Sinful Delicacies [Temptress] [Ep17 Patched]

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In Sinful Delicacies, Your parents are a power couple. Your father is a renowned Mafia Boss, possessing immense wealth and power that even presidents fear. Meanwhile, your mother, a former supermodel, now proudly embraces her role as a dedicated homemaker.

Once you reach the age of 18, sexual tensions arise among you, your mother, and your sisters. Temptations intensify and eventually reach a breaking point, leading to the commission of sins. You find yourself experiencing incredible highs and moments of bliss. However, turmoil suddenly strikes, thrusting you into a high-stakes, globe-trotting adventure filled with thrilling encounters, extravagant fashion, opulent luxury, and constant and lurking danger. Along this journey, you encounter supermodels, drive magnificent super cars, sail on luxurious yachts, indulge in exotic vacations, and so much more.


  • Date: 16/December/2023
  • Name: Sinful Delicacies
  • Version: Episode 17
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Dev: Temptress Games
  • Mod: AB
  • Android: incg
16/December/2023 – Updated to Ep 17
21/July/2023 – First Upload, Ep16


Its okay, just has really low content for ~5 years old game. Won’t suffer as much or not at all if you just discovered it now and not 5 years ago. No blue balls.


  • 2700+ Images for Ep 1-12
  • 2250+ Images for Ep13-16
  • Total: ~5000 Images, No animations. (Uses 3-5 frame pseudo motions sometimes)


Straightforward VN, semi-kinetic.


*Compressed version recommended, original kind of inflated, see content volume above.

Sinful Delicacies EP13-17 + Incest Patch + Walkthrough/Gallery Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):

Sinful Delicacies EP1-12 + Incest Patch + Walkthrough/Gallery Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Original):

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on December 16, 2023

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It’s a good game, I played it 1 year ago and despite not having animations it has good sexual scenes and plot, it’s a shame it didn’t, the dev continued, he only makes excuses or is really going through a bad time


Warning, if you exclude jizzing on someone whose asleep, the very first sexual scene in this game is your Aunty giving a random black guy a blowjob, looking up reviews, it seems female characters fucking other men is common and the protagonist barely gets any.

If like most players you don’t like to see female characters fuck other characters, this is not recommended.


When will the next episodes be released


This game feels like it was written by a 6th grader.

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