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A Struggle With Sin is a RPG set in a fantasy world amidst a civil war. High taxes, bandits, and orc raids have caused everyone to prioritize their own interests. Will you become like everyone else in this corrupt society? Or will you stay true to yourself and find a way out of this mess?


  • Date: 4/April/2024
  • Name: A Struggle With Sin
  • Version: v0.5.7.5
  • Incest Content: Foster Mother-Son, Half Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Chyos
5/April/2024 – Updated to v0.5.7.5
  • Gavina’s bonus scene (in case you haven’t played it already)
  • Dream system to replay scenes that became unavailable (Only scenes you have activated are available, currently there are 4: 2 for Emily (ntr with bandits, Marcus/Emily); 1 Imawyn in cell, 1 Gavina&Bianca + Tia&Lyvia with goblins) – Next on the to do list is Ophilia when she was drunk (will be added in
  • Rework of Toren, Odric & Kyle + their scenes and other images
  • 3 new maps (+ 1 for transition but that doesn’t really count)
  • New character sprites & dialoge images for Kate, Claire, Carmen and Bjorn
  • 1 scene for Kate & Claire (5 animations + transitions)
  • 1 small scene for Carmen & Bjorn (1 animation)
  • A lot of bugfixes. Again a big thank you to all of you! I got a lot of pm’s and reports on discord and I fixed things like Tia never confronting Katherin about MC and her having sex (can be triggered during dinner at Katherin’s); Emily could get stuck in progression if you never rescued her from bandit camp but then captured Imawyn (now there is a new dialoge in which she is happy about the news that Imawyn got captured, this will also unstuck the quest should it be at that state) + many other smaller and bigger things that I can’t recall all.
18/Jan/2024 – Updated to v0.5.6.8

Dev’s Patreon:
Good evening,

I’ve finally completed the implementation of the last animation for Nyra. There is more content for her inside her hut now. On Dasan’s route you should wait until everyone is asleep inside to fully see the content (in case Tia visits there is a wait option), on vanilla route it should be possible at any time when she’s in bed.
I also have plans to expand this scene a little further in (at least on the vanilla route).
What’s also still missing is a repeatable version of the scene outside (both dance and sex) there is already an option for that, but for now it only triggers her normal naked scene (you can currently repeat the winterhowl event instead).
There will also be an option to go back to her old dress (for those who prefer it), but that is also still missing. So much to do, so little time!
So while still incomplete this update does have a few more things to try out. I’ve also implemented the changes to the Bandit camp (Emily doesn’t have to be captured twice anymore) and you can trigger Tia’s anal scene without claiming Hiba (after having sex with Tia 3 times she will mention it during sex in your hut, the old way via Hiba is ofc still possible).

As always: Old save files work as always. I’ve written a guide how you can transfer them. You can find it here: How to transfer saves

Should you run into any bugs, please report them via pm or by using the #bugreport channel on discord (Click + to create a new thread there) Thank you to anyone who takes the time to report bugs! All hotfixes will be listed below the links.

I know that this is a rather small update if you already played But at the same time I wanted to get it out before the year is over. This will most likely be my last update for this year, so completing the christmas content for Nyra was important to me. I know there are still the variations missing that I mentioned at the top of the post, still at least all animations are now implemented.

Next week I’ll begin with the rework of Imawyn’s old animations in her tent. I’ll probably make some of the new versions then also available at the later stages when you freed her from prison.
But for now it’s time to take a little break.

Have a nice weekend!

15/November/2023 – Updated to v0.5.6.0d

Umah & Maui’s bonus scene (693 images)
Melissa’s quest and scenes for her (1072 images)
New minigame: Treasurehunting with 30 locations and some artifacts as well as crafting resources to discover – This will be expanded in the future.
A new map, reworked the smithy
reworked character models for John & Melissa + some new character models
Bugfixes! As always thank you all for the reports, I couldn’t do this without your help!
Fanmade content by Arthur Kord: A scene with Kate/Thomas/MC in Thomas bedroom at night


I know last friday I said something about 2 more workdays, but in the end I wanted to get to a good breakpoint with the relationship building with Melissa and also add some actual content for her into this update. Without that it would have felt too minimal even for a testversion.
So before you wonder: No, Melissa can’t have sex in this version. But don’t worry, that will be added in
What’s now in this update?

  • The treasure search feature + some itmes that you can get from it (new armor & weapons)
  • Updated Melissa’s dialogue images + made new sprites for her and some new characters.
  • You can now enter the livingroom of the smithy and talk to Melissa, this will progress her quest and there are again some choices that you can make. I’ve also added a few animations and written lot of dialogue for her.
  • Maui’s & Umah’s bonus scene – Talk to Maui near her tent in Rumah after Umah has become your wanita.
  • Bugfixes, as always thanks to everyone who reported bugs!

Hotfix a: I forgot to remove the test treasure which I added… digging it up will break progression, so in case you don’t want to risk digging it up (in the middle of Arenfield) download the hotfix.

Hotfix b: Fixed a problem with Lucius not continuing the quest, Fixed a problem with all chests beeing open, Fixed some typos & Text clipping.

Hotfix c: Fixed a problem with the Dasan & Arianna scene

7/September/2023 – First Upload v0.5.5.0a


Large, old, ongoing rpg game. Has high content amount. Contains avoidable NTR.

Content: 31000+ Images. Uses picture animations.


Full RPGM game with date and time, quests, combat, equipment systems, there is a wiki on it.


A Struggle With Sin v0.5.7.5



Last Updated on April 5, 2024

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