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As a god, there are certain perks that come with the job. However, it can also be a tedious and solitary existence. While some deities enjoy creating new worlds, others prefer to engage in destructive battles that can ravage entire galaxies. But one lifebringer goddess found a more subtle form of entertainment. She watches over a planet that she imbued with life, and observes a young man who has been kicked out of his family home and forced to move in with his childhood friend sister, Katie. Unbeknownst to him, his life is about to change in ways he could never have imagined. This is the story of the latest recipient of the goddess’s gift, whom she hopes will be just as intriguing as her past creations.

The game is a Ren’py sandbox, explore a world filled with unique characters and their own stories.


  • Date: 4/April/2024
  • Name: Lunar’s Chosen
  • Version: Ep. 2 v0.1.1
  • Incest Content: Brother-Sister
  • Dev: PTGames
  • Android: incg
4/April/2024 – Updated to Ep. 2 v0.1.1

Episode 2 v0.1.1

Episode 2 v0.1
– New introduction
– New PC Menu
– New Preferences Menu
– New room picture/pc mechanic
– New house rooms
– New phone system
– 5 New shop items
– 34 New minor house scenes
– 16 New story scenes
– 3 New side character scenes
– 1 New repeatable scene
– 5 New secret images
– 5 New masturbation/sex toy scenes for the main character
– Revamped Amy repeatable animations in the gym
– 3 New photoshoots
– 3 New minor shower events
– 5 New replays

16/December/2023 – Updated to v0.26
  • 12 New story scenes
  • New location: cinema!
  • 9 New repeatable scenes
  • 3 New secret images
  • Ability to toggle on/off naming saves (Default is off, can be found on the preferences menu)
  • Remade Claire’s footjob repeatable scene with new animations.
  • Added the final scene!
  • Fixed a whole bunch of typos!
24/September/2023 – Updated to v0.25 Public
  • 11 New story scenes
  • New Main Menu
  • New Menu Buttons
  • Can now sleep with Amy at night
  • Can now read Amy’s mind at night
  • Can now sleep with Claire at night
  • Can now read Claire’s mind at night
  • 6 new animations
  • Changed Vee’s model variable to fix a bug, may result in players needing to do her photoshoots again
  • Added 4 replays for Amber
  • Added 2 new replays for Amy
  • Added 4 replays for Claire
  • Added 2 new replays for Meg
  • Added 3 new replays for Missy (Under Meg’s stats and replays tab)
  • Added 3 new replays for Katie
  • Added a replay section for Imry.
  • Added 7 replays for Imry.
  • Finally alphabetised the hints and stats/replays screens
  • Added new profile screen for Olivia
  • Update profile information for multiple characters.
17/June/2023- Updated to 0.24 Public
  • 12 New Story Scenes
  • 3 New photoshoots
  • 4 New Animations
  • Changed code for sleeping
  • Added the ability to read amber’s mind or sleep with Amber at night
  • Added a model section to PC for Imry
  • New buttons on the main menu
17/May/2023- Updated to 0.24 Beta 2

The second beta is here! Normally I have a lot to say about them, but this one is pretty straight forward, new story scenes, new photoshoot, some new code work. Enjoy!

14/April/2023- First Upload v0.24b

The first beta is here. It has four new story scenes, three new animations and a new photoshoot, but the main thing that I’ve done for this update is changed the code for going to sleep, which is what needs testing in case there’s any unusual behaviour as some events lead to sleeping in different ways.

I changed this code because now you can sleep with Amber at night! This is something that has been planned for a while and requested a lot, so I finally got round to adding it!


Old game, still ongoing. Has enough content to play. Incest is only just a sister though.

Content: 9000+ Images, 36~ Animations.


Sandbox, but can be eased with cheats. It has a built-in hints system.

Cheat Codes : 0.26

Ep. 2 v0.1.1

  • moneybags – +$1000
  • huntsman – Show all secrets


  • budrose += $1000
  • FCA – Turn futa content on
  • FCD – Turn futa content off
  • letmesee= Reveal all secret images


  • bananabread += $1000
  • FCA – Turn futa content on
  • FCD – Turn futa content off
  • sixthsense = Reveal all secret images

0.24 Public

  • 1000$ = gravytrain
  • Futa on = FCA
  • Futa off = FCD
  • unlock secrets = iseethings

0.24Beta 2

  • 1000$ = makeitrain
  • unlock secrets = helpimblind
  • Futa on = FCA
  • Futa off = FCD


Lunar’s Chosen Ep. 2 v0.1.1

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):

Lunar’s Chosen v0.26 + Incest Patch

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Compressed 85Q):


Last Updated on April 4, 2024

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