My New Life: REVAMP v0.93

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You play as a young guy in your city where you live the hottest scenarios. From the most casual stuff to the intense dates with sexy girls.​


  • Date: 16/April/2023
  • Name: My New Life: REVAMP
  • Version: 0.93
  • Incest content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Beggar of Net
  • Mod: Very soon
  • Guide: Lord Ashram


Haven’t played all of it. It uses old graphics, but the content is said to be quite a lot. One of the biggest ones. Great game if you like the graphics. Also I should mention, while there is sister and mother content, this is not a incest heavy game( lots of unrelated characters).


Probably need walkthrough/guide to get through it. The pdf has almost 200 pages. Joiplay should be able to run this, for android.


windows iconWindows/Linux:

Guide [Pdf] [v0.83]:


Last Updated on April 16, 2023

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Hi, I wanted to let you know that v0.94 should be released soon.

Some personal considerations and useful advice:

Although the game in question has considerable content, it is often plagued by more or less serious bugs that compromise the experience.

In this regard, there are a couple of coders (in an online forum) who follow the evolution of the game’s events and fix the most recurring bugs (including missing images and animations, game blocks and freezes, untriggered events, etc.),

these patches, take the name respectively of:

Unofficial Bugfixes and cheat mods (for the various bugs and to make the gaming experience more immediate and simpler) and Scene Viewer (adds the possibility of the gallery of all the events in the game) now in version 3.0 (respectively for v0. 93 of this game)

Thank you.


I understand what you mean.

This game and its developer have always been problematic since its first release (a few years ago) and now with this “rewamp”.

Honestly, the game has great potential, but it’s marred by the unaccommodating mentality and little care for bugfixing.

At the moment and personally, I think the Viewer mod alone would suffice. (apart from)

Thanks as always, for the promptness and availability of responses.

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