Trouble in Paradise [Syko134] [v1.5 Part 2]

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Trouble in Paradise follows mc and his sister who were thrilled to be moving to Paradise City for college. The school was amazing, the locals welcoming, and the girls were stunning. However, your life took a significant turn when you stumbled upon something at school that altered your course entirely.


  • Date: 7/Feb/2024
  • Name: Trouble In Paradise
  • Version: 1.5 Part 2
  • Dev: Syko134
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Aunt-Nephew, Brother-Sister, Fcousin-Mcousin
  • Mod: LightmanP
  • Android: incg
7/Feb/2024 – Updated to 1.5 Part 2

13/June/2023 – First Upload, v1.2 Part 2
  • 480+ Images
  • 30+ Animations
  • The whole in-game day system won’t work right now, since the first few updates of part 2 will be dealing with 2 timelines at once, so I can’t really comment on that, but there’s a fair bit of plot and character progression this time!


High content amounts. Has mind control type of fantasy theme.

Content: 23000+ Images, 896 Animations for Part 1.


No gameplay, all VN.


Trouble In Paradise Part 2 v1.5 + Incest

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):

On android, to import saves from Part 1 ,Copy your Part 1 end save manually, save folder is in /Documents/INCG_Saves/[game name]

Trouble In Paradise Part 1 + Incest + Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed~85Q):


Last Updated on February 7, 2024

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