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Paradise Lust is a dating sim and visual novel that includes erotic content and simple subgames. The game’s plot revolves around the sinking of the Moby Dick, a luxury yacht chartered by the Miss World Media pageant for a promotional cruise in the South Pacific. As the bartender of the ship, you find yourself stranded on Tuvatuva Island with a group of stunning beauty pageant contestants and their companions. Your objective is to survive on the island, locate other survivors, and search for your brother, who was the captain of the vessel.


  • Date: 3/September/2023
  • Name: Paradise Lust
  • Version: 1.1.0g
  • Incest Content: Nope
  • Broad Tags: All Vanilla Sex
  • Dev: Flexible Media
3/September/2023 – Updated to v1.1.0g(Win Only)


  • Shortened wait time for Girl Bonding quest
  • Fixed Jenny’s repeatable sex scene ending abruptly
  • Fixed pose for Jack and Grace kissing in bed
  • Fixed animations for Maria’s nurse scene in repeatable sex
  • Fixed incorrect previews when viewing paintings
  • Fixed typos


  • Updated some quest descriptions that are confusing
  • Fixed an issue with “Beefing Up Security” quest where players can’t fix the camera
  • Fixed image preview for replaying Maria’s second sketch
  • Fixed mistagged sketches in Thotfolio app


  • Fixed Strppr preview


  • Fixed sorting of Jack’s hand and Cath’s hair while they’re in bed with Gabby
  • Fixed Tori’s blindfold scene not being censored on streamer mode
  • Fixed empty dialog box being shown
  • Fixed typos


  • Improved hints for getting Andrea to Romance rank
  • Fixed missing mid-sketch dialog for Maria’s new sketch
  • Fixed Cath-Gabby and Reyna-Maria sketches missing in Thotfolio app


  • Fixed missing Strppr images after previewing it
  • Fixed Cath and Gabby’s repeatable sex scene ending abruptly
  • Fixed incorrect animations in Cath and Gabby’s repeatable sex scene
  • Fixed mising blackout at the end of Cath and Gabby’s repeatable sex scene
  • Fixed incorrect poses at the bar for Karen and Rachel
  • Fixed some UI elements not scaling properly for ultra wide or narrow resolutions
  • Fixed Credits video stretching instead of scaling properly


  • Fixed duplicate sketches in Thotfolio
  • Fixed incorrectly tagged as available and unavailable sketches in Thotfolio


  • Added new Maria sketch
  • Added Cath and Gabby’s threesome scenes to repeatable sex
  • Added sorting for Wallpapers
  • Added slider when viewing Strppr app images
  • Some relationship quests now show which quests are blocking them
  • Strppr app images can now be saved with transparent clothes
  • Tori’s soulmates quest now requires that you’ve rescued Rachel
  • Fixed moaning continuing when exiting to Spankbank
  • Fixed Shiki’s barking and whimpering not playing sometimes
  • Fixed incorrect sketch showing when viewing Reyna’s sketch
  • Fixed Spankbank going to menu when loading
  • Fixed issue where Andrea’s first sketch is not unlocked for some players
  • Fixed some transitions where the screen stays black
  • Fixed placeholder text when putting together Rachel’s poster
  • Fixed Jenn’s painting missing in her room
  • Fixed typos
5/June/2023- Updated to 1.0.0g


  • Cath and Gabby’s soulmate quest now requires lingerie to be unlocked
  • Spankbank and Achievement popups can now be closed with Escape key
  • Fixed some Paintings being in low resolution
  • Fixed Grace abruptly being dressed during her repeatable sex scene
  • Fixed Grace and Jack not kissing at certain points in repeatable sex scene
  • Fixed Cath’s repeatable sex scene ending abruptly
  • Fixed screen going black when choosing Massage in Reyna’s repeatable sex scene
  • Fixed some options missing during Reyna’s repeatable sex scene
  • Streamlined available options for Rachel’s jacuzzi scene


  • Fixed Maria’s sunscreen minigame being unplayable
  • Fixed some animations in Grace’s repeatable sex


  • Updated About page
  • Added Patreons to credits
  • Extended period for coconuts to be harvestable
  • Cutscenes window now scrolls faster with mousewheel
  • Fixed white boxes being visible before Cutscene thumbnails are loaded
  • Fixed issue where Rescue Rob quest does not complete
  • Fixed Reyna’s repeatable sex exiting suddenly
  • Fixed bug for Rachel during drinking minigame
  • Fixed Jack missing during Jacuzzi dialog with Gabby
  • Fixed more character layer sorting
  • Fixed typos


