Motel: A Son And Brother Story [Interbladecard] [v2.9.7.5 Patched]

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In this Visual Novel, you assume the role of Dylan – A young, definitely Adult™ male who is accompanied by his somewhat aloof Female-Guardian™, Sophia, on a shopping trip. After briefly sharing a changing room with Sophia, Dylan’s confusion over his sexual attraction to her becomes apparent.

However, their plans are quickly derailed when their car breaks down, leaving the pair stranded and without a clear solution to get back home. As they seek refuge in a nearby motel, Sophia struggles with maintaining their relationship boundaries amidst the prolonged period of proximity.

Discover what happens in “Motel: A Tale of Kinship” by Interbladecard, inspired by “A Wife and Mother.”


  • Date: 25/Mar/2024
  • Name: Motel: A Son And Brother Story
  • Version: v2.9.7.5
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Interbladecard
  • Incest Patch: Simple_Human
  • Android: incg
25/Mar/2024 – Updated to v2.9.7.5 – No New Content!

French language added + bug fixes

18/Jan/2024 – Updated to v2.9.5
26/August/2023 – Updated with Correct patch
25/August/2023 – Updated to v2.8.2

14/June/2023 – First Upload v2.7
  • Bugs and typo’s fixed
  • Player can chose MC name
  • Low quality images are fixed


  • Story continues
  • Restructure & rewrite by TheMadMonk


Another Fan Made game based on A Wife And Mother like the Fan Series by Pixil. This one is quite new, does not blue ball though.

Note on 2024 : Extremely low content/Development time. i.e just about 400 new images and 17 videos produced in one full year.

Content: 1200+ Images, 47+ Videos for v2.9.7.5


Motel: A Son And Brother Story v2.9.7.5 + Incest Patch

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):

Original not recommended, highly inflated. Original 3.11GB/Compressed ~200MB…


Last Updated on March 24, 2024

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If you think about it, the game is not bad… But! For some reason, the picture becomes very boring and sleek, I had no more fun than in the first five minutes! I tell the game (maybe) and give it 3 stars!


Please update it 2.9.1 with incest patch


2.9.3 is out too.


Update. New version available.


Although the NTR part is skippable, the event isn’t entirely and it still says that Sophia(the mother) is raped in her sleep. @INCG could you update the description?

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