Mac OS Market Builds

Copy paste from f95 post on here, applicable to all renpy market builds.

For the benefit of other Mac users here, these are the steps that need to be taken so that the market build app can run on MacOS.

  1. Download the market build and unzip (duh)
  2. Remove the quarantine that’s imposed by Gatekeeper on about everything these days. In Terminal, type “xattr -dr ” without the quotes and drag the unzipped folder in the Terminal window so that Terminal will fill in the path to the folder for you. Mind there is a space between the command and the path. Hit enter. Quarantine should now be gone.
  3. Back to Finder. Locate the Lost_at_Birth app in the market build download and crack it open (right click, Show package contents)
  4. Check if the Lost_at_Birth file in the MacOS folder hasn’t lost its execute permission during unzipping. Its kind should be Unix executable. If it’s anything else, add the missing execute permission back to this file. In Terminal, type “chmod +x ” without the quotes and drag the file in the window. Again, mind the space. Hit enter.
  5. Back to Finder. Create a new folder inside /Contents/Resources and name this folder autorun
  6. Now locate in the market build download the following folders and files: game, renpy, and
  7. Move those folders and files from the step above to the autorun folder created in step 3. The end result should look like this LostAtBirthMac.jpg
  8. That’s it. The Lost_at_Birth app is now complete. You can safely discard the left over files from the market build now.

Last Updated on May 16, 2024

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