Mothers & Daughters [Spin256] [v0.4.2 Patched]


MC in Mothers & Daughters, Max (name customizable), studied diligently to graduate from high school with the required grades for admission to a local college. However, there was one aspect of Max’s life that he hadn’t experienced yet – a romantic relationship. Can you aid him in navigating this new territory?

You will have the opportunity to form connections with various women you encounter, including both mothers and daughters. What might the daughters say if they discover that you are also dating their mothers?

Can you handle the challenges of simultaneously dating multiple women? There is only one way to find out!

Will you pursue the romance of your best friend’s mother or older sister? Alternatively, you could explore relationships with the mother or sister of your rival from high school. Perhaps you will reconnect with your high school crush, who once tried to make you jealous. Or maybe you will try getting to know your former babysitters from childhood. Could you even pursue a connection with that girl you never spoke to in high school? And what about your college professors or many other women you meet along this journey?


  • Date:26/August/2023
  • Name: Mothers and Daughters
  • Version: 0.4.2
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Dev: Spin256
  • Android: Official
26/August/2023 – First Upload v0.4.2
  • Approximately 640 renders covering afternoon events for playable day Monday evening.
  • I recommend using saves from ‘Monday morning’ or earlier due to significant code changes to Monday afternoon scenes.
  • Every look-closer image from previous versions has had an additional postwork pass and are resaved at a higher quality rate.
  • Complete script pass, changing a lot of dialogue into American English to satisfy an international audience.
  • 24 look closer images.
  • 4 trophies.
  • Fixed bug with viewing trophies in the smartphone app.
  • Android version will prompt to enable touch highlight option.
  • Changes to how content mods are loaded and used.


Looks good, not a lot of sex yet. Could even be blue balls. Has NTR, avoidable.

Content: 4500+ Images, No Animations.

NTR, Dev Note:

Certain tags are for specific LI’s. If you don’t like tag you can avoid that LI.
I know NTR can cause quite a stir, so I’ll be as honest as I can regarding this content. This is specifically related to you witnessing a sex act between a LI and another male character.
There will be two-story threads that can involve NTR.
A specific LI (Caprice) will get very jealous if she sees you dating other women, or if she thinks you’re not all in with her. That will cause her to sleep with another male character to make you jealous. You can either avoid this character (don’t kiss her at the mall) or be careful in how you approach her.
A main story thread involves a male character (not the player) blackmailing women for sex. One of the solutions to ending the blackmail is to film him and blackmail him into stopping. There will be other solutions to end the blackmail besides that.


Straightforward Visual Novel.


Mothers & Daughters v0.4.2 + Incest Patch

*Original is already compressed, none from me.



Last Updated on August 27, 2023

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