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Aurelia is an adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a young adventurer who returns to his childhood village to claim a house he inherited from his grandfather. However, things take a strange turn when you discover a mystical amulet in your new home. When you touch it, a series of events unfold that lead you to encounter a mysterious woman who has taken refuge in your house.

The game features retro pixel art, which adds a nostalgic touch to the gameplay. You will explore a world full of wonder, with exotic races, interesting characters, and mystical encounters. There are eight unique characters, each with their own traits, personality, and background.

Aurelia also features RPG mechanics, which means you can level up, improve your stats, equip artifacts, drink potions, and slay monsters. There are plenty of things to do in the game, including fishing, playing blackjack, crafting potions, taking care of your magical garden, delving into dungeons, serving at the bar, and chopping wood.

For completionists, there are over 80 achievements to unlock, which not only give you a sense of pride and accomplishment but also reward you with extra scenes!


  • Date: 11/July/2023
  • Name: Aurelia
  • Version: 0.29.5
  • Incest Content : Nope
  • Broad Tags: Fantasy with All Vanilla Sex
  • Dev: Mirthal
11/July/2023- Updated to v0.29.5

Other Changes

  • SAVEME cheat code now unlocks:
    • Journal entries for all the main characters/scenes.
      • This will not include:
        • Unlockable scenes/characters added in this build.
        • Dungeon enemies.
    • All achievements
    • All locations
    • Level 100
    • 10000 Gold


  • Fixed a game crash when accessing the bar board.
  • Talking to Kivir about the church should now unlock the location.
v0.29 Info

IMPORTANT! Ivy’s Questline There are some changes to Ivy’s questline in this build, but we do not recommend to start a new game, as we will add even more changes to Ivy shortly, including reworking most of her NSFW content.

IMPORTANT! Ported the game to a new Engine We did this to hopefully solve many compatibility and resource consumption issues now that the final version of the game is approaching in a few builds.

Be aware that due to these two changes up above, there might be some visual/performance errors at the moment that we might miss on our testing. We will be working to have the game in it’s best form as shortly as possible while also delivering new content the meanwhile.

Thank you for your patience with us.

And now, the fun stuff!

NSFW content

  • [Ivy} | Misfired spell.
  • [Ivy + Scarlet] | Double Danger
  • [Elizabeth] | Duchess special care
  • [Eri] | Problems with control
  • [Ginny] | Channeling the divine

Other Changes

  • Ported the game to a more modern engine (GMS2)
  • Overhauled how Aurelia loads data into the game to make it less demanding.
  • From this update forward save files will be interchangeable between devices.
  • New Character: Elizabeth, the Duchess.
  • New Character: Eri, the manor maid.
  • New Location: Duchess Manor.
  • Soran now sells/buys certain items.
  • Reworked several sections of the game to add more clarity to the game questlines, including:
    • The “first day” of the game to be a more guided experience for new players.
    • Locked several locations at the beginning of the game.
    • Added some visual animations for new discovered locations.
    • Reworked “Drink Something with Orson” into “Latest news”
    • Rewrote old dialogues for several characters.
  • Getting Ivy’s questline ready for the Overhaul.
    • Re-wrote Ivy’s first interactions with the player.
    • Several interactions with Ivy will now appear on any day time, to avoid confusing the players with restrictive time frames to advance certain quests.
  • Time sensitive effects (like HP/MP regeneration) will pause while the player is in the main menu.
  • Reworked the “Drink something with orson” into “Latest News”
    • Player will only be able to ask this once a day, to avoid offering new players too much information at once.
  • Orson’s Bar Minigame Overhaul
    • The game “time” will be limited by the players HP.
    • Failing to deliver a drink to a costumer will not reduce HP anymore.
    • “Slow Time” skill will now always be available, instead of only appearing after a certain progress has been made in the main quest.
    • Costumers “patience” will decay slower if they hit the middle section of their patience, and much slower once they hit their last section.
  • BlackJack Minigame
    • Soran will now only have a limited amount of money to spend on blackjack, he’ll need to save up for 3 days.
    • Soran’s money regeneration will scale with the day number, capping at day 100.
  • Dungeon
    • After defeating certain bosses Soran will sell their respective “steal” items.
  • Archery Minigame
    • Slimmed the “time” bar sprite so it doesn’t obscure the minigame as much.
  • Items
    • Alchemy items will now display their “power” in their description.
    • Alchemy items with special effects will now display said effects in their description.
    • Changed the descriptions of many items to make their effects more clear.
    • Changed the names of the potions from S/M/L/XL to Weak/Regular/Great/Exquisite
    • Some collectable items (like the lake worms) will now be collectable only once, and grant several units in return.
    • The following items are now consumables:
      • Beer.
      • Wine.
      • Janet’s Pie.
      • Strawberry Cake.
      • Chilly and Beans.
      • Revitalizer.
      • Coffee.
  • Artifact Changes
    • Golden Bracer changed effect.
      • Enhances all stats dramatically in exchange of gold.
      • Once binded, this artifact can’t be removed.
      • I’ll grow a hunger for gold until there is nothing left, at which point it’ll unbind and remove all stat enhancements.
    • Mystic Cowl changed effect.
      • Uses your MP to reduce damage received by 50%.##The artifact will only work if your mana is above 10%.
    • Silver Crest is now an Artifact
      • The mana of every 7th spell is refunded.
    • Brimstone
      • Improves POWER based on your missing HP, up to 100%.
  • Removed 4 Achievements that we found unnecessarily obscure and not that fun:
    • “Helping the community”
    • “One of those stupidly obscure achievements”
    • “Are you dead or something?”
    • “Impostor!”
    • DevNote: *We’ll most likely add more achievements lat+
  • Updated “Ohro’s advice” and “Loading message” from Patrons.
  • Added a 1% change for Eri to call you “Meowster”
9/May/2023- First Upload, v0.28.0 Extra

This content is Early Access for Noble Tier Patrons (and above) and it’s contents will be introduced in the final version

EXTRA SCENES content can only be unlocked in EXTRA BUILDS, but will stay unlocked in any posterior build.

NSFW content

  • [Crystal] | Crystal’s sneaky snack
  • [Erza] | Dreamwalking
  • [Scarlet] | Strategy testing


Awesome looking art and sex scenes. Don’t be fooled by small download size, it has many hours of content.


Sandbox with grind( I would argue it is actually kind of fun). But you can cheat through it. Codes below.

Game Wiki Page

Cheat Codes
  • SAVEME (new!) = Equivalent of full save of last version. Unlocks all previous scenes, locations,achievements, level 100 and 10k gold.
  • SLUMDOG = 1,000,000 Gold
  • TOTHEBRIM = Unlocks all the achievements
  • VSZOMBIES = Plants saplings in the garden
  • PANACEA = 100 of each potion
  • LEWDMAGE = When talking to Ivy, she is naked
  • APOTHECARY = 100 each of certain ingredients
  • FUCKMEUPFAM = Deletes your entire savegame information
  • WISEMAN = Instant level 100/ Max attribute points
  • DEBUG = Debug menu (Type in DEBUGOFF to turn it off)
  • DUORESET = Resets Ivy/Scarlet Questline


Aurelia v0.29.5


Last Updated on July 11, 2023

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