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“Shut Up and Dance” depicts the sudden downfall of a young man’s life. His comfortable lifestyle is abruptly disrupted by the suspicious death of a loved one. In an instant, he loses everything – his home, financial security, and ability to pay for his education. With no apparent solution in sight, he drops out of school and begins working to support his family both financially and emotionally. Unexpectedly, he receives a tempting job offer that could potentially turn his situation around. However, whether this opportunity will bring good fortune or misfortune will depend on the choices he makes.


Release schedule: Ep. 3RE -> Ep. 8 -> Ep. 4RE -> Ep. 9 -> Ep. 5RE -> Ep. 10

  • Date: 13/Mar/2024
  • Name: Shut up and Dance
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Version: Episode 6 SE RE
  • Dev: Boring Games
  • Mod: LightmanP
  • Android: Incg
13/Mar/2024 – Updated to Episode 6 SE RE

Ep.6 RE SE

  • 836 still images | 649 in Regular version.
  • 28 animations | 21 in Regular version.
  • Edits in previous episodes.
  • Reworked gallery (Special thanks to the66).
  • Code improvements.
3/November/2023 – Updated to Episode 5RE
  • 879 still images | (792 in Regular Version)
  • 44 animations, 126 videos | (41 and 117 in Regular version)
  • Minor edits in previous episodes.
  • Code improvements.
30/April/2023- Updated to Episode 9 Chapter 2
  • 929 still images | (859 in Regular Version)
  • 63 animations, 165 videos | (57 and 147 in Regular version)
  • New Lady in the gallery!
  • Minor edits in previous episodes.
  • Code improvements.
12/March/2023 – First Upload, Episode 9 Chapter 1
  • 727 still images | (692 in Public Version)
  • 45 animations, 121 videos | (42 and 112 in Public version)
  • New Ladies in the gallery!
  • Quick Start button is updated.
  • Minor edits in previous episodes.


Catchy! Shut up and dance is one of the top tier ones, it has awesome incest content. My only personal gripe is that it is in rework phrase, I thought it is already great and did not need a rework, which kind of slows the new content down abit. But it is a BIG plus if you are new, since reworked chapters are an improvement.


VN mode, No grind. Only gallery unlock for now.


Shut Up And Dance EP6 SE RE + Incest Patch + Walkthrough/Unlocks/Cheats Mod

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed ~80Q):


Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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Рахат Лукумыч



@INCG, in android port, I can’t find ‘back’ button in save menu and port menu.


Also, I’m getting this weird issue in save menu where keyboard keeps popping up. Turning off save name in port menu doesn’t work appearently. I have to exit the game everytime I save bcz of this.


Lmk when you fix it. Thank you.


New updates..?? And can you provide walkthrough Pdf..??


I’m trying to play this on joiplay ( renpy plugin but its stuck on loading screen ( phone is good s22) plz help


Update pls


I think Android version has only Ep. 4 no Ep. 5
Can u update till Ep. 5

The Horny Bastard

The android version have no episode 5 UwU

The Horny Bastard

I found it sorry for inconvenient. All I need to do is swipe it to the left.

Ciccio Passticcio

Sorry, but I have the same problem too! the game stops at chapter 9 special edition! even scrolling through the gallery on the right I couldn’t find anything! thanks anyway, this game is beautiful and I gladly played it again! Sorry for my bad English

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