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Of Lust and Pride is a top-down adult RPG, featuring turn-based combat and heavy visual novel components. Set in a Dark Fantasy realm, you will take on the role of a distinguished member of the Golden Dawn, a powerful empire consisting solely of enslaved people, all loyal to a single ruler.

While the perks of having a host of women dedicated to fulfilling your desires may seem good and all, you constantly face internal conflicts amidst the cunning schemes of rivals and the unpredictable nature of your wrathful master.

But when presented with the chance to break free from these chains and forge your own destiny, will you seize the opportunity to escape, or will you embrace the role of the ultimate maste


  • Date: 22/August/2023
  • Name: Of Lust And Pride
  • Version: 0.55
  • Incest Content: Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Young Griff Games
First Upload v0.55


This game has some NTR. Otherwise pretty good!

Semi-Spoilers, details and rant about NTR (kind of)

This game suffers from second-hand or sloppy seconds? problem, not really a full-on NTR game yet will trigger the non-NTR crowd, pleases no one IMO.

The first sex scene is a NTR scene with a potential LI, literally happens after introduction. Arguably and rightly not necessarily NTR because you barely knew her, but second hands nonetheless. This scene is only skip-able and not avoidable though the dev said they will change it in next version.

Second Scene happens after quite a bit, if you corrupt the innocent LI in the group somehow, (there is no warning or whatsoever) the previous NTR LI will fuck the innocent LI, before you even progress anything with the innocent LI. Second hands again.

I hope its not too convoluted, I just wish there are two paths or just one, not half-NTR, half-vanilla.

LI = Love Interest ( if you didn’t know )


RPGMaker game, has combat, inventory, equipment, quests system and stuff. Can also activate easy-mode at the start where you can (almost)one-shot things.

Joiplay 100% compatible.



Last Updated on August 22, 2023

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so the first ntr is between a girl you just met and someone else, and the second is a lesbian scene between 2 LI’s? that’s the way the descriptino makes it sound…if so i’m good with both of them. Lesbian sex shouldn’t be considered NTR. I don’t have a vagina…if a girl I like likes girls she’s a got a free pass as long as she brings one home once in a while.


Incest focused or nah? Roughly what percentage of the content is incest?

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