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Four centuries ago, the Demon King and his army assaulted the Unified Kingdom of Astylla. Despite his death 15 years ago, his army remains as formidable as ever, and the war continues to rage on. Our protagonist is a 19-year-old man who was taken in by a merchant at the age of four and currently resides in the town of Randel. He has recently enrolled in the Academy and is now pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming an adventurer.

However, there is more to his story than just thrilling exploits. He will encounter many beautiful women along his journey, each of whom he must charm with his charisma and impressive physique (which may or may not actually be impressive). Elves, dwarves, childhood friends, redheads, nympho guards, and innocent town girls are just a few of the diverse personalities he will encounter in the world of Randel Tales. It is a place where he can choose to become either a great hero or a notorious villain.


  • Date:5/September/2023
  • Name: Randel Tales
  • Version: 1.4.1+0415
  • Broad Tags: All Vanilla Sex, Fantasy Themed
  • Dev: Bunis&Rin
  • Android: Official and Incg
5/September/2023 – Updated to v1.4.1

TLDR 1.3.1->1.4.1: Lots of fixes and improvements, Two new Taliya Scenes.

Beta v1.4.1
  • Added two h-scenes for Taliya, expanded her route lightly and changed its ending.
  • Patreon version now has a button that automatically unlocks the entire gallery!
  • Added Taliya’s route CGs to the gallery.
  • Added 6 new tracks, one of which replaces the main theme in the menu after finishing the game!
  • Added a new interactive menu at home!
  • Added a story option related to Twig.
  • Added a new mouse pointer.
  • Added some missing lines regarding Thea when talking with Uncle Pete — Also added an option regarding Taliya.
  • Added a sound when selecting things in interactive menus such as the map and the home screen.
  • Added more of Thea’s images to the gallery.
  • Changed Pete’s hut code to make it tidier.
  • Changed so Taliya is permanently gone after you finish her route.
  • Changed the leveling-up system slightly.
  • Changed the nice font we had before for another that supports Chinese and Russian characters.
  • Changed the size and width of the text to account for the new font.
  • Changed the guild’s background image!
  • Changed radically the UI (for the better)!
  • Changed the code for when music and sfx are played so that MTL is easier.
  • Fixed a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar.
  • Fixed a bug with a label during Zenelith’s romance route.
  • Fixed the home screen which wouldn’t update under certain consequences or be greyed out.
  • Fixed ghost images in the gallery.
  • Fixed the bug where the note regarding peeping Thea remains even after deciding to stop.
  • Fixed the bug with Thea disappearing in old saves (partially.)
  • Removed TEMPORARILY cheats, they’ll be back in one of the next bug-fixes.
  • Redrawn an old Cynthia CG in her first event.
  • Slightly polished Thea’s sleeping CG so that now she’s got hands.
Beta 1.3.5
  • Changed the map to have its own ambience.
  • Fixed the bug with the sword minigame. Yay!!!
  • Fixed the chance of not accidentally not starting the Elf Village questline.
  • Fixed the undefined variable when talking to Cynthia.
  • Fixed a missing image in July’s first event.
  • Fixed the ability to peep on Thea during any time of the day.
  • Fixed a repeating text in Sander’s stealth training.
Beta 1.3.4
    • Fixed the syntax error with the missing “=”
Beta 1.3.3
  • Added a game-over (which I might expand at some point into just another branch of the route) if you tell the Boss that Taliya sent you.
  • Changed the last note for Zenelith’s slave route.
  • Changed again how the Stealth training works.
  • Changed the code for molesting Thea.
  • Changed how the training with Taliya and her minigame works. Now the higher the sword skill level is, the easier the minigame is. By default your sword skill will go up by 1 every time you train, but with the hothead trait, it’ll go up by two.
  • Fixed more typos and a misused word.
  • Fixed bug with Sander’s and Pete’s dinner.
  • Fixed the bug with the fake name in Taliya’s route.
  • Fixed the fact that Cynthia never gives you the money for the direwolf pelt.
  • Fixed the missing money and exp from the fetch quest.
  • Fixed the remaining back buttons in the map screen.
Beta 1.3.2
  • Added a skill check which can allow you to skip the minigame against the cultists.
  • Fixed the missing note after the first Karnak expedition during Taliya’s route.
  • Fixed the blank screen when closing the map.
  • Fixed the inconsistency with the apology in Taliya’s route.
  • Fixed the fighting minigame and changed the balance for Taliya’s minigames.
16/May/2023- First Upload, v1.3.1

Public Beta 1.3.1

  • Added a new route for Taliya! It is made up of over 20 unique CGs, 3 different h-scenes, a new minigame, and 20k more words of dialogue!
  • Changed the way the map works to make it nicer and fix a bug with the map when opening it at home.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
  • Fixed a few wrong character labels during dialogues.
  • Fixed the bug that looped text forever if you went to the forest in the evening.
  • Fixed the bug that occurred during Cynthia’s training.
  • Noted that older saves might get a bug with Sander’s Stealth training. Since this works in newer saves and isn’t essential to progress the route, I’ll put it at the bottom of the priority list.


Game is almost 3 years old, has enough content to start playing. Nice 2D arts!


Sandbox, not grindy, has built-in Cheats.


Randel Tales v1.4.1+0415

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 90Q):

Apk iconAndroid(Official):

Apk iconAndroid(incg):

Treat unofficial android as compressed version.


Last Updated on September 5, 2023

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