Slice of Venture: A New Start Uncensored

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The second trip of Yuki and Ayame in their perverted family! A few weeks after Vitamin Plus, Yuki and Ayame are taken back to Seiichi’s farm by their own mother, Reiko. This time, they’re not going to unknown territory. They’ve accepted themselves, they’ve accepted their kinkiness and going back to Marakoma is something they’re happy about. However, things aren’t about them this time. They’re about their mother. Reiko weighs a lot of secrets and the sisters will have to discover most of them to help her being at peace with her past.‚Äč


  • Date: Somewhere around 2015
  • Name: Slice of Venture: A New Start
  • Version: v1.1
  • Tags: Yup.
  • Dev: Ark Thompson


Second game from Ark, has same main fetishes as the first one with the same main characters.


RPGMaker VX Ace game, so expect some grind. You need to install Run Time Package for this(RTP), you can get it from RPGmaker official site. About Joiplay, this game is at least semi compatible.


windows iconWindows/Linux/Joiplay :


Last Updated on March 24, 2023

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Error failed to load data/armor.json while loading game not opening

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