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In this small community, things are not what they seem. Our main character is a flawed young man who has suffered from bullying and feels like a nobody, resorting to wearing a bag over his head. Despite his appearance, he possesses empathy for those around him, and players are encouraged to delve deeper into the complex storytelling.

After a series of tragic events, his life is transformed dramatically. He must choose between becoming the most successful pimp in the world or standing up against a bullying organization, all while navigating romantic relationships and exploring the people in his hometown.

Will you become a tyrant, or will you become a hero? Will you choose to corrupt those you meet, or will you show love and compassion? The decision is entirely up to you.


  • Date: 16/December/2023
  • Name: Lewd Town Adventures
  • Version: v0.14.5
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son,Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Dev: Jamleng Games
  • Android: Official
16/December/2023 – Updated to v0.14.5

– 4 Christmas events got added throughout the game for a total of 39 animations and 441 images.

Two bug fixes:
– The world map showed chapter 2 when already in chapter 3.
– The university could unlock chapter 3 earlier than usual on the Dark Path if you we’re way ahead and completed certain tasks.

15/August/2023- Updated to v0.14.2 Fixed

v0.14.2 Fix
Two small but important bug fixes.


  • The prologue interface was not displaying correctly.
  • Said interface didn’t correctly change to chapter 3 later on in the game.
  • Lilly’s living room displayed the wrong image.
  • A bunch of events were remade for a total of about 200 images.
  • The final changes have been made to the journal and added.
  • Updated corruption/love levels up to day 130.
21/July/2023 – Updated to v0.14

Can’t find changelog

Approx 2000+ more images, 300-500 more animations.

April/2023 – First Upload, v0.13


Lewd Town Adventures uses illusion models, Models are not as highly customized as other similar illusion games, but to make up for that, it does have a lot of content. It has pimp route and good route.If you read, dev claims 20+ hours of playtime.

Content: 20200+Pictures ~3217 Animations Total for v0.14


Semi-Sandbox, some grind or no grind with cheats. Ah apparently, you need to put code in to activate incest.

Cheat Codes
  • Greedisgood = 10k cash.
  • Whosyourdaddy-on = incest mode on.
  • Whosyourdaddy-off = incest mode off.


Lewd Town Adventures v0.14.5

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac:

This game’s original is highly compressed already, none from me.


Last Updated on December 16, 2023

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Came in with low expectations, Kinda got what I asked for.

The writing was about average for inkhorned incest games, I was a little piqued at the beginning, but, it slowly fades as cutscenes and shading we kind of abysmal; hurt my eyes to look at for more than 5 minutes, and the writing, the initial start was a little interesting, but dialogue and further cutscenes felt like it was gibbergabber coming out, and didn’t feel like it was going anywhere
I didn’t finish the game in any prospect, i played for around 30 minutes, and the beginner experience is pretty bad, not much direction on where to go, and talking really goes nowhere, or makes little sense.
The models were fine, tho they had clear errors on them, or colour theory was thrown out the wind, but, that was okay, but, the shading was just thrown in the trash and set on fire.
The UI is pretty basic, and is kind of hard to look at, it brings me back to 2011 when I played games my friends made; pretty amateurish.

All combined, it’s a pretty sub-par experience, I’d say Insexual-Awakening is a much better game, actually go play any other game except this one, unless you want to play further than I did, and maybe find a gem I missed

I’d give this game a 4.9, definitely below average, the only thing going for it really is the models, and even they contain visible errors; I’m not sure how long the game has been in development for, but, it’s not looking bright.
I would suggest the devs take the current story(beginning), tweak it a little, maybe get a new engine, spiff up their UI and Font choice, and get proper models; their cutscenes from what I seen were just stationary pictures that moved, and where animated in conventional ways, which is fine for low-budget projects, but, they’re almost at the end of development, and they should probably go back and fully animate their slide-show of a story.

(at least some sex-scenes seem to be animated)


It’s probably way more expansive than I’ve laid out, but, if you want to keep someone for the long game, the early game must be some type of rewarding; why suffer?


Not necessarily. When the game came out the dev just started out and had to learn how to actually make nice visuals. They become one of the best after some time.Dev has been working upgrading the visuals of earlier scenes but in parts because they’re mainly focused on new content and it shows with 21000 images and 3200+ animations making the original size of the game over 25GB.
Another common phenomenon is that certain people have a dislike for the prologue/early game and stop playing thus won’t realize this game is literally one of the largest game out there with tons of stories, optional kinks and choices that completely alter the game.


How to find mia in her room?

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