • Game Name: Cockham Superheros
  • Version: v0.6.1
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Epic Lust
  • Android: Incg
4/April/2024 – Updated to v0.6.1

– Mission07 implemented. Talk to Captain MILF to trigger. (BLOWJOB with Dani, SEX with Harley (voiced), allows Sergeant Dani to join harem)
– Visit Mayor after completing mission to receive missing gift.
– Captain MILF can join the Harem on Hero Route, extra scene with her in her room at night (VAGINAL SEX)
– Extra SEX scene with Emma Frost on Villain Route (ANAL SEX).
– All v04 slow vids redone to 60fps.

7/Mar/2024 – Updated to v0.6

– 2 new gym scenes with She-Hulk available, visit her to trigger (FMG).
– SEX scene with the Black Widow and Natalya in her room at night (THREESOME). Allows for the BW to join harem.
– TWO new SEX cenes with Wonder Woman in her room at night. One repeatable, allows for her to join harem. (TITFUCK, ANAL)
– New Harem Girls screen and Agent Natalya added to dossier (available from Stats screen).
– All v05 upwards slow vids redone to 60fps.

2/Jan/2024 – Updated to v0.5.2

– Major SEX scene with Captain MILF in her room at night (TITJOB, FOOTJOB, ANAL).
– SEX scene with Excella Gionne (go to mafia loc to launch).
– New sexy scene with Audit Girl in the gym.
– Continuation of Lois Pane BDSM training in her flat (VAGINAL).
– New SEX scene with She-Hulk after fucking Emma Frost in her office (if she has escaped).
– Some more voice acting available (CMilf yoga, Lara Temple, Twister with WW, Harley sex, PGirl yoga).

16/December/2023 – Updated to v0.5.1

– Quest07 implemented. Talk to Captain MILF in hall to trigger. (SEX with SS Valkyries, travel back in time to Berlin, 1945 with Wonder Woman).
– Extra blowjob scene available with Catwoman in her Cat-Cave.
– Sexy Wrestling scene with The Black Widow at the gym (HANDJOB, TEASING).
– Wonder Woman pregnancy and birth scene (visit her room at night after completing Quest07).
– Small scenes post-birth with Wonder Woman and Audit Girl (Breastfeeding).

5/November/2023 – Updated to v0.5
  • Super-Resistance training with Captain MILF at the pool (nudity).
  • Sexy scenes with Powergirl at the pool (Muscles, Masturbation, unlocks the Powergirl Bedroom SEX scene upon completion for those who chose to help the Black Widow during WW kidnapping scene).
  • Mission06 implemented (SEX with Stallion’s henchwomen). Talk to Captain Sawyer or Emma Frost to launch depending on route.
  • Catwoman’s lair unlocked by Mission06 (Vaginal and anal SEX).
  • New gallery for Catwoman.
  • Mission05 implemented. Talk to the Black Widow in her room, then to Captain MILF in the Hall to launch (SEX with Robots, LESBIAN SEX between Lara and Natasha).
  • Cucking SEX Scene with Lois and Superman at Cockham Planet HQ (Lois can now become a Harem girl).
  • Handjob scene with Ada Wang Redux available at the Triad location.
  • Sex scene available with Emma Frost at Frost Towers during the day.
  • Agent Natalya added to gallery w/ animations.
  • Can now jump to Game Level02 after the intro.
30/July/2023 – Updated to v0.4.1
  • Super-Senses level 02 training with Wonder Woman at night in the gym (+BLOWJOB).
  • New scene at the Lingerie store (LESBIAN, ANAL SEX).
  • Quest 06 implemented: visit Lara in the evening to trigger (SEX with Queen Cleopatra, + new gallery for her, +1 Mind Control if on HERO route).
  • Sexy Gym scene with Audit Girl during the day.
  • Post-clothed curling sexy scene with Captain MILF in the gym at night (THIGH FUCKING).
  • Poison Ivy can now become part of the MC’s Good Harem.
  • AI Voice Acting now implemented for the intro (check preferences menu to activate/de-activate)
3/June/2023 – Updated to v0.4
  • Sergeant Dani sexy photoshoot at Cockham Planet (SOLO, Masturbation) + new gallery for her.
  • SEX scene with Powergirl in her room at night (if MC chose to help her during WW kidnapping scene).
  • Audit girl jacuzzi cleaning SEX scene level02.
  • Angela and Demona Level02 dreamy scenes (VAGINAL SEX).
  • Poison Ivy SEX scene if she is in the MC’s Evil Harem.
4/May/2023- Updated to v0.3.2
  • Saves can now be named (still, don’t save within a screen!)
  • New animation screens added to the galleries, with different outfits + naked for each girl.
  • Titjob from Powergirl in the gym (train naked when nobody’s around).
  • SEX scene with The Black Widow in her room at night (if MC chose to help her during WW kidnapping scene).
  • Quest05 implemented – Go to the CCPD during the day to trigger. (SEX with Poison Ivy, THREESOME SEX with Sophia Porker and Captain Sawyer)
  • SEX scene with Captain Sawyer in her office during the day once quest 05 is completed.
6/March/2023 – First upload, version 0.3.1
  • Superhero leveling up scene (FMG (Supergirl) and THREESOME SEX with Captain MILF and Supergirl, parts of which become a new repeateable sex scene with Captain MILF available from her roon at night).
  • Several existing scenes now become unavailable due to leveling up.
  • SEX scene with Lara Crotch in her room at night (need Super-Seduction Level 2).
  • Sexy scene with Wonder Woman in her room at night.
  • Several NEW small scenes at the gym with various girls.
  • Supergirl added to MC jacuzzi jerkoff scene + new MC pics for that scene.
  • New sexy scene at Lois’ place (DILDO MASTURBATION).


Latest ongoing game from Epic Lust. Good game if you like the previous games Apocalypse, BoB and Morning Lust.


Sandbox. Has some grind. But Gallery is unlocked.


Cockham Superheroes v0.6.1 + Incest + Gallery Unlock

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Last Updated on April 4, 2024

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can you add the game “where the heart is”, please is a very good game


they definitely should, game’s goated


this is not an incest game


is it possible to have the dialogue shown while the voice audio is playing?


how to open gallery?

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