  • Added Paradise Lust Steam page in Teaser after credits
  • Fixed isue where Olga’s second sketch is inaccessible
  • Fixed comics scrolling fast while building Andrea’s hut
  • Fixed issue where disabling skip minigame timers does not affect handphone apps
  • Fixed some girls not sitting during Bartending minigame
  • Fixed animation in Reyna’s repeatable sex
  • Fixed layer sorting of characters in some conversations
  • Fixed typos


  • Added animation while fish is nibbling at line and should not be pulled yet
  • Removed notice of final content for several story lines
  • Fixed missing thumbnail for Tori’s final Spankbank entry
  • Fixed “Rescue Rob” quest still being marked as under development
  • Fixed lizard’s closed eyes while getting Andrea’s clothes
  • Fixed Olga’s second painting still marked as “Coming Soon”
  • Fixed Cath being nude when she should be wearing a swimsuit
  • Fixed typos


  • Description of “That Damn Lizard” achievement is no longer hidden
  • Lowered requirements for drinking achievements
  • Unlocked Tori’s last Spankbank entry
  • Fixed Jack and Rachel’s animation in bed suddenly changing in Rachel’s soulmate quest
  • Fixed “Disable Minigame Skip Timer” not working for some minigames
  • Fixed and polished some dialog in epilogue sequence
  • Fixed typos


  • Fixed Jenn’s restaurant name for some players
  • FIxed Gabby not getting to soulmates rank for some players
  • Fixed Cath and Gabby’s photos not in the app before they’re unlocked
  • Fixed incorrect speakers of several dialog lines
  • Fixed typos


  • Added Epilogue quest
  • Added Cath and Gabby’s soulmate scene to Spankbank
  • Minigame skip timer can now be disabled in settings
  • Updated dialog when clicking crates in Fuselage after getting its contents
  • Removed Mixers from the bartending minigame
  • Removed relationship status for non-dateable characters when you talk to them
  • Fixed Maria’s second lotion minigame being skipped
  • Fixed scenes in Mi Sun and Gabby’s repeatable sex being accessible while not unlocking it yet
  • Fixed sorting of some characters during conversation
  • Fixed Cath’s hat showing up in last line of her soulmate quest
  • Fixed Cath and Gabby’s relationship not increasing to Soumate after quest
  • Fixed typos
4/May/2023 – First upload, v0.26D


  • Actually fixed crash upon loading the game


  • Fixed crash upon loading the game


  • Fixed Raven’s hardcoded name in “Get A Grip” quest description
  • Fixed Rachel’s height in Main Menu


  • Added Mi Sun’s last scene to Spankbank
  • Lowered requirement for coconuts for some quests
  • Some achievements now unlock retroactively
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed Olga and Rachel being too short for their description in some cases
  • Fixed coconut achievement not unlocking for some people
  • Fixed Tori’s undressing animations not being censored
  • Fixed Jack and Grace’s position lying at the Cove picnic
  • Fixed Drinking achievements not incrementing
  • Fixed Achievements blacking out the game for some players


  • Added “Light On The Other Side” quest line
  • Added “Max” button to Sell UI
  • Added Report to Steam button on achievements UI for Steam build
  • Fixed sorting of Jack’s face in the lizard suit
  • Fixed hover text of the achievements button
  • Fixed formatting of default name for Jenny’s restaurant name
  • Fixed some paintings still marked as “Coming Soon”
  • Fixed issue where settings UI comes up after closing achievements UI
  • Fixed Cath’s painting missing during the day
  • Fixed missing animation during Cath’s repeatable sex
  • Fixed incorrectly tagged dialoglines
  • Fixed typos


Great animated 2d game. Characters look great, has a lot of content, all vanilla. Story is good and sometimes funny.

Game Trailer


Sandbox, has some grind with built-in walkthrough/guide.



Mac Version IconMac(1.0.0g):

Apk iconAndroid(1.0.0g):

Complete Saves + Gallery

1.0.0D save + SpankBank/Gallery:

Extract the memory files directly into your save files folder and then open Spank Bank from the main menu to access the memory files. We’ve also added a quick.sav file from last build’s content.

Location of save files folder
Windows: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/FlexibleMedia/Paradise Lust
OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/FlexibleMedia/Paradise Lust
Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/FlexibleMedia/Paradise Lust
Android (v11): Phone Storage > Android > data > com.flexiblemedia.paradiselost > files

From dev


Last Updated on September 3, 2023

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Looking forward for the latest update v1.1.4b

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