Monster Girl 1000 [v19.3.1 Completed][TwistedScarlett]

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The local goddess of fertility assigns a daunting task to a young warrior who is the only male resident in a village of monster girls: to mate with 1,000 monster girls in order to boost their population. Accompanied by a demon girl and an elf girl, he embarks on a journey into an unknown world teeming with monster girls, in order to fulfill his mission and build his harem.


  • Date: 23/April/2023
  • Name: Monster Girl 1000
  • Version: 19.3.1
  • Incest Content: Foster(Mother-Son, Brother-Sister)
  • Dev: TwistedScarlett
From developer page:
  • 75+ Romanceable Girls
  • 100+ Sex Scenes
  • 30+ hours of content
  • 18 Girl Harem with pregnancy content


One of the best in RPGmakers. Unfortunately, incest is not the focus here and its only foster family, 2 characters out of many.


Has combat system, not entirely sandbox. You can easily go over 40 hours+. I cheated with Joiplay. Alternately, you can use save editor.

Android ports is official.


Monster Girl 1000 [ v19.3.1 Completed]


Last Updated on April 26, 2023

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It is crashing

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