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Thirty Days is a heavy choice driven game, designed to have multiple play throughs with largely different experiences.
You take the roll of either Aunt, Uncle, Cousin (Male or Female), or Family friend (Male or Female) as you spend a month with 2 very cute 18 year old fraternal twins.
These 2 have been sheltered and only attended private schools their entire life.
Over the month you will get to experience the ups and downs as you help them learn things about the world and help them become the woman they are destined to become.
Through the month you will meet many other people that you can pursue, romance, or corrupts along with Alex and Kayla.‚Äč


  • Date: 7/Jul/2024
  • Name: Thirty Days
  • Version: v0.07.00M
  • Incest Content: Uncle-Niece or Aunt-Niece or Cousin-Cousin(F/M|| F/F)
  • Dev: 3DRComics
  • Android: incg
7/Jul/2024 – Updated to v0.07.00M

Day 7 Update 1
This is the first stage of the Day 7 updates.
As I am still working on animations, this update contains about 75% of the primary male route.
This update contains 1000 images.
The majority of this day is focused on Jackie and her story arc.
I debated pushing the non-animated parts to the female route, but I have a habit of when I do that, not going back and finishing them and cleaning them up, So I opted to hold off female route till animations are completed as female route has more animations than male route on day 7.
Majority of the animations for male route are at night, which is I was able to release the majority of the day, There will be a few scenes getting expanded during the day on male route as well.
I’ve been working on limiting my render count, and not sure this worked out, compared to how my normal updates are, this just seems more time compressed then my normal days, and not sure I like that.
I guess let me know what you think.
The rest of day 7 will be pushed throughout July, expect a big majority of female content over the next week, and as day 7 is finalized, Day 8 morning content will probably show up as well as I will be working on both at the same time.

31/May/2024 – Updated to v0.06.10

Expanded Day 6 Content.
700+ new images
2000+ new lines of code.
2 full new scenes as well as extensions to some current scenes.
Choices in day 6 have been implemented, as well as checks for previous day choices.


25/Mar/2024 – Updated to v0.06.00

Day 6 Release.
This update contains the primary route for both male and female for day 6.
1500+ images.
20 Animations(Some better then others unfortunately, I will go back and work on the female route animations, but they already push the update back a day.)
I will be adding some more content to this day.
Including more exploration during the middle of the day (You will see what I mean)
and more choices and alterations.
Day 7 Tentatively scheduled for May 15ish.
Expect a small update over the weekend/early next to fix things I inevitably missed.

17/December/2023 – Updated to v0.05.00

470 + new images added to finish off day 5 for female route (No new content for male route on this update.)
Honestly. Glad to be done with it

Been wanting so long to just focus on day 6 and get back to alex

Things are slowly but surely getting back on track.
Don’t want to give a definite time frame on day 6 at this point. not going to happen by christmas like I wanted to. I could probably get half of it ready if i really pushed, but have to do the whole “being a dad” thing for xmas

Day 6 is not going to be like day 5 was. I’m shooting for late January to mid February for completion. its already started, got big chunks of the morning done and i’ve been excited to get working on it, kind of missed Alex

III keep posting updates, every couple of weeks or so on how its going, Also want to get back to sharing more images and doing images just for subscribers.

28/November/2023 – First Upload v0.048.00


Relatively New game (2022), has enough content to play.

Content: 9200+ Images, ~130 Animations Total for v0.048.00.


Semi-Sandbox Visual Novel.

Stats and Routes


There is allot of stats for various reasons, and i do get a lot of questions about them because right now from appearance it looks as if some of them don’t do anything.

So let me run though these real quick, and some of these don’t effect much until later in the game.

For the most part its a scale of 0 to 20, but may go over or under, like Ava’s -99

Self Image: Obviously how the girls feel about them self. This will change the appearances as the game progresses. So lets say Alex’s self image is low, she may wear something that covers herself more, but if its high, she may decided to spend the day running around in something skimpy. (Later story elements due to rendering requiremets.)

Perversion: As you build your relationships, the higher the perversion, the more likely they are to make sexual comments, grab your dick on the male route, grab your tits or crotch on the female route, and they are also more accepting of you making perverted jokes or passes.

Corruption: or curruption as it says in the game because I can’t spell worth shit. Is a route switch, if this is over 10 it will enable corruption route options.

Romance and Affection: Just realized romance isn’t showing in phone, Ill fix that. Both of these are romance route triggers. But they have slightly different uses. If romance is over 10, then they are accepting of your romantic advances. If Affection is over 10, They can make romantic advances towards you. There will be a balance in play in some situations for cases where romance is under 10 and affection is over 10.

Arousal: Trigger for multiple things. The girls masturbating, you masturbating, Alex’s sleep sex. as relationships are built, them coming to you for sex, or a helping hand, etc, If you play with full LI interactions, Them helping each other.

Humor: Mostly a Kayla route thing, but will show to be useful in some other characters. As I am sure its obvious by now, Kayla is rather stubborn and not accepting of much. But she likes humor, and funny things, so raising humor allows her to be more accepting and open to allowing other stats to rise, The more you play into the humor the more she will let her guard down. Humor can be negated a bit by playing into her fetish.

Likes you: How much they like you. Later in the story, even if romance is maxed out, if they don’t like you at the moment, you won’t get any happy time. So basically, you can piss them off. This can cause interesting things on the corruption route.

Mental Stability: New stat as of 3.5, added for a very obvious reason, but will be added to other LI’s and will have other effects as the story continues. But mostly this relates to the emotional stability setting in the phone. Basically, Lets say you start a relationship with Alex, you fuck her, then pretty much ignore her after that, Things will get interesting as she will start to get jealous if she sees you with Kayla or anyone else, will become moody, angry, and may start begging for your attention.

Corruption and Romance Routes.
One thing I want to say about these 2 routes, They can both be active at the same time.

Each route can be independent per character too. So you can be on romance with Alex, and Corruption with Kayla. and if you are running a harem route later. One of them can be accepting of it, Another can be forced into it. and with LI with LI on, One of them can just become a toy for you both to use together and/or separately.


Thirty Days v0.07.00M

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on July 7, 2024

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is there a patch for this game??


what is the point of this game if there is no twincest? a game about aunt uncle or cousin banging his/her “step” cousins/nieces. Why even put twins or sisters in it? You’re half-assing the entire point of the game. Go all-in, or just make a regular game. Pick one. You’re losing like 2/3 of your audience like this.


server can delete this one…i ddin’t think it went through


Trying to attract the incest audience with a step relative and then making sure to point out that the twins will never twincest. Just make the girls step-sisters since they aren’t identical so they can fuck…then at least some patcher could come in and actually make the game an incest game for the audience you’re actually trying to pull in. As soon as i read the twins will never twincest after you make it obvious it’s a step-family situation and there is not patch…this is an instant delete. I’ve been catfished.


I absolutely love the option to turn on and off the LI on LI action. I love when LI’s are fucking each other but I seem to be in the minority on that so it frequently is left out. Fantastic option system here, despite the content misdirection.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jax

may be step-cest, but still a great game so far.


Is there a walkthrough for this game?

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