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Peasant’s Quest is set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself and perhaps meet a few hot damsels in distress along the way.​


  • Date: 13/Mar/2024
  • Name: Peasant’s Quest
  • Version: 3.31
  • Incest Content: Father-Daughter, Half Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Tinkerer
  • Android: Discord Iconthe66
13/Mar/2024 – Updated to v3.31

– 4 new quests related to Birgitte
– 6 new scenes for Birgitte, two of which can also be performed with Frida or Hilde
– Birgitte can have up to 6 nameable children and an unlimited number of nameless (and spriteless) kids
– Mia’s children can now be hired to collect resources (wood, red mushrooms, stone shrooms and blue lilies).
– 1 new clothing item for sale in Edgar’s shop
– Madam Daiyu now sells “Chests of The Ancients”. Magically linked storage chests.
– New craftable item (Sun Lotion).
– Increased affection deterioration grace periode to 15 days
– Makith (goblin shaman) now sells musk glands
– some other minor changes/additions and a whole lot of bugfixes
– probably some new bugs.

– New floorplans for Edgar’s shop, Marcus’ shop and Frida’s house. I exchanged the standard RPG Maker mapping with parallax maps for better movement and to bring them inline with the rest of the maps.
– Changed affection deterioration for females. Increased the grace period before affection loss to 10 days for now (I know most voted for 15 days, but I want to test 10 days first). Obeah now only loses 3 points per day instead of 5, after the first time she runs away.
– Changed cheatmode. Instead of random chests with loot here and there, there is now a central location with chests with certain useful potions/items. These will replenish everyday. Some will remain empty until you have unlocked the items via the quests. Good luck finding the new cheat activation (it’s still on the same map).
– Some additional minor changes and fixes.

– 6 new quests
– 2 new maps + floor plan
– New scenes for Frida and Hilde
– Hilde can now have children (max 6 named children, excess children don’t receive sprites or names)
– Frida can now give birth to more than 6 children (but only 6 nameable, same as Hilde).
– New armor/equipment (cloak) + new resources (feathers, deer carcass, antlers)
– New NPC (Birgitte), only partial nudity thus far.
– Some bugfixes and minor changes I no longer recall

11/September/2023 – First Upload v3.15


Fantasy RPG game, very old(6+ Years) and ongoing. Incest is not the main content tho it is not minimal either. Has quite a lot of kinks, including a few NTR(debatable) scenes, mostly optional.

Content: 7500+ Images, ~439 Animations Total for v3.15


Full RPGM with combat, quests, equipment, inventory. Expect grind.


Peasant’s Quest v3.15 + Decensor

windows iconWindows/Joiplay logoJoiplay:

windows iconWindows/Joiplay logoJoiplay(Compressed 85Q):


Walkthrough (Pdfs):


Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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is there a walkthrough for this, this is one of those grindy games that are worth it


thanks i see them now



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