The Genesis Order [NLT Media] [v1.00] + Full Incest Patch

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The Genesis Order is the newest installment in NLT’s series that began with Lust Epidemic and continued with Treasure of Nadia. It will launch in 2021 as the conclusion of Treasure of Nadia arrives. The game will introduce 13 new female characters while also featuring familiar faces. You will play as a junior detective pursuing your passion for solving crimes and encountering beautiful women. The story is intricate and full of surprises, as is typical of an NLT game.


  • Date: 5/April/2024
  • Name: The Genesis Order
  • Version: v1.00
  • Incest Content: unofficial, very partial patch (Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew, Fcousin-Mcousin)
  • Dev: NLT media
  • Patch: Nebulous@f95
  • Android,Compression taken from -7x7Pilot@f95
5/April/2024 – Updated to v1.00 (probably complete, maybe one or two more updates who knows)
19/Feb/2024 – Updated to v.97022
5/November/2023 – Updated to v.89103
16/September/2023 – Updated to v87092
4/September/2023 – Added 7x7pliot’s things

2/September/2023 – Updated to v.86091
15/August/2023 – Updated to v0.85082
2/August/2023 – Updated to v.84081

16/June/2023- Updated to v0.79062
2/June/202- Updated to v.77061
2/May/2023 – Updated to v.730501

15/April/2023- Updated to .71043
10/April/2023 – Compressed version didn’t have incest, it does now. Sorry!
Official Trailer


Current game of NLT after Treasure of Nadia, I don’t think this one will give incest vibes either(will feel forced), even tho it is patched, unofficially. This game has 4k+ video files, almost 50/50 with still images, heavily animated. Nevermind that, it is more like 2k+ videos cause high Q low Q duplicates. Still quite a lot!

Note(v1.00 2024): It has more involved incest patch now!~


RPGmaker game, so there is some grind, shouldn’t be alot. Joiplay should be 100% compatible.


The Genesis Order v1.00
Original – ~11GB

windows iconWindows+ Incest Patch (New!):

Update Only Files – (Sort of Irrelevant now)

Update Only(v.96021 to v.97022) (New!):

Update Only(v.88101 to v.89103):

Update Only(v0.86091to v0.87092):

Update Only(v0.85082 to v0.86091):

Update Only(v.84081 to v0.85082):

Update Only( v.83072 to v.84081):

Update Only( v.81071 to v.83072):

Update Only( v79062 to v.81071):

Update Only( v77061 to v79062):

Update Only( v.75052 to v77061) :

Update Only( v.730501 to v.75052) :

Update Only(v.71043 to v.730501) :

(New!)Compressed ~1.4GB

windows iconWindows + Incest Patch:

DISABLE Low Quality in Game settings

(New!)Android + Mod+ Incest Patch : approx. 1.2GB~

Port Maker says :
DISABLE Low Quality in Game settings

(New!)Android + Mod (No incest)

Port Maker says :
DISABLE Low Quality in Game settings


Last Updated on April 5, 2024

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Incest patch doesn’t work on android? Cause none of the dialogs show any type of incest.


How to (back)on this game android I can’t find help ,e


Hi, sorry this isn’t a question about the game. I was just wondering what game the green cat girl from your load screen comes from?


Oh wow, that’s disappointing lol


Where is the cheat?


There’s a bug for the bootycall feature


Hi, the new version 85082 dosen’t install on android or replace to old version, i think the problem is from inc patch,pleass fix it , thank you


Thanks, there is a bug in game when enetring the room or for the booty calls i incounter with script error!


Unfortunately the bug for booty calls is still there has updated been posted?


so this is the largest difference i’ve ever seen in a compressed version…is there any reason not to dl the compressed versions? I’m just gonna go with the 9gb version here, but future reference would be good. TIA


How do you open your phone on mobile


How does android mod work?


Yes please answer guys


how to use mod on android

lost soul

hi i just want to ask if we can get the The Genesis Order v.94011 update please thanks 🙂


Any news on an update for this?


Game is completed. Can you please update the Android port (with patch)?


i wanna download patch only. for steam. can i do that somehow?

Hidden Creep

Did the incest got better or its still forced?


how to use the mod??

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